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What the fuck is this faggots problem?
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dealing with crazy women at work all day
He eat shit twice.
The chocolate contained LSD.

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So in goblin slayer, rape victims enter the temple. Why? Why not train to get revenge?
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The same reason you're in 4chan and not being successful out there
Because mental trauma, Archbishop managed to overcome it and became a gold ranked hero, but she still paralyze in fear when gibs are involved.
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fuck you.jpg
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Let us psychoanalyze Miyazaki. Is he really an artist who suffers because anime is actually bad nowadays, or a jealous fuck who is upset that he has had little to no relevance within the world of anime and no one listens to him?
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He's the most revered living director in the world of anime. People actually working in the industry near universally respect and admire him. Only autists on 2chan and 4chan hate him.
Why would he be jealous to begin with? He's just sad.
He's a guy fueled by genuine passion, who really lets his interests shine through in his works, and he's frustrated at the paint-by-numbers, boilerplate approach to contemporary anime.

It's not like he was alone, whatwith people like Kon or Anno sharing similar sentiments.

I mean, there's not much you can do when TV anime is basically loss after loss subsidized by a big hit.

But it's gotta be frustrating for the guy behind such major highlights of the medium to witness anime become "Japanese Peter Parker saves a mysterious girl, attends high school and some other bullshit happens"

The addition of these creatures called "lolis" nearly always improves an anime. Why is this? What's their secret?
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The sweetest eyecandy.
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They warm your heart.

You ever been to the top, anon?
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Only with some Tokyo boys & girls
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I did, but now I'm back on the rocks.

So is the 'The Great Passage' also a metaphor for Majime's upcoming life and relationships as well as the dictionary he's making?
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It's a metaphor for your asshole.
It's a pretty good metaphor then.
I bet she loves anal.

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From what I can gather one of these girls is a lesbian. The other two have had sex with each other.
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There was only breastfeeding, no actual sex involved. Please, anon.

What is foreplay?
It was platonic.

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Would Fremy be a good mother?
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Of course. She's kind and caring and will protect her own children with her gun.
Furemi is too good for this world.
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How do we even spell her name at this point.

Also someone please tell me, are the LN's worth reading? I want more Fremy and Adlet sweetness

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>tfw no anime about greatest empire ever to exist
What history period would you like to see in anime /a/?
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1933-1945 europe like everybody else
It would just be filled with a bunch of squishy lolis, though.
Could you handle watching a little moe Caesar getting stabbed with a wooden knife?

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And that you enjoyed when discovered them
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Only the first part was enjoyable, as soon as they get to present day it turns to shit.
rosario vampire manga when the story time anon started it
Probably not that obscure, but I don't even remember how I discovered the tower of druaga and why I started watching it.

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This is a german bat.
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Are you sure?
I thought she was French.
100% certain she is Italian
She knew how to cook a french dish, but the French aren't known for being naturally blonde. From her looks alone, I'd say she's nordic, but that doesn't match the lore. The most likely possibility is that she's German.

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>stop forcing Baki threads
Fuck you, you're not my real dad

I'm sorry that this is yet another weird/pointless skip in translations, but I had time on my hands, I don't like the fact that the gap between our translations and the current chapters keeps increasing, and this chapter had virtually no redraws. To that end, I don't intend to put this chapter on Batoto until we're caught up (because people will bitch about the gap), so save these pages if you want to have em. iku yo
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Movie just grossed 2 billion, on its way to beat Madoka Rebellion and then Girls and Panzer. Can it be considered a success?
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Why is he raising his arm up like that?
It already beat Rebellion
This is very important, /a/.
Because it made like 19 million dollars, it means that it's extremely good, /a/.

19 million dollars is almost like 20 million dollars.

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I was not expecting to be treated in lesbian card games of all places.
Wasn't he a girl originally?

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Do you remember to Beatoriche-sama?
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Beatrice-sama is in all our hearts
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Dlanor best girl

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