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Posting this everyday until you like it.
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>literally no consequences nor character development from getting his hands fucked up by spooky ancient magic and healed in a single page
I hate myself for reading this
It's most likely a monkey paw'd effect of being healed by Leukocyte (read: white blood cell) magic. I don't think Aster can risk using his sword in his blood vessels mainly because he'll risk killing himself in the process.
Literally no crazy queen healed and buffed his hands just to own him and the busty witch
The boy stayed true to the development from the first chapter it was aight the only one who got some development from this shit was the busty witch

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>We truly have become, the Yuri on Ice

Are you fucking kidding me?
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most hilarious title drops thread?
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>yuri on ice
>it's fucking fujoshit
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>Candy Boy
>It's about yuri incest

Does /a/ like Nagisa?
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Of course.
I love Nagisa, I wish she got more art.
She has a lot, but more is always good.

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Wow So Okay. Finished this Show and great and Cool for is is it me or for Is does Everybody in this shows is a perevet staker?

Well lets sart with the seed of staker: Alisu staker sensey-kun and she try to corpet moals and cause indescend sin and damnasen of good man sensay with prorably family and moals.

Now ALISU the friend has staker in main chachereta Lain. Lain staker Arisu beauces as ture anische shows attaction to Alisu huse nature is nature is nature sin.

And MCL She Main Cachae Lain has to 8 fukcing stakers, guess she the MCL because SHE hast Stakered the most LOL.

I mean Rally:
SUicide Girl (SG) Die and staker Lain from BEONCE THE GRADE, spending staker messages to Lane main chachetar Lain Serial Immaterial Lain through DIGITAL STAKER TEXTS MESAGES (More like Set "SCHEDULE SEND MESSAGE" before she Died but MCL too Anischeral for ralize she not ture Ghost).

MIB they Staker Lian and Lasser point her rome at night frome ouside widnow.

Susiced Girl Kill Self and Ghost Staker to Lain.

The KNiGHTS she staker Lain as Well until Lain put end to staker with mudrer

Jesus the SON of GOD staker Lain and genarte plan for savation of Lain until Lain put end to staker with mudrer.

Fukcing Lain the FATHER's Lain's MCL's FATHER did HUUUGE STAKER Lain even pretending be preprotogenitor to Lian to such degree staker and staker her beyond her ascnetion to Pizza God he STILL staker her. (Then again calery staker runs genetically in the family as to which Lain's the sister staker sister. Homosesterial Aldogeneration?)



Smallchild staker Guns Shoot Man in creepy and tharetning manner.

Drug Addict staker Bar Tender for cybersex All day online Byberia.

AyyLain Staker Mrs. Roswell Screepily in to door with nothing but Chistian Swater.

And how It end? As It Began: unknow Pizza God staker seed of sin Arisu.

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I want off this ride.
I love you and these posts, please keep it up
I can't fucking believe I actually read all of that.

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Its always cute girls doing cute things. Or badass men doing badass things.

Why not cute girls doing badass things and badass men doing cute things? Are these not fresh and entertaining ideas? Why hasn't it been done yet?
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Delete this. Now.
First precure season.
There are plenty of those, watch more anime.

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Wtf I love american football now!
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Best sports shounen made?

fucking america
That's Slam Dunk, unless you don't consider it a sports shonen. Eyeshield21 is up there though.

doki doki
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This is your slut for 2017
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Surface of the Pool~

Is Evangelion actually good or is it a meme?
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Sloth a cute

We can have some huge shitstorm discussion about if the last 2 episode of the series are good or just a lame excuse due to lack of budget and if the movie shoudl replace them entirely.

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I miss Psycho Pass
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Spooky Mugi

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It's been 20 years

Season 2 fucking when?
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what's to continue from they're all dead
When its fans can learn to tell time.
It stopped being funny after the first cour, only the Iyami segments (i.e. not focused on the sextuplets) were good. I'm glad they didn't just rush another season to get the fujobucks.

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How does this make you feel?
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i feel like there should be more porn of this series and definitely more nude edits
I'm gonna be honest, this manga is kind of the reason why I'm pretty impartial or sometimes even disgusted by ecchi. Like when you eat too much candies in one sitting and you feel bored of it, wish it actually had a bit more of plot and actual characters instead.
Needs more thicc

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Would you want a Medusa girlfriend?
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No, that would suck ass.
yes but i hate snakes
My heart may be made of stone
But I wouldn't want my body to be

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It's over.
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post more fggt

S2 never ;_;
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Wow, what a good manga.
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>literally know no-one irl who actually read it
>my sister's boyfriend said he loved it
>I get all excited and start talking all about the manga arcs ESPECIALLY teshigawara arc
>he only watched the anime

so is this still going on or is GTO finished?

I remember reading shonan 14 days and stopped near the end cause of reasons.
>shonan 14 days
no urumi no buy

ITT: Smiles that were not protected
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ah Boti, what a great manga
My own

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