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How much did it cost to make Kill Me Baby?
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Like a whole pack of Pepsis i believe
Do you seriously think they'd splash out on soft-drinks from a recognisable brand?
two seasons of teekyu + $1.30

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What lies between Lilithmon's breasts?
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Taichi's hopes and dreams.

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Why does Azusa smoke?
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Azusa doesn't really smoke, that image is a fabrication.
That's clearly a photoshopped picture. Nowhere in manga or anime does Azusa smoke. Your garbage thread is taking up valuable thread estate.
It's the only way she can endure Yui's autism and daily raping.

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What are the chances this wont be resolved next week either?
they'll probably all loose, get expelled, then we'll have some stupid twist that'd make them have some asspullesque comeback

all of them winning against the top 10 would be a mascarade, even when considering the way SNS has stretched things for quite a while.
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A cute ghost girl tells a boy that since she can talk to him that means he is going to be joining the dead soon so she hangs around or whatever because she likes to talk but the boy doesn't die for some reason even though he keeps getting a bunch of near death expereliences so the ghost stays with him and they become friends or whatever and later on it'd probably explained or some shit.
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I wish there were more cute ghost anime so I don't mind.
Invincible Mara-Sensei

Yamano Mara is the most popular teacher at Super Gakuen, one of several high schools for superhumans in geosynchronous orbit above the Earth, where those youngsters with superhuman powers learn to use them effectively and ethically. Her power-set is, for the most part, fairly average: She can run or fly at relativistic speeds, is strong enough to shove an Earth-sized rogue planet out of a collision course, can shoot energy blasts from various parts of her body and can also form this energy into shaped-energy weapons, such as swords or buzzsaws. Her greatest power, and her greatest sorrow, is her immeasurable invincibility--no force in the known universe can cause her damage. Her hymen is also invincible, so she has no children of her own and redirects her maternal instincts to her students, and woe be unto any villain (or recruiter for the nefarious villain academies operating surreptitiously around the solar system) who sets his or her sights on one of them. That's when her kind, sweet persona slides to the back burner and she reveals a vicious vindictive side who's plenty willing to teach new definitions of the word "pain."

>Around the World
Main character is a slacker with no real motivation in life, one day he receives a mysterious package, containing a yo-yo. Thinking it is nothing or probably a mistake, he enjoys his new hobby and even managed to use it to catch a shop thief by hurling the yo-yo around the criminal's legs. The yo-yo begins to act unusual as it seems to be possessed by a spirit or a demon which took on the form of a yo-yo. The demon instructs that they are a perfect match and decides to bond with the MC, The demon also mentions there is a secret tournament where the grand prize is anything the winner desires, however there is a catch,if the string is cut on the yo-yo by another yo-yo user then the yo-yo and the user both die, no exceptions, after the tournament is announced to all yo-yo users strange people begin to tail the MC and try and cut his string. Can he survive until the tournament begins and wins?

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Can we post more 13 YEAR OLDS!
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I like to call them "loli coffins"
Delete the curryniggerlover.
Short hair best girl.
Thye are 15, no?

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Real nigga talk, why does the majority of /a/ hate Naruto again?
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Because it's the show you see on Cartoon Network when you're a babby. It's not necisarily that the show is terrible, but that 90%+ of the people who know about it don't know shit about anime in general or think watching Naruto and Pokemon on TV makes them "a cool nerd" or "an otaku".
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Naruto is a gateway anime of the worst kind. It's a bad series, a clusterfuck of story and characterization that isn't very well done by any aspect, but which attempts to compensate for its weaknesses by adding in excessive shipping faggotry and DARKNESS. The normal anon can see this as the shit it is, and may enjoy it, hate it or be indifferent to it, but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad.

However, these very aspects that try to smear over the shit of its core make it a breeding ground for aspie, unsociable underageb& faggots who engage in every kind of faggotry both online and in the real world. The superpowered characters all trying their hardest to look cool, the jutsus, peculiar, colorful clothes, the whole ninja faggotry and everything about the Naruto world fuels their escapist fantasies, while the pity-party character backgrounds, emphasis on revenge, and overall preachiness of the series make it fit just right with the mary-sueish drives of your average preteen and his sense of unwarranted self-importance towards the world. Exactly the kind of shit that makes little kiddies and underageb& retards eat this shit right the fuck up.

Naruto is basically THE series to attract the most hated anime fanbase known to /a/, which is why, regardless of individual opinions, it is the responsibility of every anon to troll the fuck out of this show and everyone who likes it, and ensure that no Naruto threads ever encourage the newfriends to show their faces here.
>but all the while recognizing that the series itself, regardless of their opinion, is plain bad
This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. Only sheep like something but say that it's bad because they don't want to disagree with other people or seem to have a "wrong" opinion. Fuck you and fuck anyone who does that. There isn't even such a thing as an actually bad show or even an actually bad work of art and if you say otherwise, you're a fucking idiot.

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This character desereves own series.
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Seth MacFarlane tier humour
But that's not Metal Bat or Mumen Rider
>mumen rider
obviously not a real fan

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4 days to go. Post anime related Halloween strips.
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Here's the template to begin with.
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Where were you when you realized FLCL cleverly parodied Dragon Ball and nobody even suspected it?
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Dragon Ball is the first series ever in which a guy gets hit by a vehicle. Literally the first, it invented that concept.

boy meets older hot girl through getting hit by her bike

Any other animu with this "trope"?

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Why does Est get embarrassed without kneesocks?
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Because she's a sword.

All girls are best reminder.
She would be naked without them.
She doesn't like being naked in public, Est is not a slut.
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inb4 *

Hotblooded girls a best
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Disgraceful self-bump in the name of HOTBLOODEDNESS!
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Ι guess /a/ is having an off day.

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Look, say what you want about the fanbase, pretentiousness, or whatever. All I'll say is that no other show has got my boner raging harder with its perfect combination of good soundtrack, supple boobs, and wordplay.

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People who say monogatari is pretentious are idiots.
Kyoani actually knows how to make more interesting designs than just normal schoolgirls. They have more creative and wacky visuals, and unique stories. Shaft is good at Eri Kitamura though

Is thickness a sickness?

Lets settle this anons.

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I'm butthurt that the artist never draws Asuka like that. I want Asuka's thick ass on my ballsack
Ever have sex with a girl bigger than you who was thick in the right places? I get off knowing to the fact that destroy her puss and put her to sleep with cum in her ass. Take some pics and be on my way like it was a another day.
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>Ever have sex with a girl

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