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This is a Kumeta Kouji thread.

Welcome to Studio Pulp.
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why does asuka get so much hate?
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>why an obnoxious repulsive piece of shit gets so much hate?
don't know anon, you tell me
Because moot is a faggot
redpill a newfag on who moot is

Why didn't Monkey want to fuck Cat?
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Because she has good taste
Because Cat is hygienically challenged.
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because monkey is for araragi

>2016 Berserk anime was terrible
>2017 Berserk anime will probably be awful too
>Berserk Musou game is awful
>Berserk manga is on hiatus again

it's not fair.
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>Berserk Musou game is awful

Since when?
Since it came out.
>2016 Berserk anime was terrible
Some of the redrawn stuff on the Blurays looks pretty nice.

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camp food.jpg
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All these years and we still don't know how to writer her name right.
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It's Horo. Some people are confused.
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It's Holo.
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That's not so hard

Trigger's greatest masterpiece?
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Ninja Slayer was better.
only thing iv seen from trigger and its overrated as fuck
That's not LWA

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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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more than kyoanus
I'm sure there are better scenes even from Re zero, right?
Yet another thread of cinegrids.
Why? A still image out of context tells us nothing about the quality of direction, the focus of the image could be completely inappropriate, the shot could last too long, the feeling the scene is trying to create is lost, the shot could move in some way that changes the way we should interpret it, the way it flows between shots could affect things. Still images out of context tell us very little about direction. It is like trying to convey the quality of animation through still images. At best all you can say is that they have used a wide range of varied shot types and creatively layered the shots by using different objects to obstruct the camera from an image like yours, you can't tell if those are good shots to be used in the scenes they are being used in at all without context. Without context it is all pretty much meaningless in terms of being good or bad direction.

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Shit just got real.
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What the fuck happened, this was cute
The fuck was that girl thinking? this is literally the most obvious reaction.
she just wanted a threesome

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ITT: Underrated shows that deserved more props from /a/.

Post them and then apologize to all of them.
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I really liked this one because they look like oreimos ^^
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smug freyja.png
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>his waifu can't sing
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She sure can
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>his waifu can't play the violin.
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My waifu is the best singer!!

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Are Japs mentally retarded?
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Just started watching Mushishi. Shit is insanely boring five episodes in, when does the action or plot twists happen?
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In episode 6, obviously.
Just keep watching.
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when you stop being a faggot

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Chapter 84.
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I thought this gem was going to get more discussion around here since it's being adapted by a studio most of you seem to gravitate towards, but that's not the case. It's a shame, guess we'll keep having monthly threads until the anime hits.
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Lots of people picked up the manga because KyoAni is adapting it
Then it'll be shitposted to the death. I'll help.
>I thought this gem was going to get more discussion around here
Have you not been on /a/? there's been atleast 6+ threads since it was announced.

Also, Kyoani ruined the character designs and make a shinka

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dead kenji for ants.png
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Oh wow, these enemies had a pretty neat entrance and gave the main cast a devastating defeat, I wonder how the story will unfold next-
>3 seconds later everyone is healed by Nurse Ex Machina's shitty comic relief

Can we go back to flashbacks please
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>Can we go back to flashbacks please
Wait til the second cour. The first 4 episodes shit over the whole first cour. Sadly it's going back to the present timeline.

>not wanting to see more of the qt girl and the MC

Pleb taste.
If you want some heavy stuff just wait for Fitzgerald's backstory.

Also, Dostoyevskiy is fucking insane.

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