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New chapter out since yesterday.

Chapter name: The Glorious Family.
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The opening narration of their adventures keeps getting longer and longer and I don't know why that's so funny.
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How far are you in?
Brown female Shinji is the miracle of the universe
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Nadia came first, so Shinji is male japanese Nadia.

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Did you forget her already, /a/?
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Sakurako-san is cute! CUTE! And no one can convince me otherwise!
She seems kind of coco, if you ask me.
If Sakurako-san is so smart, then why doesn't she just unlock the door?

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Who's your favorite Crimson Demon?
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it's gotta be the original
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She's going to grow up into a grade SSS+ 13/10 semen demon, I know it
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my phallus is like steel

With Amaama to Inazuma finished I needed by fix. The first episode is called Bukkake Udon. I know what to expect if it's a hit. OP is autotuned to hell and back but it's catchy. Lots of scenery porn it looks like.
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Over all this season feels like a slow start, so I'm expanding my horizons a little. Everything I'm looking forward too is releasing OVAs and specials. Did Daiz drop Ajin?
Are people from Kansai really that different?
>Bukkake Udon
Sounds like a noodle themed hentai

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ITT Characters you're falling for this season
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are you manly enough?
I want to couch cast this cutie.
Good, she needs a good fucking to drop that attitude.

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What's the point of a waifu?
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It's a meme you dungus. How new are you?
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fag detected.png
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To fill the void.
Como on Nyarly I'd just spread a rumour we were in love and dating

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What is thy desire?
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aisha smile.png
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A space ship with grappling arms on it.
Do y'think melfina and harry fugged?

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What is the point of loli fanservice? Nobody finds it attractive and it's disgusting.
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that's fanservice to you?
seems OP is in denial about something
Its to waste everyone's time, now waste more of my time.

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Thoughts on this anime soo far?
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Is she a physically fit Nozomi?
Nozomi is pretty fit to be dancing and shit
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The fujo MC is refreshing. However I get the feeling that it will end up like every other reverse harem.

File: Himemiya+Chikane wallpaper2.jpg (2MB, 2937x2089px)Image search: [Google]
Himemiya+Chikane wallpaper2.jpg
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We are in the godless month now.
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>kannazuki no miko thread on /a/
Never thought I'd see the day

We need a yuri title that'll cause shockwaves across the fandom
Eternal reminder that Chikane did nothing wrong.

Can we have a good old fashion harem thread?
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Spoonfeed me a template pretty please

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most lewd key heroine.jpg
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I know, that KEY was never too much about eroge, but still how can have one single heroine so much more "action", than all others together?
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good god.png
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Pfff, get that weak shit out of here.
Yeah, but you must consider, that each other KEY heroine has usually just one (at most two) sex scenes about one pose. And then you look at Kud and see this.
File: 31068270_p0.jpg (948KB, 1028x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Because Kud is the best and cutest

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So you're the newbie that group of useless retards let into their pathetic disgrace of a detective team?

Allow me, the pretty girl genius with an IQ of 14 to the quintuple googleplex power Kokoro Akechi, to "break you in".
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Kokoro chan..
Hi Kokoro-chan!
File: 1466564363047.gif (2MB, 300x360px)Image search: [Google]
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Holy fuck that show was fun

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Let's be honest, this is the true downfall of manga and why anime and manga gets a bad name. If we could do away with this, we'd be fine and could have alittle more self respect
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File: IMG_0210.jpg (28KB, 260x194px)Image search: [Google]
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LOLI IS SHIIIIIIIT!!! Guts from Beserk would slay them
Loliball did nothing wrong, you fag.

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