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Saike vs Truck-kun.png
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Kid with Time Reset vs Truck-kun
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I like the powers in this manga, especially tape.
Ana's cool and her packing tape too but the coolest power was Johan's space manipulation. He was so OP, it was the one villain they had to use bullshit logic to beat. All the other fights were pretty logical and tactical though.
Well, it seems to be space manipulation for now at least. Maybe we'll know later on in the story, if we get more raws and translations.

Why didnt he just refuse to join the Holy Grail war in the first place?
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Play the VN. Results in a bad end.
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If he refused to join the way Sakura would have been forced to join and fight and die. But he didn't know this. Actually he didn't decide to join, it was an accident, there was a seal on the floor where he trains and was attacked by lancer and when he asks for help the only servant who can freely decide to help or not is saber and she does.


>Because of a miscommunication with King Records, the anime has been postponed for 3 months. Poptepipic will air from January 2018
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A sad day for us all.
Wait this is real?

I thought it was an April fools joke.

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>Oh, Nishikata. You're here already.
>I wonder if it's because you're all excited because the snow piled up?
>N...Not particularly.
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>But still, it's rare.
>To see the snow pile up this much.
>From what I remember, it's been FIVE years since last time!!
>I-I said I'm not particularly excited about it...
>Rather than that.
>Let's start already.
Phone: Takagi-san:
Phone: Wanna have a showdown on making snowmen?
Phone: Okay.
>This snowman showdown.

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good things i should say
would bang her

Future Boy Conan is on of my favorite anime of all time, but I generally dislike all the big Miyazaki films. I find them too Disneyesque and a bit boring, to give the brief explanation.

FBC, on the other hand, is kid friendly but has an amazing setting, fully realized characters, and amazing writing with arcs that just keep surprising, despite how fluid yet simple the narrative is and the lack of intellectual depth of it all.

Am I the only one who feels this way? I do generally prefer thought out series that can take the time to evolve over 90 minute movies, and don't really care about "amazing" 21st century animation, etc., over great storytelling.
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No, I dislike almost all Miyazakis movies outside of Spirites Away, The Wind Rises and, for its backgrounds alone, Nausicaa. I believe that Future Boy Conan is his best work, but I still dont think it is all that great. Its a really, really good piece of work, but not even that managed to really impress me all that much compared to other shows/movies. Conan is one of Miyazakis very few works that actually has some proper writing. That sure as hell cant be said about most of his movies.
It was very well written and the fact that the episodes were 30 min a piece helped flesh the story out. Also it had a huge budget and had really no quality to speak of. I do very much like laputa and it is one of my favorite movies.
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I always viewed Miyazaki as an amazing animator, basically one of if not the best you can get in the business, but a poor storyteller.
I even found Future Boy Conan a bit boring, though it was more engaging than some of his other works. Porco Rosso is probably the best of his work.

Pom Poko is simply a better movie than any Miyazaki work and KLK and TTGL has a lot of deeper layer to their story teller while being unique and completely kick ass in their own right with glorious animation and story to boot. If I'm in the mood for a good anime there ware simply too many better picks to choose from though rewatching Spirited Away now and then is nice

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is this officially the cutest couple? I can't think of a duo more loving and made for each other.
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you and me
I'm sure they had a happy marriage for the first few years.
It's cute and all but also one of the most forced relationships. They're compatible but Kishimoto almost never made them interact till the last where he thought "shit I forgot to make Naruto actually care about Hinata"

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Think he wants to do this to himself yet?
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beerus pj.png
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I'll do him what he plans to do with himself if you know what I mean
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Would you buy her flowers?
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Why would I buy a florist flowers?
Only if she beat the shit out of me after.
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I'm not sure how I should read this question.

But either way, the answer is yes. Yes I would.

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Meet your Amazonian Saberface.
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Looks like the red-head from Re:Creators a bit.
What is this?
Hippolyta from Fate Strange Fake

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>Based on the light novel
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>anime original
>based on a video game
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>genre: Harem

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>repels all the servants from Ryudouu temple, including Berserker
>has no noble phantasm
>still matches full power Saber
>on par with the other servants through practice of his craft alone
>honorable fighter
>not even interested in the Grail, just there for the fights
Why isn't he more popular, bros?
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>not a girl
>not a fuccboi
There you have it.
He got popular in FGO because of Orleans and REGEND

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The last anime you watched has been invaded by Umaru. How does it change?
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It turns to shit
I cant even think of Umaru living in LOGH
>Digimon Savers
What Digimon partner would Umaru have?

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images (48).jpg
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>Camera pans up to the sky
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>another copy paste cliche thread
>Camera pans up to Boke
>mc is given a unique power
>turns out his power is actually the strongest

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When do we see more of her real personality?
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She became more interesting when she showed her true personality. At least she's not the bland generic cheery character that we all know.
When the class starts falling apart after a mild success (ie probably something like losing class C status immediately after getting it)

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