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Dammit Mai just embrace your pedophilia already
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Mai is pure you filthy ningen
why is it ok when mai does it but not when edward cullen does it?
Because both characters are sluts passing as purefags.

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I can't be the only one who thought it was a condom, right?
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Anon, please calm your hormones when watching Non Non Biyori or at least masturbate to Hotaru before watching it
I assure you, I have not behaved in anyway that would sully the sanctity of Non Non Biyori. But that plastic object does resemble a condom.
Did ya'll never play with these when when ya'll were younger

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I'd go with

Drifters on OP - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVSNKn3YTew

Tiger Mask W on ED - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmq7RZOdCmY
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flip flappers has the best ED
This, it's not even a contest. Best ED of the year, let alone of the season.

Id go with fune wo amu for both.

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best-anime (1).jpg
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Is it just me, or is anime getting worse? Here are the best titles of every year (imo) in descending order.
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hello where are the mikoto
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>Wixoss and Log Horizon.
Is this chart serious.
Meme chart made by a tasteless normalfag. 2015 is all I had to look at.

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It's election season. Who will you ultimately vote for?
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Is there a single one person on that image that isn't into incest or the target of incest?
The mom?
You mean MILF

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TPN - c013 (1).jpg
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Let's see if Rai really is the traitor. WHo am I kidding, he is.
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TPN - c013 (4).jpg
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okay, so last time i was on here there was a whole bunch of butthurt about the artstyle in super.
>digital art garbage
and so on.
has this continued? or have people gotten over it yet because i really like DBS and would like to discuss.
please keep in mind, i only decided to start watching about a week ago and an about 40 eps in.
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use the catalog faggot
thanks for replying to my thread. it's nice to see such kind words from a stranger. did you enjoy the tourney between beerus and champa?
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Yes and No
your picture is comparing a movie panel to a filler retelling of the movie arcs.
Toei studio is over burdened with work and they're literally running a shitshow fiasco trying to finish episodes on a weekly basis.
Their budget is extremely low and is based in Toei Philippines where it's mostly interns working at a minimal wage in the industry. The key animators that are the backbone of the animation team's work is seen very rarely and you can tell it's excellent work when they do have their 2 or so minutes to shine.
Toei's key animators were working on the One Piece movie "Gold" and only recently actually got a budget increase for the Zamasu arc. (all after Toriyama voiced his distaste for the low quality animation)
All in all it's improving compared to episode 5 but at the end of the day, without proper storyboards from the source canon manga material to replicate for the TV adaptation it will never live up to our expectations.
With the new announcement that the manga will once again be ahead of the anime may mean that Toei will have more reference work and actually step up their game.

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What did she mean by this?
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It means she's lying and keeping secrets just like all women do.
fucking ntrposters

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Why do lolis wear such loose clothing?
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Tamako's little sister has really turned into a slut
isn't that Anko? She's a true semen demon loli. Would fuck with the force of a thousand suns.
When's episode 2 coming out?

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What is this show about?
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mosquito bites
Horrific cystic acne.
Chunni exercises.

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Used goods
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revy cockblocking4534.jpg
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the man or the woman?

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Looks like the 2nd half has been translated to KR so I'll translated that too.

First part here: >>149219319

1 shot? manga by Yamamoto Souichirou, who draws Takagi-san.
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>This is our home.


>Well come on in then.

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>Did you find Pocchi?

>Huh!? Who's that kid?

>Or rather, is she even human?

>We became friends earlier

>Appearances aside, she's apparently a Kaiju.

>A... Kaiju...

>Uh... Hey...
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>Okay, here we are.

>Make yourself at home.

>What's up?

>Am I... maybe being hated?

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Another catch up thread. SYD tomorrow as usual
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Waiting patiently for the dump.
Sorry about that. You fine with Imouto?
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Anyways, waiting to see if edit anon shows up.


A title with love

"The Pro baseball player 'Big Giant' Ooyamada has declared his retirement today"

"Do you gain something by having a title like that?"
"It has some affection to it, right?"

"Like, this seemingly interesting erotic haircut"

"She has the title 'female teacher'"
"Ahhh!! I got turned on three times more!"

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>that guy who calls Z-fighters "Zetto Senshi" even though he doesn't speak nip
We've all seen someone who does something like this. Can we just round these people up and stick them in a gas chamber or something?
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>We've all seen someone who does something like this
No we haven't.
As we speak there is a thread in the catalogue that uses the words "Shingeki no Kyojin" to refer to Attack on Titan.

>that kid who calls Zolo "Zoro"

>draw a Hifumi
>call it Aoba
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Which New Game would be the best at keijo?
They cant keep getting away with this
>draw a Hifumi
literally who

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