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Looking for reasons to dislike Yui and I can't find any.
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Mental retardation.
She would immediately betray her friends and join the dark side if she were offered cake.
She's a retard

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why don't they ever add subs for the OP and ED?
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but they only have to translate it once then they could re-use it for all the episodes I don't get it
Just say the name. It's Crunchyroll.

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If anime is mostly targeted toward teens and young adults, isnt it kind of against the point to price blurays at such ridiculously high prices?

I get that theres a small consumer base but isnt it still kind of weird to target a demographic audience that have no way of reasonably purchasing the actual show they like?
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On another note: why do Japanese publishers still do 3+ volumes for like 12 episode shows? How does any normal Japanese person have the shelf space for this shit?
I'll never understand why people don't open their anime. Why collect it if you can watch it.

Also, yeah, it defeats the purpose to have such a high price tag on anime. It's unsustainable. That's why every time the anime bubble gets too bloated it bursts.
>If anime is mostly targeted toward teens and young adults
It's not.
>moe sol series
>sell more than any other genre
They don't.
>How does any normal Japanese person have the shelf space for this shit?
They don't.

This thread is shit.

Why does the titty monster never win?
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most of the time the shitty tits win, what the fuck are you on senpai
Im not your senpai, kohai

Is there an indepth guide to setting up MPC-HC for anime? I've been using this (https://files.nyaa.se/HOW_DO_I_PLAYED_BACK.txt) but on both occasions I've tried it I've gone to select xysubfilter as the subtitle rendered and it says it's unavailable, so no subs are displayed. Also my playback is choppy and shit.
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Install cccp and leave it alone
I thought that died years ago.
Last update was like a year ago. I have no problems with it on my shitty laptop in windows 10

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What are you watching this season and what have you dropped?

I start. I tried out most series, but watched more than two episodes of:


Dropped the last two.
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Watching Izetta, Tiger Mask W, Gundam IBO ,TO BE HERO ,Occult;9
Wanted to check out Brave Witches but lost interest.

A lot of shit.
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>3-gatsu no Lion
Got bored after two episodes and dropped it. Actually, I got bored after one episode, but thought I'd give it more of a chance to get interesting. I just couldn't, though. Nothing at all there that interests me. At least I tried something out of my comfort zone.

>Flip Flappers
This one is also kind of boring, with a plot that feels... strange, in a jerky kind of way. It is very pretty, though, which will probably keep me watching it.

Incredible fun.

>Bernard-jou Iwaku
/lit/: the anime. It's hilarious. Definitely worth a try if you like books.

>Yuri on Ice
Beautiful, beautiful animation. I get hypnotized by the skating routines. I'm having way more fun with it than I did with Free.

>Natsume Yuujinchou 5
>Hibike Euphonium 2
More of the same, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I want to pet Nyanko-sensei.

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Miura's influences then:

>Western movies (Conan the Barbarian, Excalibur, The Thing, Hellraiser, Flesh and Blood, Spirit of the Beehive, etc) and Japanese comics (Fist of the North Star, Rose of Versailles)

Miura's influences now:

>Idol master
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Oh Rape Horse, you were too good for this world
They are in magical fairy island. There should be a change in tone
You forgot Evil Dead and Guin Saga.

>Watch Ping Pong
>Throughout the series they call the sport "Table Tennis"

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That's what it's called.
>this is considered art on /a/

looks like some moron handed his 5 year old a tablet and said "draw me an anime"

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He's not wrong, you know.
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>girls who can be nice are nice 100% of the time
>surviving hundreds of battles (aka first world problems)

ugh this shit was so cringey how did I ever even get through the first season

Why don't you become the princess anon?
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I already am
>you will never transform into a succubus swimsuit magical girl and neck your leader
She really is a cold blooded calculated killer. The leader didn't suspect her even once and probably had no idea who was responsible for killing her before she died.

Becoming the princess is serious business.

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Do you think it will get an anime?
Would you be happy if it did?
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Eh. Romi Paku would voice the halfing and HanaKana would voice the elf.
In one year.
No. _No.

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Would a seinen anime about parent-child incest be allowed on air in the year of our lord 2016?
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I can't even think of a manga with parent child incest other than Waga Na wa Nero. Even the most borderline H ecchi manga won't do lewd scene between blood related mother/son. There is no way in hell something like that would ever air on TV.
Yacchan best girl. She just wanted her son to be happy, and he made her cry.

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Were either of them holding back?
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Who gives a shit just be happy it's over
yes, Naruto was charging a Sonic Boom
>Naruto trains for like 3 years or something
>still absolute shit tier
>Naruto trains a few weeks in frogland
>becomes top tier
>Naruto goes to some shitty temple for a day to unlock super saiyan
>becomes kage tier
>Naruto fights in a war for a couple hours, gets a visit by ninja jesus himself
>becomes literal god tier and the actual most powerful person on the planet post-Madara

Really makes you think...

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Best girl.
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Did that series ever show anything or did it remain a slideshow tease?
Yes, too bad that show was godawful.
I guess remake canceled.

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