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It really saddens me that Lupin 2015 isn't that good.

Every episode I've watched so far is about a one-off character who we will never see again. I just want it to be about Lupin committing elaborate heists and Zenigata going "MATTE RUPAN!"

On the brightside, at least this is better than that shitty Fujiko series.
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I forgot this came out.
same here. I watched the first episode a year ago, forgot about it, then just recently downloaded a convenient batch release with all the episodes.
>this is better than that shitty Fujiko series.

At least we got the Jigen's Gravestone OVA out of that, which is the best Lupin in decades.

/sp/ here

what was JoJo like before the anime? because this anime has created a toxic cesspool that has gone too fucking far with the shit memes.
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Exactly the same as it was before the anime only most of the sperging retards were japanese, so you didn't see them.
Still kind of annoying. Jojofags really have always tried putting their shit in everything, that I can confirm. But since the community was so small, it never amounted to much.
can't be worse than this thread

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>one of the best season in years
>everything except fujobait, Working and Hibike is going to flop
Why is Japan so harsh?
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Because in Japan anime is much more mainstream and those who buy BDs are faggots with mainstreamer taste (but still not mainstream).
because you didn't believe hard enough.
The same reason quality shows do well in America, while shows like NEW HOUSEWIVES OF _________ and Kardashians make billions

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Is Ryuuko a virgin?
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No, she lost her virginity to Satsuki.
Scissoring with another girl does not count as losing your virginity any more than sticking a carrot up your ass would count.
Satsuki has a dick.

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after being beaten to the core
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It can't, she's too strong.
Simple, fuck the boy until he's your bitch
>fuck the boy
What boy?

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>muh gender twist

I'm fucking tired of it. I was reading a manga with a revenge/mystery plot of a boy taking revenge for his father and suddenly guys start to molest him, then chapters later when I becamse used to the faggots, mc turns up to be a fucking girl.
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one man's garbage is another man's treasure.
as in, that gets me hard

source? google isn't delivering.
Too bad its very fucking popular. Gender bending of some kind or the other is anyway. Its a part of Japanese culture in a way you'll never understand.
Look up onnagata.
Find another hobby if you're pissed and atleast be thankful they don't treat gender like the western world has begun to.

I love that it triggers a lot SJW fans. I don't really care one way or another about it. Sometimes I enjoy the change other times it's just meh.

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Why does Alibaba have to suffer so much?
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flip the pictures you cunt
Because being Alibaba is suffering.

Because Sinbad is a cunt and needs to be put down like a dog.

The closest an anime has come to being Shakespearean.
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....Are you....comparing Re:Zero .....to Shakespeare?
Just remembered why i stopped browsing /a/ in 5 minutes of returning
popular != quality

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cripled and cucked.png
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>gets cucked out of 15 years of his life
>awakens just to see that main girl got cucked away from him by his trap friend who was gay for him when they were 11
>literally all cute childhood friends are already taken
>he probably has to settle for underage Airi who's still what, 17 by the end of all this?
>who am I kidding he'll probably settle to suck Kenya dick if we're completely honest here

Why was this show so popular again? I've heard people are even comparing this with Steins;Gate so am I missing something crucial here?
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Is it really that fun using that dumbass meme word constantly?

Fuck off
>Erased threads before the ending
Actual discussion of the show

>Erased threads after the ending

Seriously is this like a hen house or something?
The show's ending sucked and there's nothing more to discuss except how badly the manga and live action version will turn out.

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Would you fight for your Archdyke?
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no, she's incompetent. her military command is incompetent. her country is a lost cause.

t. Gayzer
At least she's a cool and charismatic incompetent.

>Sexiest character in the anime is the loli

I'm not a lolicon but this seems to be happening a lot recently what is up with Japan?
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>I'm not a lolicon
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Probably because lolis are sexy
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>I'm not a lolicon
Sure thing bud.

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Your waifu is now a wheelchair. What do you doß
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Break my legs so I can sit on her forever.
kill myself
Another worthless thread by a kraut.

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A-1 (Granblue Fantasy, Ao no Exorcist 2, Demi-chan)
KyoAni (Dragon Maid no Kobayashi-san)
DEEN (KonoSuba 2, Rakugo 2, Super Lovers 2)
Trigger (Little Witch Academia)
Silver Link (ChäoS;Child, Masamune-kun's Revenge)
Madhouse (ACCA)
Gonzo (Akiba's Trip)
Doga Kobo (Gabriel DropOut)
Lerche (Scum's Wish)
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Kuzu no Honkai will be fucking glorious.
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>Super Lovers 2
>Rakugo 2

Fuck yeah.

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Why didn't Shinichi tap this yet?
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the whole "she can break concrete pillars" thing
the stronger the better
Literally looks like a man.

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Remember when KyoAni was good?
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