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A-Tan returned to her adult form in the latest chapter.

We are definitely in the last 12 chapters of Hayate no Gotoku.
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>A-Tan used the Royal Power to cure her illness.

A-Tan will die after the Royal Garden is dispelled.
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I used to really enjoy Hayate. Years ago. I haven't even bothered with it now.

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>umaru running for president

what do?
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WE must not let this hamster have the nuclear codes!
Better than Trump and Hillary.

Jesus Christ, what just happened? The MC went full faggot this episode.
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I literally couldnt stand that show for like half of it because the MC is such a whiny little bitch
I loved that whole part because he was such a cunt. They did well to have it. The man experienced death repeatedly. Had his friends turn on him, forget him. Had precious moments taken from him. Then got his ass handed to him and humiliated in front of his woman. He did pretty well to keep it together as long as he did.

Most people would not recover like he did, but most people dont have a Rem.
Episode 13 is one of the peaks, if not THE peak of the series. Having an asshole MC getting beat the fuck up and then spilling enough spaghetti to have Italy go bankrupt in front of his waifu was one of the best parts.
You should have seen the threads when it aired. It was amazing.

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We're all fucking disasters. Where's fresh Lerche art when you really need it.
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It's just that Kirigiri shitposter ruining the last thread. Let's hope the mods ban him.

>Creating a thread when there is already a thread

Wow, I can't imagine why people wouldn't want to feed the off-topic shitposting.

I don't fucking care who's a whatever fag, I think you're all equally asinine.

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casual greeting.png
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Preview 1

Preview 2

Preview 3

Preview 4

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No serena, no laifu.
>Ash still in his teens
They'll milk this shit until the world ends
What the hell happened to the art style/animation? That looks fucking horrible.

Not to mention this shit needs to die already. I can't believe a Naruto frog that actually makes hand signs is popular.

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>have the perfect tool to kill people without getting caught
>still get caught
Was he the dumbest Protagonist ever?
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He is up there among the dumbest for sure.
getting caught was part of his plan.
No because he knew what he was doing.

Let's say he was earnestly not trying to make himself known and still got caught then i'd say he's dumb.

Gee, I fucking wonder if the fucking girlfriend is alive guys.
I mean they're making it so vague and foreshadowing all the alternatives so well that the possibilities are endless.
Fucking shit man, if you're not going to make an ecchi and instead make a shitty drama at least ATTEMPT to have there be drama. Fuck
While we're at it can we just accept Male 1 is vastly more useful than MC.
>Has impregnated 26 Women
>Lowballing this to 25% (not accounting for Twins or more) This means he'll have 5-6 sons.
>Meaning he alone has doubled the healthy male populace.
Sex is bad guys. Mkay? It makes you a bad person even if you've doubled the current male populace mkay?
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What a semen demon
>Nail Polish
I'd rather take the attempted murderer Male 1 agent
Being a semen demon is a state of mind, its not about the appearance

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ITT: Characters who are basically you.
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Why are female mangakas too shy to show their faces?

pic related is the best we can ever see about the mangaka of Magi
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Because they aren't very pretty.
a pretty female would not have to be a mangaka.
Pretty sure ohtaka has shown her picture once before

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Which Sei would you ren?
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So the "main" girl is a slut this time around?
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That is a doujin/hentai tier design.

Fuck yeah.
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maya sensei.webm
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Only if we get a sensei love interest

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Is it a flop?
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I like it so far.

Brave Witches has some very cute girls but the CG disappoints me
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Still waiting for the actual titular main cast to get screentime.

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>it's a romance
>love is one sided at first
>other love interests get involved
>all of them get shut down
>beginning couple kisses once

Why the fuck can't Japan into romance?
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kissing is sex
Why the fuck can't Japan into storytelling, period?
>Eden: It's an Endless World
>Watashitachi no Shiawase na Jikan
>Kara no Kyoukai

I like it.

rate and be rated.
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that's the worst 3x3 I've ever seen in my life

although I saw this AMV for Mononoke with David Byrne's A Walk in the Dark and was mesmerized by it

Never have gotten around to watching the anime however I did download the song


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>[HorribleSubs] Tiger Mask W - 03 [720p].mkv
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ha, ha, time for wrasslan
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Ho, boy I sure do love wrasslaning
this girl

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