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Is she a virgin?
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Witches lose their powers along with their virginity, don't they?
No, her and Serpico fucked when they were kids
Horse dick rubbed on thighs, she's used goods

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Your move, /a/.
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I'm playing a mage, you can play the tank.
I'd be fine getting some casual hits in.
Toplane is mine, need initiation and tank

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>Berserk has not been a horror comic for over a decade
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I've always taken it as an adventure Manga with victorian/Gothic themes every now and then.
Good. Edgy Berserk was boring and predictable.

Horror is good. It shocks you. keeps you on your toes. You don't know is the adorable little girl just introduced is going to be torn to bits.

Current berserk is too boring and predictable. All the characters are safe. there's no danger.

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Miyu has some nice _______
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..... nothing.

Well, Is it?
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not at all
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>"Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon?"
>doesn't pick up any girl in the dungeon
What did the author mean by this?
I can't believe how poorly written Bell is.

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Is there a better waifu than Craft?

Spice and Wolf thread.
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Reminder she banged the wolves
>not liking bestiality

lmao you're such a normalfag

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More of the daily life of Haruki and his sisters. The incest bait and teasing continues.
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I already thanked you in the last thread, but thanks again.
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Now we wait about another year for the next volume. If only there were doujins.
Many thanks OP.

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Well, I guess that's the end of that.
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You can basically just use HS to keep track of anime releases nowdays, there are usually less than 5 shows per season that aren't being simulcast.
I don't remember ever using Baka updates for anime.

Just the manga updates
Thank god it was only baka-updates. If it was MangaUpdates I would kill myself.

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Back from the dead just in time for the Halloween season.

Recently finished mixes:
Chiisana Boukensha (Konosuba ED): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CINPmxWdxyQ
Momotsuki Gakuen no Raijo Taishou (Pani Poni Dash): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWP9KoygKMw
Oishii Ryouri (Non Non Biyori): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DptpalYReSg

In case you missed it, we released our second album earlier this year:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynux46-MhSY
MP3/FLAC download: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/uvrsucgj64c3x

We could use just about any instrument right now, even the more common ones like guitar and piano.

If you'd like to participate, please read the following:
FAQ: http://pastebin.com/GEsC6yuq
Works in Progress: http://pastebin.com/cRn0kBQT

And be sure to join us at our pad: http://jibunwooo.com
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>oishii ryouri
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Why didn't toriyama go with the goku x bulma pairing? They've been together since the start and goku has much better chemistry with bulma than he does with chichi

chichi is just an annoying bitch, bulma should have won
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Bulma didn't see Goku as a mate till it was too late, she literally says that during the timeskip Goku turns 16, it was in that tournament that Chi Chi makes sure to push Goku on keeping the marriage promisse.

Also Toriyama has said many times he isn't confident in writing romance, so making Goku going with Chi Chi over a childish promisse out of nowhere instead of actually having to write a solid thing with Bulma makes sense with his limitations on writing romance.
Didn't someone on his staff hit him on his head for it? I can't remember the details.
>They've been together since the start and goku has much better chemistry with bulma
They are great friends just that, Bulma was hunting for any hot stud that fancied her and Goku was completely oblivious about women.

There was never "chemistry" between them as man and woman; the time Bulma actually say Goku as a man it was literally too late.

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post unpopular opinions about an Anime that gets shilled by /a/utists.

I start

>Hunter x Hunter's chimera ant arc and large portions of the Phantom Troupe arc could have been left out of the manga and anime and the quality of them would have gone up tremendously
>any arc would have been improved by giving Leorio more screentime
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What parts of the Chimera Ant arc would've been better left out?

Besides every scene involving Ikalgo, I think the rest was pretty good.

Leorio being relevant in any arc besides the first and last arc (in the anime) would've definitely improved the show. At least he'll be prominent in the current/upcoming arc.

Also, I don't think most people on /a/ would be upset by these opinions. If you were to say Hunter x Hunter in general was shit, then yeah, but these are just reasonable opinions more fit for discussion than trying to grab peoples' attention by both saying they're unpopular and calling /a/ autists.

You're better than this, anon, I know you are.
>What parts of the Chimera Ant arc would've been better left out?

overbearing narration. Everything was narrated. Fucking everything. And the fact that the king was this strong also leaves a bad aftertaste for further encounters when the manga continues. He was a major step up from everything Gon encounted previously, the main characters got sidelined so fast that it felt like watching a spin-off show. They basically blew their load. If this was DBZ it would have been like skipping the Frieza arc and skipping straight to a combination of Cell and Buu.

t got annoying after a while how much they switched between fights and nothing was ever resolved. The idiot ball was also thrown around quite regularly on both sides. The amount of retardation by the royal guards and the protagonist group was too much to handle.
But neither of those are unpopular. People always bitch about the pace of HxH and the ant arc.
No idea how popular Leorio is, though I agree with you.

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Is Fune wo Amu the sleeper hit of the season?
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is it yaoi?
Thank god noitaminA still manages to do its job right once in a while.

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What is the first character you think of when you see this color?
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Strange because I thought Panty and Stocking was pretty shit except the last troll episode and the show hasn't been in my mind since forever.
that's purple, not pink
1 - Snow White because i just watched the episode with her
2 - Whatever faggot from classicaloid has pink hair since his thread was just underneath this one
3 - Yuzuko because best pink girl from anime and actual first girl it came to mind when i thought about it.

Do people actually think Nichijou is funny?
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has its moments

though KyoAni kinda shot down the comedic timing
Y-Yeah lets blame Kyoani
Not really. It looks nice though

Is this the comedy of the year?
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Considering how butthurt some faggots are at the show, it pretty much is.
>fucking love it
>come to /a/
>all this butthurt
I don't get it. When was the last time we had over the top violent anime? It's refreshing as fuck
AOTY to you

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