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Would you?
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Try finding someone who wouldn't.
Why is her ass so big?
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>no penis

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Utapri Thread
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Duets starting today?
Why is she so perfect?
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New set of T-shirts.

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Which is the best time loop story?
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The girl who leapt through time, predestination and punchline are runners up.

I don't think tatami galaxy even counts.
Groundhog day.

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So is this like the greatest anime ever or something? Nips won't shut the fuck up about it. I can't wait to watch it.
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Greatest Shinkai movie. Not greatest movie ever.
I asked my japanese colleague at work if she saw it, she said her daughter saw it because her boyfriend took her for her birthday.
We decided to go see it too.

This movie is huge on many levels, people don't count it into what otakus would like. It's on the same level as one of Miyazaki works, it might even be better because the design is much closer to regular anime TV, and it's a totally different storytelling. It's starting to blur the boundaries between otakus and people who simply like anime because they were raised with it.

I consider anime isn't only saved, it reached the next level in the Japanese's hearts.
>Nips steal idea from a western meme
>make huge cash out of it

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Find a flaw.

You literally can't.
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The flaw is you.
The main character is boring and difficult to relate with. Her plight is pretty weak and her indecision isn't agreeable, even after the big twists.
Most of the characters are one night and are never given any development, other than dark backstories. The character who got the most development (Sayaka) also tends to be one of the most hated cast members, for whatever reason.
Homura is an awful character with a stupid backstory. The only redeeming thing about her is her becoming "evil" in the movies.

Madoka is trash.
>The main character is boring
>difficult to relate with
Why would that be a flaw? At any rate, she's a regular person, leads a normal life who's presented with a fate-altering life choice. How is that not relatable?
>Her plight is pretty weak and her indecision isn't agreeable
Because the show is set mainly in the last iteration of the cycle. What you're lacking is retrospect.
>Most of the characters are one night and are never given any development
The character development meme? Wow.
>other than dark backstories
The show literally tells you the infinite amount of magical girls in history had a tragic beginning (and also a tragic end). What were you expecting?
>Homura is an awful character
She's a major character who plays the most important role in the plot: provide meaning to the whole magical girls existence. Madoka takes this responsibility out of her hands through sacrificing herself. Homura provoked this great shitstorm, so without her, Madoka's choice would lack any meaning or emotional impact.
>The only redeeming thing
>he needs a character to redeem himself on screen to be considered interesting.
What a fucking pleb you are. It seems like you didn't like how the show smartly twisted the genre tropes to present a more original product, you're just overreacting.

I'm not saying it's a masterpiece though. It's just a smart little show full of metaphors with a few important themes (tragedy, friendship, fate) intertwined very carefully in the narrative.

>no sad panda thread

post your recently found gems
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I want to believe Yam is doing somewhat of a prequel of his loli prostitutes story but I'm not entirely sure if these are the same girls or he only knows how to draw one loli.
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Here's something.

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More than Shaft.
I`d say second on the left is pretty good perspective wise. Triangular geometry provides depth.

Top shot doesnt follow the golden rule, so while having depth looks bit uncomfortable.

Amagi top shot is perfect, since rectangular room geomety projection establishes the room in viewers mind automatically as it has all focal points - and many objects to refere depth.

Bottom Amagi shot is meh, since while Kanye pose is good there is no object he aims at - so the background appears flat, lacking depth.
About 3 fifty

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>K-On! The Movie - 137 screens / Opening weekend - December 3-4, 2011
WKND 1, ranked #2, gross = ¥316,310,406
WKND 2, ranked #4, gross = ¥193,299,602 / total = ¥690,372,888
WKND 3, ranked #5, gross = ¥130,719,680 / total = ¥943,678,087
WKND 4, ranked #9, gross = ¥90,268,155 / total = ¥1,273,960,588
WKND 5, ranked #9, gross = ¥53,242,931 / total = ¥1,327,203,519

>Koe no Katachi - 121 screens / Opening weekend - September 17-18, 2016
WKND 1, ranked #2, gross = ¥283,280,000
WKND 2, ranked #3, gross = ¥191,869,500 / total = ¥893,303,550
WKND 3, ranked #3, gross = ¥178,044,900 / total = ¥1,266,926,950
WKND 4, ranked #3, gross = ¥133,204,400 / total = ¥1,545,421,500
WKND 5, ranked(currently) #4, gross(predicted) = ¥90,000,000 / total(predicted) = ¥1,750,000,000
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why do you talk about money
i just want to discuss animation
Thank you based Yamada

The years pass, but this remains the best anime series ever made.
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literally who?
It's shit.
Fucking garbage.

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Because she's Erza!
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I should've seen this shit coming, but I didn't. Fuck me.
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Really sick how Kakashi stopped that Chidori Vs. Rasengan Clash.
This has to be an edit right? Fan art? A ruse? THERE IS NO WAY HE WOULD NOT HAVE THIS FIGHT HAPPEN RIGHT?! Fuck it all.

Still watching?
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>Ode to Joy
>plays Symphony no. 8 but audience danced Waltz at 4/4
>Lizst is a cowtit female
Can't stand the characters

Best girl with the best theme. None of the other girls can touch this ally of justice;
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>ally of justice
She's an ally of feeling good about herself. Justice is secondary.
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That's not good.png
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Wrong wrong wrong.

Kanbaru is the best girl, white lies is the best theme, and the only one who can compete with the best girl is the second best girl, Ougi.
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Her imouto would like a word

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You wouldn't an Ajin.
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this anime sucks, the drawing and rendition needs to be totally redone. The story itself sucks and is unoriginal
So, you are saying that, you wouldn't?
I agree, it would be better if everyone in the show was a loli.
But whatever, I enjoy it anyway.

"MC is an average high school student..."
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"My parents are away on a business trip..."
When he suddenly is pulled into an alternate world where girls fall head over heels for his nice guy antics.

And he has super powers.
"totally not a greentext thread"[sjis][/sjis]

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So is this actually as bad as everyone says it is, or are some rabid autists just upset because Kyoani tried to make something other than a SoL high school drama for once?

I hope it's actually bad because it'd be a shame to learn this bombed for all the wrong reasons.
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It is good, better than Hibike.

This. Hibike is fucking trash compared this this.

Underrated anime.
It's not superbad. It's not that great either. It's an okay battle academy harem show.

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