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> Lonely obasan preying on young males

Why is this so prevelant in anime?
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She was given copious amounts of aphrodisiac, anyone else would also jump on the first young dick they saw.
Agreed OP, where are the grandmothers that rape shotas?

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We need more delinquent anime
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I agree. Crows was good.
They need fashion sense
Delinquent culture has been dying in Japan for years now, and because of that delinquent manga and anime are also dying. We might get one every now and then for nostalgia's sake but that's it.

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What would you do for her?
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Nothing. I can't even do nice things for myself, as in improve my own life all around.
How can I possibly do something of a benefit for another person?
Learn sign language I guess. Is nip sign language a thing?

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Mousou Telepathy everyone. Delusional/paranoid Telepath.
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I want to fuck Shadow Nakano.
This is kinda dumb.

I'd buy this arc if she hadn't revealed the thing to Mana, but at this point, she told Mana about it, and if she's ever unsure, she can just ask her right? Hell, hasn't she proved it when she talked to Mana about it in the first place?
Seriously? She couldn't tell she was judging others and making up thoughts about them? She either must have been so elitist and patrician to not even be able to notice, much less, even go and make friends and hang out with people, her loneliness manifested itself physically like that. Crazy.

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What was your first anime?
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Tanoshii Muumin Ikka, OG Finnish version.
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Naruto, but this show is what actually started making me watch anime in general
Ghost in The Shell

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The chapter releases keep on happening.
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Will it surpass Kara no Kyoukai: the Garden of sinners?
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It'll surpass it in shitposting
Kara no Kyoukai is a mediocre series at best, it shouldn't be that hard to surpass it.
The biggest problem with Sakura's route is Sakura herself

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Why on earth would anyone enroll in that school? And what's with the stupid rules? What are they trying to do?
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Look a how stacked every girl is. I'd want to enroll there.
The same reason why people want to go to Harvard or other pretentious universities, because they look good on your résumé and it was also stated that nearly 100% of students that attended Kōdo Ikusei Senior High School to universities or find employment. The reason why they place the hierarchy is to test the student's abilities and reward them.
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A job is guaranteed after graduating from there

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What's better? Execution or Creativity?
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Execution. Always execution.
Creativity is basically just cancer. It requires proficiency to be kept in check.

Funny because both those series have neither. The execution is by the books and people are currently just having their honeymoon phase with BnHA just like with Naruto and the chunin exams. I can promise you that BnHA will fall into the same trap of power creep and characters becoming nothing archetypal memes.
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>What's better? Execution or Creativity?


Bring back Locodol
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Nanyako best girl.
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Never ever and it saddens me. At least Nanyako's seiyuu still gets some new roles.
I can still hear that "smack"

is this the best design in all of anime. if she had twintials it wouldnt even need asking.
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Looks awfully generic.
t. Yui
Yukino is a whore and a terrible friend to Yui. That long haired slut is the school bike and is pure as sewage. I despise her in every way and ruin the series. She is cruel to 8man and means him no good. I hope she gets bussed or trucked and burns in hell afterwards.

Is attaining Yoko-body absolutely impossible without surgical augmenting?
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Basically. Her arms suggest she has low body fat but for some reason her hips and ass have tons of meat. Her body is impossible.
I suppose you could only work legs and glutes but then it wouldn't be smooth it would be muscular
it would be hot as hell tho
It's just improbable.

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Anything by KinoAni
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Definitely this


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ITT: Write an anime plot

Hard mode: Somehow involve pizza
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Hillary Clinton: the animation
Chronicles her latest campaign for the presidency
>slice of life revolving around running an Italian restaurant that's specialty is pizzas

not that hard
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In the post-dystopian world during the Songoku period of the anarcho-capitalistic 56th State (formerly known as Japan, but bitches don't get to have names) of the ASS (Autonomous States of South-America, with North America consisting solely of Canada), this state is divided into many different enclaves protected by the NAP. Three great zaibatsus under the names of Hideyoshi-daimyo's Power Samurai (formerly known as the Japanese Self-Defense Force), the State of Japan (led by founder and CEO Tokugasu Ieyawa), and Cowabunaga Inc. (producer of such global hit anime like Loli Idol Shinobi Turtlegirls and I Used To Be A Normal High-Schooler Until Japanese And Power Samurai Scum Fooled Me Into Violating The NAP) seek to control all of the 56th, and are at constant war with eachother.

However, even in this hell, people still can't go without one basic need: pizza. To satisfy the pizza-needs of the whole 56th, an organization called IY Pizza Delivery (franchise of the Italian Yakuza led by the Super Itariyakuza Bros.) was founded to create and deliver pizza to customers within twenty minutes, else the Super Itariyakuza Bros. will personally give you your dorrars back. To prevent this, elite couriers called Pizzamurai are trained at IY High in the arts of pizza delivery. Each Pizzamurai is equipped with a military-grade Ferrari capable of transforming into a mech in case of combat situations. Should the Pizzamurai fail, then he's going to lose more than a finger.

The story follows our MC in his 15-20 minute long roadrages to deliver the pizza in time to different parts of the 56th while dealing with traffic, copycat Gundams, the erratic laws of the local enclaves and their (lack of) borders and personal security, a vat-grown Loli Idol Shinobi Turtlegirl who tags along with MC after escaping from the labs, and how the fate of the war for the 56th is altered by the delivery of a single 'pizza' in this cyberpunk mecha racing comedy action thriller...

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Why is manga on average so much better than anime?
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Better animation and voice acting.
It's much easier to make.
this and have more artistic control over what you write (most of time) so we have more stuff that doesn't feel like "the ecchi show of this season"

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