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Illustrations are out. Tatsuya VS Katsuto at last.
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ITT actually realistic otaku self inserts
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Monster bait.
Is that Sting?
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Did you all see the rumors? It seems that the guy at pic related is responsible for destroying that one meteor that could have destroyed several cities. His name is "Saitama". But some people are saying he just stole credit from Genos and Metal Knight. I don't know what to think.
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Piece of that meteor fell on my car that one day because of that bold faggot.
You're fucking delusional you fucking conspiratard drumpf supported.

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What was this thing anyway?
A dyson fan. Look it up.

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Is IBO the best Gundam so far?
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no. it's more boring than AGE and barely better than SEED Destiny.
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its the worst and the biggest waste of potential

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>show is called "Gamers"
>OP implies that they're all friends who play games together, a la Netoge
>it's actually a misunderstandings-based romcom
>characters spend more time trying to clear each other's misunderstandings (and making it worse) than actually playing games
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Man, you're going to keep crying about this the whole season?
The finale of Evangelion.
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Reminder that tanya is my wife and you can't have her.
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this loli is a hideous UGUUblob desu senpai
How dare you say such mean things about my wife
you can't wife a duck OP

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>no S2 with Best Girl
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I want to cuddle with her so much
Not only would she be mega soft, she would probably welcome the attention.

>be a lonely NEET playing vidya all day
>suddenly find yourself in a strange fantasy world
>get saved by a cute half elf girl
>fall in love with her
>die trying to protect her
>suddenly you live again
>everything has reset
>die over and over and over again trying to protect her
>you want no reward
>all you want is to be by her side
>you see how she mingles with shiny powerful knights
>you do your best to not say anything despite your jealousy feeling like a stone in your chest
>you notice how she wants less and less to do with you
>eventually she throws you away like a used tool to be kept in the background
>you make sure to do your very best in a desperate attempt to stay relevant in her life
>she doesn't care
>you finally snap and tell her what an ungrateful whore she is

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He deserved everything.
Rem could hear the cries of her and Subarus children cry out in agony, and suddenly be silenced, as she saw Subaru fill Emilia with his fertile semen. Rem now knew, her race was to be extinct.
>Still save her after everything
That's what he did wrong

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>Jigoku Shoujo - Yoi no Togi - 05 [1080p]
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I have to say that the OP has grown on me. At first I really hated it.
Surely this one wont be as fucked up as the last two.
Episode 3 was 10/10. That's how Jigoku Shoujo should be like.

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Don't know if people have talked about this, but the first trailer for the English dub came out yesterday. Any thoughts on this? I couldn't give a shit myself, I just want to buy the Blu Ray day one.

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Luluco is the best thing Trigger has done. Prove me wrong.
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>mobile poster
Go away.

Was this just a satire on manga industry?
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Sagiri is the most beautiful girl in anime to date.
Hopefully they announce a second season during the Dengeki Bunko autumn festival
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They're writing light novels you turkey

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Ghost Banri is truly the greatest villain of our time.

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How big is too big?
And is Chesty Morgan from Galko-chan it?
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My limit
When will she get her own series?
Too big is when it looks like shit, which depends entirely on the character and artist.
Obviously, this isn't it.

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the same shit.jpg
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How the FUCK do they keep getting away with it?
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I don't think they have. KyoAni hasn't had anything remotely successful since Free, so at the very least nips have caught on to their recycled animation style.
>Recycled animation

You missed the keyword: style. Indicative of KyoAni's manner of doing their adaptations. Which has had few outliers from the norm - with Free being the most extreme exception to their recycled CGDCT formula.

But seeing as you have already established you are willfully ignorant - fan boy more than likely - a discussion on the topic at hand is beyond your ability to seperate feeling and emotion from fact. I pity you.

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