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>You lived to see Macross become idolshit
>You lived to see Gatchaman become moeshit
>You lived to see Black Jack become fujoshit
>You lived to see Cashern become emoshit
>You lived to see Yamato become waifushit

What classic will (((they))) ruin next?
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>You lived to see Gundam becoming a franchise the general Japanese population doesn't want to see more of
>Heidi became CGI
casshern and yamato reboots are better than the originals.

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Why is she so perfect?
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Because she's the most beautiful JC character, and she can smile at you like pic related.
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Honestly when I had only watched the anime I didn't like any of the girls better than the others, but then I reached this part in the novel.
Megumin is such a great LN heroine, much better than the likes of Asuna.
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I think something is wrong with my Megumin, it's giving me this face? Anybody know what it means?

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Why aren't you reading Warlock of the Magus World yet /a/?

It may be chinese but it's the best LN to date.
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Absolutely disgusting.
Better than Kino, Index, Monogatari, HakoMari and Horizon?
Sadly this is true, it blows me away that something this good came out of China.

I started reading last week and I'm almost 700 chapters deep. I just can't put this one down.

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>3 years has passed since mememe was released

What did you learned, /a/?
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Anime is cancer?
Learn to English motherfucker
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How would you feel about a Dragon Ball sequel series following Adult Goten and a new generation of Z Fighters?
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Mai stare.gif
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Mai sees Torankusu's dick.png
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Mai bj.jpg
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What does /a/ think of tsugumomo?

The manga, not the disappointingly poor anime.
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while the anime was poor i'd never know about the manga if not for it, so I have to be a little thankful. i wanted to see what happened at the end of episode 3 bad so I decided to seek the manga, and lo and behold what awaited me was a series with god tier art, good fight scenes, humor i enjoyed, and glorious fucking ecchi and lewdness.

This is in my top ten no questions asked, my only thing i don't like about it is waiting a month for new chapters (but i don't think it'd work as a weekly)
It's pure shit. It's like Tenchi Muyo, but somehow manages to be even more vapid. It's softcore porn and that's all people "read" it for. Even worse, the mangaka cannot draw a female body to save his life. He draws male bodies and attaches tits to them, they look like fucking trannies.
Havnt read the manga, but this is a cute wife

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New Jagaaaaaaaaaaaan chapter
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Drunk monk is pretty based but now we have a literal semen demon.
If Mangastream put their heart into this, she'd be Yomama.
I'm really glad fractured humans aren't a thing in real life. I'd commit horrible crimes if I was one.
I wonder how selfish tin-man is.

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Left or right?
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No thanks.

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Anime fucking sucks these days.

When's time last time we had a real great story of hero's journey, with the real stakes and epic conflict escalation?
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>real great
>real stakes
These are things you associate with when you first got into anime.
Hunter x Hunter ended in 2014 and it was miles better than Gurren Shit you fucking pleb
>The children now love luxury; they have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise. Children are now tyrants, not the servants of their households. They no longer rise when elders enter the room. They contradict their parents, chatter before company, gobble up dainties at the table, cross their legs, and tyrannize their teachers.

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Are big breasts just?
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just what?
Get rekt, scumbags lmao!

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So this is your AOTY uh
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>not Made in Abyss
Who are these neckfags that this show keeps pandering to?
>made without pacing

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>Pink says something silly
>Yellow is embarrased
>Blue says ooohhhhhh
How can people enjoy this?
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How can you not?
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It stimulates my nether regions.
blue is purple
yellow is green
pink is smart

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Choose 1 and only 1. Explain why.
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the one on the left

shark teeth
Left because butt.
Fat ass + flat obviously.

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What is Kurumi's slut level?
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sexually frustrated virgin
Kurumi is pure
this. stop defiling her, OP.

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>Deen always does bad animat-
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Overall this show was pretty badly animated to the point that it was actually comical.
>Greentext OP cut off with a hyph-
Fuck off.
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>pretty badly animated
It was animated exactly right.

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