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>I propped myself up and prepare myself to eat… >“Ah,

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>I propped myself up and prepare myself to eat…
>“Ah, Eris devotee customer, this is the special service from this shop.”
>The server who brought us the stuff placed something by Darkness’ feet.
>… It was dog food served in a plate.
>“Please enjoy yourself!”
>The waitress gave a perfect professional smile and left elegantly.
>Darkness’ cheeks turned red and she kept on shivering.

Have you remembered to offer dog food to an Eris drone today?
Have you remembered to set holy barriers on graveyards?
Did you offer your daily prayers to Aqua-sama in your local Axis church?
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Two can play this game:

>After hearing my name, the little girl took out a pen and paper.
>“Sa tu Ka za mah? How is it spelled? Please write it down for me onii-san.”
>“Okay, my name is…”
>As I was going to write my name down, I saw the header on that piece of paper.
>‘Axis Cult entry form’.
>“Fuck you!”
>I tore that piece of paper in half.

Fuck off Axis psychos
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too rude
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Why doesn't Darkness ever get any love?
>Perfect M
>Noble stock
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Darkness stop.png
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Best tank needs more love
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So Im in the 4th LN, almost done.
It's getting difficult to figure out wether Aqua despises or has accepted Wiz.
They keep implying that Aqua will destroy her at a moments notice, but half the time she's crying in Wiz' lap, and gets comforted by her.
Is Aqua tsun for the undead titties?
Aqua is dum
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what is "dum"
I dont get it. Explain, hikiNEET
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Sinon's ass.webm
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>Eris devotee
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Moe Bomb.webm
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>Best tank
>couldn't hit a boulder if it was sitting in front of her
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Can Eris drones even become more degenerate?
Aqua is very tsundere.
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Probably not
Who in their right mind would worship a whore who pads her bras?
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literally dogpoo religion, with a flatchested liar as a deity.
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dump aqua.png
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Don't think she's tsundere, tbqh.
She just whines alot, but in her diffence, she is taking some serious fucking bullying from best MC
She's a piece of shit that can't even get married probably.
Plus she endangers her party when she starts spacing off in the middle of a fight.
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Aqua is arguably the bravest and least selfish of them all, when she chooses to be.
The quest where shes in a cage and scared of the crocodiles is basically just to ease the reader/viewer into her perserverence.
For example, when the spring source of the Axis hometown is threadened,they could all easily have fled, recovered, and killed Hans, but Aqua was the only that stayed despite being utterly helpless.
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There has never been concieved a better waifu than Aqua
>Not shy of sex
>Doesn't mind household duties
>Idea of date is tons of food, getting drunk and fucking in a barn
>Adequetly dumb
>Adequetly overpowered
How do we stop other waifus from killing themselves?
Aqua decurses Wiz's items, pours holy water on the door handles, turns her potions into water and does all sorts of horrible things.
Yeah, but she also gets comforted by her, when she gets bullied by Kazuma or even her own followers.And she chooses Wiz to go with her, when she wants to save the town.
She's sending mixed signals
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Thread images: 20

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