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Could it be?

Is Dungeon Meshi becoming Yuri?
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>hello darkness my old friend
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What did she mean by this?

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No 3x3 thread? 3x3 thread.
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>Death note
>general shit
is this bait?
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2016 only

I'd like to remind everybody that this guy is actually a shit duelist. A really shit duelist.

The only reason he was a threat was because of his magic and the Rod, not because of his dueling capability (usually for villains, it's both). If it wasn't for his torture shit, good ol' Jou would have kicked his ass.

Heck fucking Mai would have beaten him. Yeah, Mai. Only reason she lost was because hieroglyph bullshit
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Doesn't matter, he was still best grill.
And Yami was a cheater, so what?
Jonuichi and Kaiba are unironically the best duelists of the show.
He grew up in a tomb in the middle of Egypt it's amazing he can even comprehend an America trading card game.

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This is like To Love Ru, Nurarihyon no Mago, and Rosario Vampire had a three way and this was their love child.

Like holy shit, people said Nisekoi was generic, this thing does not have a single plot point or character design that hasn't been done exactly this way before. Ghost is Lala, Oburo is the wolf girl from that one thing that I forgot/Mizore, Ninja is Yui/Seraphim, Manager is the God from Maria Holic, Normalfag girl is typical normalfag girl from Shana/TLR/Nisekoi/Everything, Hibari is Uni, Mangaka lady is Katanashi-kun's sister/sensei from Rosario Vampire, Cat girl is your typical cat girl.

That's just off the top of my head. I'm sure if I looked I could find even more. This is just the fucking most generic trash thing ever.

Obviously I fucking love it. Picked up
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I dropped it just after reading your description
Stop thinking and read it for the girls.
Tropes exist? You don't say.

Friday, bitches.

I'm keeping it alive. Call the cops.
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Generals are cancer
Let's try not to die this week

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Praise the god above god above jellyfish god
translations when?
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Ugo is Baba reincarnated back in time.
Trust me my older sister is Ohtaka's assistant
Baba is gonna asspull something with all that "I was 100 years lost in time" bullshit
Trust me, I'm ohtaka
You're super cute for a 30-something years old cake by the way

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Late as hell Tsugumomo magazine chapter 93, alpha version special for /a/.

Link to our website: http://tsugumo.moe

1. I read up to chapter x. Why are there further chapters released here?
A. Because this is just translation and alpha slow TS.
2. Where can I get more chapters? I only read up to [current Batoto releases].
A. Website.
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Heavily flawed and frequently counter-productive MCs are the patrician's choice for show leads.

There is literally no solid argument to rebuke this.
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The writers/creators are beta themselves so it's just self-projection. Japan needs to have more alpha MCs.
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>more alpha MCs
Isn't JoJo enough for you?
1 of those is not like the other.

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Toki doki
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Not gonna read.
Arrest this hack now!

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What is the second-greatest anime of all-time behind K-ON?
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>mfw I knew that would be the first response

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Is this what having a little sister is like?
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Just post sauce and fuck off.
No, post more

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I'll start with an obvious choice
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Indisputably the best


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Scanlation thread.
Beg for people to translate series you want to read, discuss what you're working on or how you're making /a/ proud with what you're accomplishing!
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I wish people would scan Ginga Nagareboshi Gin.
what series are getting rescanned and translated besides blame?
Is miso soup dead?
The old scans for part 5 are terrible.

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Requests open until 08:20PM CST.
Get 'em in now, or don't get 'em in at all.
Just google r/a/dio if you have no idea
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Goddamit Eku. What the fuck.

/r/ ganbara
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So it takes meguca getting fucked to have a thread here?

/r/ Sag das Zauberwort
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/r/god knows

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What the fuck did I just read?

I'm angry
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>What the fuck did I just read?
Are you asking for detective work?
>I'm angry
If that's the only hint we're getting, I'm assuming you read a post on /a/.
Give me another clue and I'll figure out which thread.

And for autists like you I'll make it super special easy. Natsu no Zenjitsu

MC starts a relationship with cute cake but is too much of an autist to keep his shit together. Cake is super loving and caring but towards the end MC falls in love with his best friend's girlfriend.

He decides to tear the cake's heart apart by breaking up with her for the sake of becoming an ultra cuck who just keeps watching his best friend going out with the girl he likes.

The End
I wasn't that angry. She was too good for him.

Better she suffer a bit early on than be stuck with an idiot like him for the rest of her life.

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