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Kancolle movie BD is out in 20 days.

Was this movie actually good?
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it's Kancolle so no
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Kancolle isn't supposed to be watched.

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This is really old news but,
Did Togashi inspire himself in Kishimoto's Sharingan to create the Scarlet Eyes? Or the other way around?
I could only find the Volume release dates not the chapter's dates in weekly shonen jump.

I just started watching Hunter X Hunter 2011.
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i want the answer too...
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fuck you3.png
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>Think that scarlet eyes debuted in vol 11
>Dont know if what came first Hunter or Naruto
>I only watched the anime

Kill yourselves

Lurk more faggot
tell me the fucking chapter it debuted on then? the wikia said it was chapter 101, in the begging of the Phantom Troupe arc.
>inb4 read the manga

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Post your top 3 animes that made you shed tears in real life.

>Elfen Lied
>DEath Note (Not really, but I've watched too few animes to make it to 3, this made me emotional at most)
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Shit bait. You're not even trying.
n-no I'm not....

I'm just not an ota/a/ku, I'm trying to fit in...

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Which Ama would you gami?
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Ai is olev
game translation when
All of them
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What the fuck am I reading?
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Golden Kamui.
Golden Kamui
Most fashionable manga in the world.

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Getting into this. Tell me she's the resident slut; I know a slut when I see one. Those pure eyes and that innocent smile are but a facade she wears to hide her sex crazed yuri side, right?

Who should I look out for?
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Ruby on the far left is a slut if I've ever seen one for sure.
She's a filthy siscon.
Dia is just a loveable dork, she isn't a crazy slut. Here, let me rank the girls for you so you know what to expect.
>God tier
>Great tier
You, Dia, Hanamaru (first four episodes)
>Acceptable tier
Mari, Riko, Kanan
>Bad tier
Chika, Ruby
>Irredeemable meme spouter tier
Zuramaru (rest of the show)

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This is the greatest fantasy manga in making, and its becomimg yuri

God bless
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Nobody is reading this? New chapter came out too
I'm reading it. I had a witty reply to your thread at the ready, but then I didn't think it actually was witty at all and deleted it just before posting.
>its becomimg yuri
Post proof.

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From Animage 1991

1. Yamato (1974, TV)
2. Mobile Suit Gundam (1979, TV)
3. Gundam–Char’s Counterattack (1988, movie)
4. Legendary Giant IDEON (1980, TV & movie)
5. Animal Treasure Island (1971, movie)
6. Fight! Pyuta! (1968, TV)
7. Future Boy Conan (1978, TV)
8. Aim at Ace (1973, first TV series)
9. Tom & Jerry (1944)
10. Ann the Red Hair [Anne of Green Gables] (1979, TV)
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>tomino in the list twice
>miyazaki only once
He was full of shit, Nausicaa and Be Invoked informed all his career as a director. With CCA that high I'm not sure he even likes Gundam, but definitely he admires it as a franchise.


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ITT female mangaka self-inserts
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For Mori Kaoru it's Emma or Amira
>making porn of your own self-insert
I dunno how to feel about this considering I've cranked it at this particular work a countless amount of times.

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Fuck, marry, kill. Your choice, /a/

As for me, fuck, kill, marry.
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fuck fuck fuck
k f m
Marry, Fuck, Kill.

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Gohan, this power... it's even greater than when I was fused with Vegeta! We are truly the ultimate warrior! No one in the all multiverse is a thread to us, we are even above Gods, Gohan!
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Literally impossible. The reason why Vegito is so strong is because he gets a "rival" boost from the earrings. Goku and Gohan aren't rivals at all. Go back to watching GT, Pedro.
Except Goku literally tried to fuse with Gohan in the mangá and the only reason they didn't fuse was because Gohan couldn't catch the earring.

Deal with it, this is the ultimate being and the strongest character in the whole multiverse!
Nice headcanon

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How does it feel knowing Gilgamesh is no longer the strongest.
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what is this

Strange Fake.
Being Gilgamesh is pain.
You know you're the hottest shit but fate is constantly fucking you in the ass, which is fine since you know you're THAT sexy, but there's a limit to everything.

What would an Asanagi original anime be like?
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If TSF Monogatari taught me anything it's that no matter how good the artist is the hentai anime adaptation will always be generic as shit.

That body is the bane of my existence. Short and thick.

Well done bois.

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>MC's harem are little girls in middle school

Sucks to be him.
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>sucks to be him
But this is literally the best outcome possible, what a lucky motherfucker.
He could have little girls in primary school. That would be even better.
Age of consent in Japan is 13. Sucks to be you, though, you can't marry little girls.

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