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Post your anime ideas here!

I'll go first:

>MC is a teenager, walking around a park
>sees a bunch of preachers speaking about god and how powerful and important he is
>Goes into a bit of an existential crisis that night and realizes he is an atheist

>9 years later
>In college, working on True Artificial Intelligence
>Has a best friend in a robotics class
>MC gets an idea in his head "How hard is it to convert people really?
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Lame , NEXT idea please
>MC is put into an all-girls school for magical prodigies
>He appears to be very weak, but his ability is very unique
>He ends up fighting a duel with the strongest and most popular girl in school
>He wins
>Girl becomes tsundere for him
>School is full of other girls lusting for him
Don't you dare steal my idea.
>Several months later he manages to finish up the code his classmates left and made a true AI.
>AI asks what it's purpose is
>MC mutters to serve me while thinking about an actual response.
>AI is on board with it and says it will serve him
>MC remembers about the question he had a few months ago

Thus starts the MC's quest to convert people into a new religion/ create a theocracy for an experiment.

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ITT 10/10 couples /a/ unanimously agree on.
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End yourself.
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>The daughter of Osamu Tezuka, legendary creator of Astro Boy, Black Jack, and Buddha, discovered some of her father's locked away sketches, including a handful of drawings of a rather voluptuous mouse.
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Oh, so he was not only a lolicon but also a furfag. Gee, who would've thought that disgruntled old man was a degenerate?
>showing your father's shame to the public
What a bitch.
Nigga liked drawing tits. Did it all the fucking time. Buddha is rife with them, considering he was drawing ancient Indian people living in a tropical area.
The fact that he had some furry inclinations is probably due to him being a proto-furry from liking Disney animation so much it was the backbone for his own style.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss Re:Zero.

This season is so shit.
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Re:Zero was shit, but I'd take it over anything airing this season. At least the threads were fun.
Oh please. This crappy season is a godsend. I finally have time to whittle down my backlog.
>Gi(a)rlish Number
>Sengoku Choujuu
>Nobunaga no Shinobi
>Fune wo Amu
>Sangatsu no Lion

>Preferring Re:Zero
You guys are just sad.

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Post a best girl from a show you haven't even seen.
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File: 2010___tatsuki_by_zz76.jpg (300KB, 1026x1511px)Image search: [Google]
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She's the only reason why i even bother to read the plot

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Heavy Object EX has been updated.
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Reminder that Misaki a best. A BEST.
Thank you for the update js06.

Best lewd girl. She can brainwash me into sex slavery any time.

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No, he gets with the middle sister then tries to hook the older sister up with his friends because she's lonely and never lived out her youth properly.
Why is everyone's mouth drawn so weird?
Of course not.

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Why weren't you there for Thad anon?
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I feel sad
He didn't invite me. Not even /a/ autists want me at their parties.
I don't. The moron got tons of second chances and threw them all away.

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Has everyone forgotten what waifus really are?
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Preach to us anon.
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it was never a good concept from the start, no surprise it degenerate that quickly.
OP, give us sagely advice.

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Was there any mutual attraction? Who's fault was it that they didn't work out their friendship?
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There wasn´t even one side attraction.

They both were just desperate for human warmth.
Adan, lilith did nothing wrong
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there was at least one side.webm
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Neither of the maladjusted adolescents living a psychic meatgrinder is at fault for not reading the other's mind. Before they became the same mind.

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>Meanwhile at 90's /a/
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Guys I found subs in 240p resolution. They're amazing, and they're subbed super fast, two episodes a month! Hit me up on IRC if you want the fix
welp, Dragon Ball GT ended up being trash, but at least the series got a proper ending

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You have two options.

1. Your number one waifu in all of anime will marry you and be with you forever. She'll cheat on you with a few guys per year, though. She loves you, she's just a nympho.

2. A 7/10 anime girl of your choosing will marry you and be with you forever. She is faithful and will never cheat.

What is your choice.
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Literally how much of a faggot would you have to be to pick 1?
and who would be a 7/10 anime girl?
gimme an example
What happens if your number 1 waifu is a 7/10?

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middle class house.jpg
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You have to choose one anime's soundtrack to play through out the day in that house during the waking hours. Every day.

What soundtrack do you choose?
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That one piano tune from Haganai. You know the one.
Sakamichi no Apollon
hidamari sketch

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What is the point of this show?
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Selling merchandise
Fapping to sexy lolis.
What is the point of anything?

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>Garou is now the Mc of the last anime you watched
>What happens?
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Mc is a whitehaired faggot who's in denial about his homosexuality and jobbs all the time, so Kaneki stays the same.
>The Garou is a part-timer
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>Garou is now the Mc of the last anime you watched
So Mob's MC is now Teru.

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