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Hestia is bestia
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Truly the most merciful god
More like irrelevanestia
prove it

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good ones only
>Pic related
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>tfw to intellegent for most other anime
>tfw nothing will top re:zero in your lifetime
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Master of Martial Hearts.
What the fuck.

Damn this actually positively surprised me.
It's rare these days an original series that avoids most anime tropes and cliches, actually focuses on its narrative and characters and doesn't shy aways from making its characters do despicable things.
What did you think of it?
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I think that /a/ would be a better place if we banned the word "tropes."
I don't see why.

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Since Halloween is coming up in a couple weeks, post all your /a/ related pic related comics
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Kazuma Adventuer.png
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OC for this year, I'll see if I can draw some for the rest of the party before Halloween.
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Kazuma Jersey.png
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>Not "Kazuma desu"

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This dude bonks your waifu, and she explodes. What do faggot?
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Beat the shit out of him in a completely one-sided fight.
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whatever you say gary
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>Implying I would let a fucking manlet do that

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What did he do wrong?
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Omit the fine print when contracting people who were too young to make legally binding contracts.
This, also unethical exploitation of child labour.

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What does /a/ think of the new blazblue remix manga?

It keeps focusing on Mai's boobs for some reason.
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I love Variable Heart.

Well this was fucking garbage.
Why was it so popular here again?
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it's just seasonal fags who don't watch anything other than current airing shows
Something about the reddit servers being overloaded with too many re:zero threads so they had to take their discussions to other places on the internet.

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My wife Chino is so cute
kill yourself

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TTGL, KlK, Luluco and now this. Anime is once again saved.
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What if it sucks?
They made the OVAs not canon.
I don't care anymore.
Hopefully this will bomb. No need to make it a TV show.

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Reminder that Lelouch is alive.
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Reminder that Lelouch is not real.
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>there are people who still think Lulu is dead
Believe it or not, there's still people who didn't get it.

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What order did you watch it in?
What order should you watch it in?
Did you skip endless 8?
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I watched it chronologically because I was lurking /a/ for shows but didn't want to spoil anything so I just downloaded it and watched it without knowing. No, I didn't skip E8, why would anyone do that?
This show has some of the cringiest and shittiest writing I've seen.
The airing order is the only one that makes sense. The chronological order on the dvd/blu-ray release is basically KyoAni being trolls.
I dropped Endless 8 as it was airing and later skimmed it because KyoAni was clearly just screwing with us.

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Did they forget about this bullshit?
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goku gon die like a bitch if he does that
ever heard of dragonballs ?
he is also gonna die if he doesn't does that.
Also it's toei filler NOT CANON
He hasn't even tried the spirit bomb yet.

Goku only did that crazy Kaioken because he couldn't use killshots on Hit -- and he's probably not even evil.

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Darkness wants you to hurt her! What do you do?
>Inb4 walking away
The neglect excuse will only fool her for so long, eventually she'll demand real torture.
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Kiss and hold hands with her without her permission.
Make her eat all the eggs!
>Darkness wants you to hurt her!
Is there a reason why I should care?

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Your two favourite anime are getting a crossover episode.

How does it turn out?
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Help me out here.
What's my 2 favorite anime?
>Re:Zero x Boku dake ga inai machi

Time traveling and Subaru dieing a lot. Maybe Subaru's return by death interferes with Boku's MC's ability to travel through time.
Manyuu Hikkenchou x Sakura Trick

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