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This anime is so disgustingly fucked up on multiple levels. I had to reschedule my bi-weekly shower but I still feel molested afterwards.
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>that ending
What happened?

I skipped this show.
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How could we fix this child?

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what does /a/ think about the graviton beam emitter?
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Didn't Blame just recently get reprinted? The master edition looks incredibly nice.
It's an incredibly cool weapon but what's your point?
blame! appreciation thread

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>“Alice, this is the base of operations for an extremely troublesome and dangerous group residing in this town. If the people involved in this group appear to be performing suspicious activities, the people in town are allowed to attack them.”

>“Alice-chan, Megumin is actually right this time ok? If some weird people come flying out, don’t hold back alright?”

Explosions updated with chapter 2.

Konosuba S2 soon.

Axis cultists are the worst.
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Will the spin-off be fully translated before Vol. 10/S2 is out?

It's really too bad the generalshitter infesting this fanbase doesn't care about the LN.
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How many chapters does Explosions have?
I think they haven't publish it as a separate volume yet. Can't seem to find it in Amazon, and I think Vanir's spinoff was some sort of digital only things before they release it as a book.

Not sure if they have fully put the whole spinoff out yet.

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>find a flaw
>pro-tip: there aren't any
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Not thick enough
She's a slob and used goods.
she's a backstabbing cunt and uses men she claims she loves whenever she needs to.

just kidding I love her

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What do you think of the role of valkyries in animus, mangos and raito noberus?
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I like them because their role is to be hot girls.
I think there is too much discrimination against Mankyries. People are so dense that they deny their existence.
I think mankyries are pretty cool. There should be more of those in anime.

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What the fuck was his problem?
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he thought his motivation was pure and noble when all along he just wanted TNA.
Is he /ourguy/?
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He's embarrassed to realize he was doing it for the pussy all along.

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> liking a girl with ugly eyebrows

That's a huge bitch.
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for you

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me on the left

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I'll only say this once, Mars is best.
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It's okay to be wrong.
Mars and Venus are best.
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superb taste, nigga

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ITT: Moments when anime went too far
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I don't have a picture of Piccolo blowing up the moon so pretend I posted one.
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Killing off this poor defenseless creature
>Calls him pathetic before shooting into his mouth with his gun sword

katanagatari was kind of fucked up/

Left or right, /a/?
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Shion a best
Dedication is what I like and she has it
The cute pure, non-murderous one with a big tattoo on her back.

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So, who the fuck do we have to kill to get this shit subbed? BD's been out since August.
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depressed bump
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>SAO gets 10 seasons, a movie, and a shitty live action show
>AW gets a movie that no one will even sub

It's not fucking fair, /a/.
That's what you get for having a 2Dpig as your MC.

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I will post this every day until Christmas!

73 days!

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Is it Christmas yet?
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I want to fuck Yuuna on Christmas Eve.

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Is there any girl more beautiful than Satella?
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I like her boobs.
Satella is pure sex
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>It's not my fault i'm not popular
>It actually is her fault she's not popular
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You don't say.
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