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Thoughts on the Fate series?
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Trash. All of it. Garbage animation, awful plots and it takes itself too seriously.
Edgy autism.

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>watched seven episodes
this was perhaps the most mediocre series I have ever watched in my entire life.
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Then go back to your slice of life garbage.
>expecting every casual's AOTS to be good
Watched it to completion. It's basically a baby's first anime, people harp on about its themes like they're somehow deep and complex when it doesn't touch on anything that hasn't been addressed in other, better anime while not making up for this in originality, animation, writing, characters, world building, etc. It's just more overhyped mediocrity praised by low powerlevel faggots who are overly eager to hop on the dick of something. 5/10, you have better shows to watch off your backlog.

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Why do you love anime?
as in what specific things about anime makes you love anime.
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It helps me escape from reality.
Cute girls.
In what way? do you connect with the characters like real people or does it just feel good to watch it?

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Why cant rance get TV series?
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Shitty meme kusoge
Because he's a serial rapist?

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>Publisher declines second season despite overwhelming profits
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>publisher gets decent budget for second season
>takes second season in a completely different direction that completely fucks up the first season
>Quality is worse even with larger budget
fucking 2hu posters
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Are we ever going to get a horror anime that goes beyond 'kind of creepy' or that just resorts to lots of gore?

Is it even possible for anime to truly be scary, or is the disconnect between reality and 2D too much of a barrier?
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Was Another really that bad? I recall refraining from laughing when a "friend" of mine told me she was watching it. Seemed like she was really into it or something
>is the disconnect between reality and 2D too much of a barrier?
In my opinion it is.
I liked Another.
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>Is it even possible for anime to truly be scary
I honestly think it can't be truly scary.

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Reminder that if you watched this series, you are an old person now.

You wasted your youth on cartoons. Are you proud of yourself?
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>You wasted your youth on cartoons.
I didn't.
>Are you proud of yourself?
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This is now a dubs thread.

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osu osu no mi (push push fruit)
the user can instantly accelerate any object they are touching to an incredibly high speed in any direction of their choosing. the max speed an object can be pushed to is dependent on the length of time the user charges up the push, maxing out at around 5 seconds of concentration; and also the weight of the object in question i.e. a skilled user could project a bullet at, say, 200,000mph, a cannonball at 30,000mph or the cannon itself at 2000mph (not exact figures obviously just a rough idea), and huge heavy objects like ships or buildings could only be accelerated a little without a huge effort. the user can also push their own body, allowing effectively flight by repeatedly pushing themselves at a slight upward angle, and also specific body parts e.g. their forearm for a more powerful punch. the user can push their body more strongly than other objects, but runs the risk of severely injuring themselves if they are not strong and skilled enough, or use too much force. this power, like shiki's, does not work on other sentient beings until awakening, at which point the user can push any object within a certain radius around them, and can push the air molecules around themselves as well, which is not possible before awakening as prior to this the user must focus specifically on the object in order to apply the force
So Kuma's fruit?

The Sake-Sake Fruit aka an Alcohol Logia. I'm convinced that Vasco Shot already has this.

Basically, as an Alcohol Logia, you could ignite all your alcohol, let it evaporate so it dries up everything, or use it to badicallu poison your enemies. If even a drop gets on people's wounds, it would hurt like hell.

What's he always thinking about?
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What's he always thinking about?
"man I wish I had a dong like all the other Z-fighters.. I bet it would be massive"

"And green"

4chan reference? Xebec confirmed for bros
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First Hibike and now this.

I thought you guys said this was a secret club.
>it's a 4 leaf clover
>newfags think it's a 4chan reference
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She obviously got that shirt from a Lucky Charms box.

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>ugly as fuck
>meme octopus hair
>no concept of fashion sense in everyday life
>acts like insufferable bitch with other people except one girl
>tries to cosplay a turbo lesbian with that girl just because she wants to make one guy feel salt
>voiced by literally who and makes a stupid noises
Worst girl of the season or worst girl of the year?
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oh god
>wearing a shorts and t-shirt to date when other girl wears a dress and high heels
Really makes you think.

Anyone read the last chapter of Soremachi?

What the fuck.
I can't tell if I'm disappointed by how anticlimactic it was or bewildered with the ending statement.
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Wait, did Soremachi end?
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138 2.jpg
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The final chapter, 138, came out last week but isn't translated. I'll dump raws. If anyone could give a rough translation, that'd be great.
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138 3.jpg
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If Risa gets more doujins will she appear more?
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Raws out yet?
She seemingly got more appearances due to the Aoki Kanji doujins.

>slut who isnt a slut

american beauty
She's hot so it's okay.

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This qt steals 1000 yen from your wallet.

What do?
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Steal Kou's pudding and frame the qt
Ask to have it back and if she does not comply beat the shit out of her?

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New chapter from screenshot grill
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