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Has there been any girls that actually beat the cock?
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every all-female cast anime with no self-insert male characters.
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You can't beat the cock, anon. Your only hope is to use the cock on them before they use it on you.
>cock is absent
>look everyone we totally beat him even though he wasn't around

Don't kid yourself Anon, the cock would take care of the entire cast in a single night.

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Left or right?
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I don't understand why everyone like boku no hero.
Seems like a blatant rip off of Naruto.
More like Shounen Tiger and Bunny with weaker characters and more hit or miss character designs.

I enjoy it, but not as much so as some people.
Left has no personality, and right is a spergo. I'd choose neither.

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Who is the worst Tsukihime and why is it Akiha?
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It's curry anon. Look, even in that image she has a spoon in her mouth, that's almost her entire character.

Kohaku>Hisui>Arcueid>Akiha>Aoko>Len>Sacchin>>> Literal shit>Curry.

I'm a male pajeet and without a doubt, its fucking Ciel. Even I don't like curry that much.

Akiha is the best.
My understanding is that Ciel's redesign in the remake is in order to repair her reputation and create wider appeal. I guess Takeuchi's decided that enough is enough. Being a meme is fine and all, but Ciel's basically the biggest meme character in TYPE-MOON right now.

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>the strongest guy in the school fights a girl
>loses and has to become her slave
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Name one anime that does this.
all of them

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What does /a/ think of Aho Girl?
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I don't watch crappy 5 minute shows.
She's cute.
big heart and little brain
I would play with her because I am lonely

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>show is called Gamers
>there's no games
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Chiaki a best.
I don't know what you're complaining about. The title is "Gamers", as in "people who play games". It is clearly about people who play games.
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You need the superior group of gaming degenerates show.

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Scanlation thread. What are you working on, /a/? Did you get anything done this weekend?
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I managed to get some typesetting done. I also need to buy a scanner.
Nothing. I'm waiting for more C92 scans to slowly come in before deciding to do anything.

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Umaru thread
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Wait, is that an actual shot from the anime? Is it just out of context?
That's the patented "Umaru Friendship Hold"
They are showing how hamsters reproduce, anon

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Let's draw the Opening.

Doesn't matter if you suck at drawing, just pick one (Post the Number here) and try.

Image size should be 640 x 480.

Images are here:

We will go into more Detail for some scenes like the Wall Jump from Deku in order to make it smoother. I will make more Threads for that later on.
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I'll take 156.
And i thought i could make a fun evening with this ;c
So what is this, a "let's reanimate the OP" thing?

Pic very related.

So, so many lazy plot points and amateur characterization happening here, in what could have been a really good story. And it seems like I'm always encountering these kinds of problems in anime. Is it really that hard or expensive to have the director sit down with a pen and paper and say "Okay, how can we make this good?" The cost of production would otherwise remain exactly the same. It's just that extra directive effort to make sure that the plotpoints aren't super hammy, that the characters have a little depth to them, that their actions and decisions make sense in a given circumstance. Why is that so hard?
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>Bomber head and his adventures
>Main girl was actually 4 years old
>Other guy ends up teaming up with the loli zombie
There were some novelties in that story.
Dunno, make a good anime yourself you arrogant fucking shit.
Yea that was the series strongpoint, definitely. It had some great characters. And there were some great and especially genuinely funny moments like pic related. The animation director had real chops for comedy. But beyond that, what can you say about the actual development of these characters in the story?

>Their motivations are shaky and don't make sense
>Plotpoints are often crudely nonsensical

For example, take a look at this:
>Main girl was actually 4 years old

You can tell this was a decision that was made after the beginning stages of the story had already been written. Because in her first scenes, she is portrayed as much more of an adult. Her first line is her coldly rejecting hammerhead's gentlemanly offer to help: "I've already found a guide." And her exchange with a drunken favaro when he asks for a kiss is also fairly adult like, if clueless. But it was necessary, to get her and favaro "together on adventure," to have her be completely dumb and oblivious to any kind sense. Otherwise the character motives and relationships would have had to have been more complex, and it was just easier to go the "Well she's just an idiot" route for the plot. So that's why she was then made into a literal child. But because of her initial scenes, this characterization is very confusing for quite a long time in the story, and confusing in a bad way. Not: "mysterious," just: "this doesn't make sense." And there's many things like that in this story. Just lazy writing.

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>no re zero episode today
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today, there wasn't an episode
I'll bang Felix tbqh

Anyone still watching it?
Why is he okay with the basketball girl touching him?
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Probably because she has pure thoughts. Germaphobia is psychological, so Aoyama mist have some kind of mental scar from what happened in the past that makes him hate human contact

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How are you holding up, Cheerios bros ? I'm tired of waiting desu
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S2 sucks
No episode this week?
File: im sorry.png (1MB, 1280x720px)Image search: [Google]
im sorry.png
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Next one is friday, that'll make three weeks of waiting

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This is Quetzalcoatl and she's your gf for tonight
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Can I keep her?
she has to go back

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The only thing Nadeko had going for her was her being "cute", an expectation mindlessly ingrained by her parents. By rendering herself not cute at all, she's free to pursue whatever she sees fit.

Also, she cannot hide behind a curtain of hair and act innocent as a coping mechanism no more. Quite the opposite, thanks to her giant fucking forehead.
Holy shit

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