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Post the most purest form of love
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Did she get pregnant?
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I read the filename as "salvia" and was confused.

Also there is no love more pure than pic related.

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what does he mean by "real thing"
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something genuine
He only buys knockoffs or pirates his stuff but now he wishes to support the industry

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What's /a/'s fav anime that makes them question why they would ever be interested in bitches?

Free is probably the obvious mainstream pick. I just finished tsuritama and it was pretty cute, in as much as a boy:fish relationship can be. Probably going to start Cheer Boys!! next.
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unironically watched this with my brother
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Cheer Danshi!! is supposed to be good. I'm trying to find subs for it since all the jpn videos i can find are all hard coded.
Cheer Danshi has pretty cute boys, and i think cheerleading is a original concept. Give it a try!

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So i'm just reading through jojo for the first time now and I'm at the end of part 3. Why do people like stardust crusaders so much? It's slow and not nearly as good as phantom blood or battle tendency... Legit question y'all.
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young joseph > old joseph > ancient joseph > jotaro
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I agree with you that in terms of paste Stardust Crusaders feels kinda slow compared to the first two Parts but i really enjoyed the huge amount of different characters and the fact that it topped the first 2 chapters in terms of bizarreness
>Polnareff vs. Alessi
>the Stands
I really liked the poker duel betwenn Jotaro and D'Arby and his fight against Dio
The Ora Ora is also cool

Totally agree with that
Because it introduced stands. It's definitely one of the weakest parts.

I think we can all agree about these being the best 10 television anime of the '10.
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Hyouka came out in 2012 Anon..
>I think we can all agree
I don't care what the rest of your post is going to be. /a/ does not agree.
Only 10 of the best. There are many more and some on your list like kill la kill arent even that good.

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Hey, /a/ Remember this anime?
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Yeah, pity they adapted the second manga series and not the first, which the 2004 anime tried to follow but became it's own thing only about 2 episodes in. Only mangafags and curtain waifufags really liked the 2013 anime ignoring the pacing issues.
The original anime deserved a proper ending not this trash.
I really enjoyed the 2004 version, one of my favourites.

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Santa Shinobu.jpg
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

58 days!


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Why is Shinobu sad?
It's not christmas yet.
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Is it Christmas yet?

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I need a big girl like Asuka in my life.
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For youphonium
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Tell me about Asuka...
Why does she wear the glasses?
to see with, retard

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What went wrong?
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It has no Marseille in it.
Too much CG during battles.
Lack of Sanya.

Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree that Chidori is the best FMP, right?
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>Now that the dust has settled, we can all agree ...
Kill yourself, you are the reason 4chan is dead.
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Look-a-like was more likable
Whats up with the new season? The announcement was like a year ago.

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You're now living in a world where EoE never happened. How does it change your appreciation of the TV show?
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Misato is still best girl. Show is still garbage.
EoE is a really good pay off after slogging through the TV show. If it didn't exist then I think it would still get love for being different and interesting but everyone would admit it was basically shit
Nothing change, because I've never watched it.

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Why does Toriyama hate Gohan?
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Gohan has a loving family and a promising career. He's the only adult in his family.
Because audience demanded Goku.
Why do people think that Toriyama hates all of his characters?

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>I propped myself up and prepare myself to eat…
>“Ah, Eris devotee customer, this is the special service from this shop.”
>The server who brought us the stuff placed something by Darkness’ feet.
>… It was dog food served in a plate.
>“Please enjoy yourself!”
>The waitress gave a perfect professional smile and left elegantly.
>Darkness’ cheeks turned red and she kept on shivering.

Have you remembered to offer dog food to an Eris drone today?
Have you remembered to set holy barriers on graveyards?
Did you offer your daily prayers to Aqua-sama in your local Axis church?
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Two can play this game:

>After hearing my name, the little girl took out a pen and paper.
>“Sa tu Ka za mah? How is it spelled? Please write it down for me onii-san.”
>“Okay, my name is…”
>As I was going to write my name down, I saw the header on that piece of paper.
>‘Axis Cult entry form’.
>“Fuck you!”
>I tore that piece of paper in half.

Fuck off Axis psychos
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too rude
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Why doesn't Darkness ever get any love?
>Perfect M
>Noble stock

>Naruto has a nice world and the mechanics and stuff are interesting.
But here's the thing - the main characters are horrible. They are so bad, they shit on everything good about the series. There are very good characters like kakashi, Gai, Madara etc but the team 7 trio is so bad that people forget about these good things.
Naruto is autistic and stupid for no reason, and his quest to bring Sasuke back is retarded.
Sasuke is a coldsteel the hedgeheg level edgy faggot. His plot armour is retarded.
Sakura is a whiny useless slut.
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Yeah sounds about right
I disagree. I mean at the beginning of the series their interactions were cool. The problem is in the fact that Kishi repeated this pattern 3244436 times with every single ninja team. In every team looks the same. Also after Sasuke left everything stared to suck.
At at the beginning, the world looked cool, but we never really explored that part of Naruto

don't forget about power creep after Pain arc, but people have gone over this shit many times before

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ざわ・・・ ざわ・・・
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