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Do you like limbless girls, /a/?
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I'm a limbless girl
How did you type that message?

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Is it true what I hear? That Nozomi is the purest kindest idol?
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Purest no, at least.
This is a anime board, no posting pictures of fat cows
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You heard wrong

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Asuka is so sweet waking up Shinji for school
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She's the most kind, selfless character in the whole series.
that level of delusion should not be legal
Name one thing she did that was solely for her benefit and not the benefit of the people around her and humanity as a whole.

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the fullmoon
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Great time of the month.

Im ready for the next evolution of porn. First we had heartpupils.
>trying to take your childhood friend's virginity in peace
>lights out, everyone thinks you're asleep
>cum inside becuase leglock
>suddenly a blinding flash of light
>visible from under your door and throught the keyhole
>hear your dad shouting

Seen so many good threads about anime plots, and so many good drawfags on this board. I bet there's quite a few voice acting enthusiasts too.

What's stopping /a/ from making an anime of their own via a collaborative effort?

Could we organize something like this?
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I mean you have Shirobako as an image so I assume you have an idea of how retarded you sound right now
Never saw it.

Just thought it was relevant.

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What makes a good mother?
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A flat chest.
Of proper age. i.e 25+
Not dying in childbirth/early childhood.

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Do you think Naruto ever masturbated while in his female jutsu form?
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Probably fucked his clones all the time.
It wouldn't surprise me. Do you think he fucked Hinata in that form is another question.
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Could he actually create a working vagina with the same sensations a girl would have without knowing what that feels like in the first place?

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Would you have sex with her?
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Don't wanna catch STDs, so no.
Wow anon, you can't just ask me if I want to fuck my accountant and bookkeeper for the night.

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Everyone knows last season, Rem was best girl. Who will take the title this season?
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I hope there are no more seasons. The show was underwhelming. And from what the mangafags are saying, the rest is boring as well.
I meant the whole anime season friend
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Not even close.





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Why isn't 4K res anime more popular?

It's the easiest media to make in 4K.
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>Why isn't 4K res anime more popular?
What do you mean "more popular"?
It isn't used at all.
Anime is made by nips and you know how lagging behind they are in adopting new technology. I don't even think they make most anime in real 1920x1080 right now. It's all upscaled shit
I can understand 1080p, but 4k? Really?

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This is your Captain
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I would follow her to the ends of the universe.
Avast, privateer! and prepare for docking procedure!
Captain why is you anime so shit?

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Chino is getting married!
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Chino's not even going to be a teenage mom, she'll be 11 or 12 when she has her first. Congrats Chino
That's me and my wife
hahaha you're so silly, thats a picture of me and my wife Chino from our wedding day!

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How many times have you praised Krauser-san today?
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Sometimes I think I'm literally the only one who watched this showand it was hilarious as as fuck, we might never get anything like it
Havent praised him in like 2 years I think. Is manga even being scanlated atm?

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It hurts this is getting cancelled ;_;
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Lol nah it was shit.
It's sad to see how authors either believe that they have to or are forced by editors to speed things up as much as possible nowadays. Almost every new battle shounen has immediate action in chapter 1, there's no decent buildup, just flashy fights immediately. The chapters thus feel chaotic and rushed like hell, because chapter 1 always has to introduce the MC, the heroine, MC's backstory, the enemy, the conflict and at least one flashy fight, and THEN it needs to keep up the pace in a wild chase after readership.

When things are this hectic, the series just don't feel right. "Why are you clamming this much in so little pages?" That pace is good for western comics, not for long japanese serializations that are specifically known for dragging things out. The editors and the magazines are too frantic in their search for a new Naruto or One Piece.

You can't just magically change your reader base to suddenly enjoy the ADHD-fest.
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Who is the most failed Jump author? It's a little bit sad to see someone to get new series introduced and then axed multiple times.
I remember this one guy who made that Yu-gi-oh! high school samurai rip off and then the worst Jump series ever made called SWOT.

What is cocoa planning?
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She's planning to ruin the whole episode.
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Cocoa could never achieve that.
To catch you unaware and gobble your cockoa.

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