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how can you guys fap to this? the butts are too fast
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I never found Keijo's anime sexy, the eroticism is definitely step down from previous Xebec shows.
But it's fun.
Keijo isn't for fapping to Anon, my pee pee doesn't even twitch while watching it.
That's a really ugly ass.

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/a/ what did he do wrong?
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He's trying to dick someoone besides Lucy.
Probably because he doesn't like sluts
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If preferring Mavis is wrong then I wouldn't want to be right either.

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non-native english speaker here, what is a "pleb class"? is this something they only have in japan?
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>non-native english speaker here
No reason to be lazy and forgoing capitalization at the start of a sentence.
english speaker =/= grammar nazi

noone cares about capital letters on the internet, get over it newfag
Like the stupid people class, lower sets - if it's about school
Or plebs in society, as a social class - if it isn't about school

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best girl.png
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Explain to me how she deserved her loss, how Raku didn't deserve her

>/a/ can't because all /a/ can do is throw the girl baseless insults.

just proves onodera is best girl
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Kosaki is a beautiful, deep, perfect introvert girl. Whoever married her has found Heaven on Earth.
Don't worry, based Miyanagi already did it.
I mean she should have won but her personality is so...boring. All she is the nice girl who doesn't want to step on any toes and make everyone happy. Fuck that. She is exhuasting to watch and rightfully not chosen.

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Loli (male)
How does /a/ feel about this?
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When will it stop?
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How is it even possible in the first place? Isn't a loli with a dick basically a shota?

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Hiding from the ugly 3D world.
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I know that feeling.

This is the Yaoi bait show that perfectly complements the Yuri bait of Hibike! Euphonium.

I swear I'm straight, my hands just act weird when I talk

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>she sees her new gym class partner
>it's you
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>gym class with both genders in the same group
am i a kawaii uguu girl then? nice
Can she show me proper form and exercises? I would be most grateful.

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Kuga is the best chef. Soma have nothing on this.
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Is 5 minute over yet?
Chapter is out on Batoto for some time now.
>not even denying anymore he wants the Chikabowl

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Would you a cake?
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is it still not translated?
Is this the same author with that cake boss manga?

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No. He threw away that chance when he decided to return to being "human".
wtf monogatari rip off astro boy now?
but that's astroman

Wait, isn't this guy among other things a terrorist, war criminal, and child murderer? And he just got off scot-free and everyone forgave him?
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Yeah... Sorry
Terrorist is a funny word. It stands in contrast to freedom fighter and partisan and many others, and is generally only employed when you are trying to bring up the population against somebody. Orochimaru, being popular, is therefore not a terrorist.
>war criminal,
Most soldiers end up becoming war criminals.
>and child murderer
Murder is a funny word. Most people think it means "intentional killing of another person".
What it really means is:
>without justification or excuse, especially the crime of killing a person with malice aforethought or with recklessness manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life.
He was working for science. He definitely had a justification/excuse.
yeah sorry

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Are you still...?
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I am Miyanagi.
Yes, I am still in love with Kosaki. I feel NTR'd by the extra chapter.
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Is Ranma chan Chubby or just Thick?
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She is perfect, do I need to say more?
Thick girls are fine,anon.

Is there anything this girl can't do?
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Get my dick hard
Kirara is seriously an angel. Bless hijiri tsukasa for doing that doujin about her to make me notice
Naturally limp dicks don't count.

Anime is like cartoons right?
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Like aren't they the Korean version of American cartoons?
What about it?
Like... Why aren't they just called cartoons then?

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