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This is the ideal male body.
You may not like it but this is what peak performance looks like.
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traps are gay
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All men should look like this.

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Has anyone seen it? If so, was it good? Has there even been english subs yet?
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I wouldn't even bother looking until next year
Probably not until the BDs are out.
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yes in the movie theatre

so what even was glie? purgatory for those who either killed themselves or died as children?
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ABe's metaphor for adult life, in which everyone you love will leave you when you least want them to.
Nothing that generic and literal.
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read "Hard Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World" by Murakami

I wonder how many aspiring artists in the production of Milky Holmes were expecting to make a magic girl anime about deductive reason and english literature
...before reading the script.
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I learned today that Milky Holmes is currently rerunning on nip TV. I hope it happens often. Milkies are eternal.
Nero is not a bitch
Season 2 was my favorite. I didn't bother picking up after that since I heard it gets more serious rather than bunch of retards running around.

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What is /a/'s opinion on Vento Aureo? Personally, it is my favorite. Thought objectively part 4 is better written.
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The best fights on the entire series (latter half of part 6 has some great fights tho), but objectively, I think part 4 use a little too much the "convenience" resource
It's my favourite part as well.
Why do you think Part 4 is objectively better written though? It had too many characters for its own good and like >>160979721 said, too many important moments were resolved through pure convenience.
I do love Part 4 though, just so you don't misunderstand where I'm coming from.

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Why did I even watch the TV release?
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scans from the Blu-Ray vol 3 cover and booklet
Nipple too blurry.
Better than non-existent

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How can Kirino even compete? Best girl right here.
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>kirino palette swap

Still better personality I guess.
>How can Kirino even compete?
Because technically, scientifically, there's no possibly conceivable mate for a man than his sister.
Kirino is an annoying bitch. My pure angel Ayase-tan is leagues better.

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Haven't seen a manga thread in a while. What have you been reading, /a/? What do you wish was scanlated?
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I wish all mangos were licensed and got released almost at the same time as the jap release. Maybe 2 or 3 days later to give the guys time to do everything right. And I wish those releases were in the standard 3000+ pixel tall images. And I with we had more dankes.

Sounds like a sweatshop.

I want to read this, but I refuse to read ongoing manga. Plenty of backlog.

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Ririna is cutest wife.
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Why is she sniffing the chocolate?
This.... This is shopped, right?
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So, what happened to the next kaguya chapter?
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It was on break last week. There's a chapter this week, I think I saw the raws around saturday or sunday.
Full chapter when?
Korean scans are out:

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Could you beat up Ryuuko?
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She's a girl.
I'd just ignore her.
Just like I did with the anime.

It's out.
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Not a fucking text, she sent a letter.
How can you not love her?
>ywn break Ririna's pot

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Have you earned the right to talk about anime yet?
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I've known people who watch every goddamn show airing every season and claim not to drop a single one.
Then I end up watching an old show from 3 seasons back and they don't know what I'm talking about because it's like they never watched it, despite sitting through it.
Do you remember what you ate for breakfast exactly three years ago, or what song was playing on the radio that afternoon?

When anime is as normal and essential to my life as eating or breathing, it is easy to forget things. If a show is shit, I simply don't watch it a second time. If it's not, then I will rewatch it multiple times before the year is over.
No, I still have to watch around 900 series/films. A question to people who have watched 1000 shows: How well can you understand Japanese? To me it still sounds like nonsense.

Post legit fighting stance
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>draw a girl
>it's really a boy
Why do they keep doing this?
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To trick homosexuals into reproduction. By the time the homosexual realizes that he has wooed an actual girl, it will be too late and he will be forced to copulate.
they want to make you gay
to stimulate the jaded minds of the sexually deviated

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