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What element is Takao?
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>enjoyed s1
>start watching s2
>suddenly becomes too deep for me
>have no idea what is going on

What went wrong?
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Just here to post perfection.
You probably went wrong at birth if you can't understand season 2, anon.
>What went wrong?

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The show wasn't a total disappointment, at least we got to see Kajou-senpai's tits in the ED.
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Those are some shiny tits.
Season 2 never. And jumping into the manga from the end of season 1 is weird.

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Has this show stood the test of time? I like Yotsubato a lot but I'm not really laughing a lot with this. The animation budget also is non existent and the music...god the music. Am I missing something?
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Read the manga.
top tier animu
but the anime has a famous director.

Who is the best girl and why is Asui?
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Toga is best girl.
why do people like her
because of ribbit

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Best yahari.
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I love Sakisaki!
that's not imouto

What is the most definitive way to watch Dragon Ball Z?

There are so many censorings, edits, recuts, remasters and minor changes throughout the steady release of several boxsets over the last two decades that it makes my head spin.
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I think the remastered dub with the funi voices throughout is the best, but that's just because the funi dub is what I've heard the most. There is a certain charm to watching it like the original run where the ocean dub switches over to the funi dub.

I can't handle the original nip though, forgive me. Goku's voice is just not doable for me.
Read the manga. There is no such thing as a good Dragon Ball anime.
>I can't handle the original nip though, forgive me. Goku's voice is just not doable for me.
Hey, Reddit.

First review out that I've seen from a Kadokawa advance screening.


Praising the feMC voice actor but the art and animation are weak for a feature film showing in theaters.
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>art and animation are weak for a feature film
Damn it Shaft, you had one fucking job.

Not really surprised. The music video for the theme song that they released a few days ago (which a assume was all scenes from the movie) had some choppy animation and ugly cgi.

I don't get why they didn't put enough effort into this though? They should've had enough of a budget for this. The Madoka movie proves they can draw fluid-looking high quality animation if they try.

Regardless, I'll end up watching it anyways. It's been confirmed to have a US theater release eventually, so we should probably get it by the end of the year.
I mean, the original film was good. If they just cut it frame for frame it might be as good as the Shunji Iwai film.
It's not as if anyone watches SHAFT stuff for their animation. Won't be surprised if it doesn't do well at all as a mainstream theatre production but who really cares about that. Some of the best anime films to have ever been made would be considered flops if compared to mainstream hits.

What could Misuzu possibly be doing
Well it's working
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What would actually make Misaki Kohsuke react this way? And why is his name Japanese when he's british?
a joke
S joke by confessing her love.

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>character drinks a beer
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>OP is a faggot
>Make another green text thread complaining about anime cliche yet again

Didn't this whole shit started with /v/ complaining about video game cliches with the same manner? Man, I can't believe this shit is happening daily and is accepted for a while now.

Fucking drop anime altogether if you complain so much about cliches you faggot.
>camera pans up to the sky
>Character is introduced as super nice, helpful, good looking and everyone looks up to them
>Actually an evil psychopath

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did you just watch initial D or something?
no, been a couple of years since i first watched it.
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Hello friends. Ok I'll play along even though I'm going to bed in 10 minutes.


Are burned/scarred girls still lovable?
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A girl with a burn or scar is more lovable than a girl who has had sex before.
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No, you just click on the play button and the video should appear.
I'll let you know when I watch the 1st episode and find out
Is this the actual original manga being adapted or does it have different characters?

I want a second season!
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It's a shame Japan seems so afraid to get decent merch into outside markets. For as many billions of tons of pokemon crap that has been made and shipped over the years, you'd think making and packing in some stuff from other series would be easy. The infrastructure is there, but they seem like they hate money.
Monmusu is a series that has had more success than they though possible outside Japan. Why not capitalize while they can?
Papi best girl.

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""""villains"""" that did NOTHING wrong
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obviously this guy
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shit, forgot to attach

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