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Underrated anime.

The Metal Gear Solid of anime.
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I'm sorry OP, but Akame Ga Kill isn't underrated, it is in fact among the most overrated anime on this board.
The fact that anyone enjoys what is frankly only a tiny cut above the standard generic shounen shit that comes out every season is beyond me.

It's shit, and you should consider killing yourself for liking it.
harsher then I wound have said

but yeah it was whatever, /thread
It's a steaming pile of shit and Esdeath was too good for it. I always did love that pose she strikes in that image.

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This was 4 episodes and is the undisputed best Gundam series to date.
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Thunderbolt was very pretty but Victory was a better show
Question, was unicorn good?
Yes, but it goes full retard at times. It depends too much on the original saga(which doesn't make it bad but you should know it in any case) and Bandai made the writer do stupid things that even him called stupid in interviews.

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why is no one talking about this /a/ personally this scene has got to be one of the better moments in this show
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>hooked on volleyball
Firm butts in spandex shorts when?
I dropped it after I realized there would be no Bokuto or Nokema in this season. Is it worth watching? Eagle Team looks shitty and their specialty is apparently "being good at spiking".

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page 3
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>now scenes changes to chaimran

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i dont want it freshman
I still have not watched or played Clannad. And probably never will simply because of the art style.

How can I correct myself?
Why is there a floating starfish?

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Is Pokemon essentially a glorification of animal abuse?
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Yamete kudasai
who is that poke-em-on you speak of

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Why do people care if a cute character has a dick or not? What matters is how cute they are. I could careless if they have a schlong or a pussy.
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>could care less
If it doesn't matter Then why the fuck you prefer when the dick is there?
Did I say I prefer it? I said I don't care. She may have it or not. I still fap to whatever is there.
Shit. I wish we could still delete threads.

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Canon non-virgins
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Not OP.
you're waifu

Anyone else watching Bernard Jou Iwaku?
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Basically /lit/ incarnate isn't it?

A socially awkward but pushy arrogant book snob comments on literature that she hasn't read - this is what I gather from the synopsis.
No, it's more like a Genki girl comments on literature that she hasn't read.
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haven't read.jpg
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No, I'm just pretending.

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die pretty bois.png
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>A fujoshit show
>Still being a good comedy show
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Nanbaka is one of my favorite shows this season, surprisingly.
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Nico a best!
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Why is nico cute

Do people actually like Revy? She's legitimately the most tryhard edgy character in anime I've ever seen.
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Yeah, why would you care about her when Shenhua is right there?
You havent looked very hard then.

Why would anyone take your opinion seriously when you have the vocabulary of a 14 year old.

Anybody else reading this? It's a horror series about guy who's being followed by the ghost of his childhood friend, and the various supernatural stuff he gets involved in. It sounds generic but it's actually creepy as shit, it really is a horror manga. There's a lot of gruesome deaths.
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I am.
My favorite is chapter 3, this page freaked the fuck outta me. Shame that best girl died
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Would you a Kyo?
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Ume is infinitely superior.
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Umes body is a lackluster compared to Kyos or Shagas.
File: Ume.jpg (308KB, 1266x2120px)Image search: [Google]
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Ume has the best body. Well, if you watched Shaga + Ume bath scene they were pretty similar except Ume has better looking thighs most of the time and superior hime cut.

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ITT: characters who could beat the shit out of Guts
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Why Guts of all people? a human who's gimmick is that he struggles and he's le tragic man.

Kirito can beat him
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>mfw people say Guts has suffered the most

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What are the chances of this getting another season. Should I just pick up the manga?
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Don't watch it.

Don't read it.

It's trash.
I respect your terrible opinion
This series is dying

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