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>Kyoani doesn't prostitute their characters
What did /a/ meme by this?
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Why didn't Cummyko's chest ever grow?
>warm, cute, and charming senpai-kouhai scene in a public bath

Not seeing a problem

Just kidding I came to this twice already
You didn't watch Phantom World last season?

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ITT: Anime only you know about (pic related).
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>decide to give it a shot
>one character is genderbent most of the time
>main character gets genderbent for 3 episodes
>there's a whole arc based around this later on
I can understand why it was forgotten. It advertises itself as a Slayers-like fun action adventure fantasy anime, and it's actually trannie fetish material.

Completely missed its audience.
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Does it have tits, yuri, or both?

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Rather Axis than Allies, you're little girl
Thanks but no thanks I only worship Megumin
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>tfw you already axis

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was anime saved?
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Who the hell chooses a half breed elf.
Kill yourself

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Do you like anime girl shorts?
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I like what's underneath them.
That's disgusting for some reason
I prefer it when they wear a full dresses. Then take it off later.

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ITT: things you do when watching anime

I sometimes pause and walk around for a bit while clenching my fists as I process it.
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Fuck off with your blog thread.
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I actually do the same thing, OP. I don't know why but I guess there's a biological/emotional reason for this.
i watch anime

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Rejoice my Oreimo bro's, Ero Manga sensei scheduled for coming spring. A fresh new imouto (not blood related this time) coming from the same author of Oreimo.
Kirino best waifu.
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Thank you.
I really hope they have the Oreimo cast make a cameo

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I fucking loved it, is the manga worth reading or should I let it end with the show?
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Read it, check volume releases by the way.

Read it since chapter 1.
Keep reading the manga dont watch season 2, its a pile of trash

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Am I cute uguu~?
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Nayuki > Uguu > Akiko > Shiori > Sayuri > Mai > Shit > Auu
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fucking twisted.jpg
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>tfw you used to like this crap

>Ayu twice on the same list but in two different placements
What did he mean by this?

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I love you
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I love Emilia
I love Sanctuary

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Will Fairy Tail EVER be as good?
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>no sieg hart
Fairy Tail has no ambition to be good. It's just for (initially) world building and to provide thicc fap bait.

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I miss gg subs.
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Macross Delta was just last season anon
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Don't we all?
They made Jojo worth watching desu.

>Rekka Namidare was a normal boy until his sixteenth birthday. Then a girl suddenly appears from his future, warning him that he'll somehow start an interstellar war! It turns out Rekka hails from a special bloodline that's destined to get caught up in all kinds of trouble. Whenever a story's heroine is in dire need, Rekka will be given one last chance to save her. And in the future, Rekka will have saved so many girls that their jealous love for him will cause the apocalypse!

Why are shitty LNs so popular? How can Japan continue to eat up such shitty plots?
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Oh I remember reading that. Was pretty fun.
I thought you were making it up OP.
I wish I was nip so I could write this garbage and make money
What prompted you to look into these series anon? Now I'm affected.

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>mfw all these shitty ads is putting me off browsing /a/ on my phone
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sad umu.png
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Fucking nip admin is killing the site intentionally.
Fuck 2chan.
2ch, not 2chan.
2chan hates hiro and said we were screwed the moment him being admin was announced.
Holy shit thats amazing
Based Hiro finally making phoneposters go away

Greetings /a/nons. It's that time again, for tall hijinx and ecchi shenanigans. Volleyball mayhaps, mayhaps not.

Sorry for the delays fellow tall aficionados, my source for cheap purchasing and shipping of the mag was gone for a bit and now I'm playing catch up. I've got two chapters ready to go and more on the way hopefully relatively shortly.

We last left off with Nee-chan having tried everything short of sex to get Souta's memory back, and then apparently deciding to get rid of that pesky 'everything but'.
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sfx: *tremble* x2
-[If it's for her little brother's sake...then a big sister's gotta do, what a big sister's gotta do! :heart:]
-[Aizome Goro]

-[Attack No.29: Awakened By Her Sisterly Heart!]

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-Well then, godspeed-poro.
sfx: *fwip*
-Good luck! :heart:
sfx: *k-chak*
sfx: *slip*
-WAIT A----!!

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-On the bed! LIE DOWN-!


>that 'Ushi'!

There's no denying the Nee-chan.

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