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Really? Why does this shit always happen to me! I just got done watching Dragon Maid and I loved it but they've fucked me again. The hints and the clues are all there as everybody with a brain knows they're in love and romantically intertwined so why they fuck can't they just let them kiss or show actual affection for each other just once? I really got sucker punched here because like an idiot I thought they were saving the kiss up for the last episode like a grand finale but nope. Just another case of a great anime that could have been something really special.
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what are you gay?
All I want is romance. Why can't these Japanese just take a fucking hint from Disney which by the way is more popular in Japan than anime and bring romance to anime? Do they think somebody is going to get mad at them?
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That is the real yuri. Normal yuri often don't involve kissing. Yuri‚Ȇlesbian

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Whats your favorite Nichijou segment?
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Wooden cubes.
Selamat pagi

Guys I think this fate might not be as good as the others
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There's not enough best Saber.
Jack is my daughterwife
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Hello Tomaru.

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Aren't skirts in Anime and Manga a little bit too short?
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Too long, actually
lmao ur gay
I need a good view of Madoka's cute tight ass

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I honestly think all Eva-Girls are the best tier waifus
But Rei is my favorite and not only that my only one
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thanks for letting us all know
I'm generally in agreement for the most part, my only exception is Ritsuko. She's a shit and nobody can convince me otherwise. That said, yeah the rest of the girls are on point in one way or another.
Ritsuko was alright until Anno through in the "Oh hold on I forgot to make her mentally fucked like everyone else, better overdo it"

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Why isn't you're waifu /fit/?
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Stop posting her
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How about no?
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but she is.

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What the fuck was this shit?
Is there anyone who genuinely liked this movie?
Or it is something only Japanese people will like for individual reasons?
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>watching shit that's clearly made for women

I suffered through Koe no Katachi and Kimi no na wa, not gonna even bother watching this. Pro tip: chick flicks are shit even if they're anime.
Kimi no na Wa was great...
Sure, a melodrama... but still fun to watch.
I'll admit, I didn't hate it. It had its moments, but it was still a dumb girl movie.

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ITT: Useless girls who will resort to doing JAVs to pay their rent one day
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Plot twist: Mai is the one who is producing it.
>pic unrelated
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Silent Voice >>> Your Name
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KnK wasn't even anything special. Yamada's worst work probably. Kimi no na wa was just shit.
Nope. Your Name had better animation, premise and actually delivered on the romance aspect.
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pic related >>>> all

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Page 04.png
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Let's do this
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Mine is decent right?
>naruto shit


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OPT - One Page Thread
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wot in tornation.jpg
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back street girls.png
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Name a series with a worse ending
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See? You can't.
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Was he justified in wanting to destroy the leaf village?
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Well the Hidden Leaf is to blame for the death of his entire clan so.
Yeah, imo.
No, he was just being a bitch.

I forgot just how stupid that plot point was, christ he really was an edge lord wasn't he?

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It got changed...
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