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S2 when? We all know it's coming sooner or later.
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If there is a god, never.
Right after P&S S2`

S1 was bad enough.

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Why do people like this and hail as "le greatest comedy evaah lololo".
I don't get it.
It's not funny, it's just really dry, flat, random skits.

Even Sugita doesn't carry it.
He makes it bearable to watch at best.
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It's painfully unfunny, but underagers love this type of trash.
/a/ loved it ever since it came out.
We had threads like every day of how funny this shit was.
But then they kind of stopped slowly.
It's basically the Nichijou's retarded toddler cousin.
>le greatest comedy evaah lololo
you are a huge faggot

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Middle schoolers are the sexiest.
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What a slut, showing off her forehead like that.
and no one will call you a pedophile

They will, they just won't be correct.

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Knock knock knocking on hikki's door.

What did you think of Welcome to the NHK? Was it funny to you, or really depressing?
Did watching it change your ways, or reinforce them?
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It's both honestly, most of it bordering on dark comedy. I was years passed being a NEET when I saw it but I still felt the feels. Would recommend the manga over the anime if not for the music, which is tremendous. I have both soundtracks in regular rotation.
Agreed. It's dark comedy, but some parts just hit too close to home and left me feeling really depressed.
The OST is fucking amazing though, nothing quite like it
Posting my two favourite OSTs


This series just gives me such a melancholic feeling.

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>[HorribleSubs] Natsume Yuujinchou Go - 05 [720p].mkv
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Thanks, but I'll wait for commie.
Badass youkai.
Really good ep.

Better than the last two. Ep 2 still reigns for pulling at heart strings.

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Why does /a/ hate wish fulfillment stories?
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MT's prose was fucking shit
Because as we grow into more cynical adults we realize our wishes as such will never be fulfilled, so the schadenfreude from seeing others suffer and experience pain and despair in more realistic settings is the fulfillment of our adult experience.

Or something.
Because they don't fulfill my wish. I just want an anime about a boy who is turned into a girl and seduced by an alpha lesbian who makes him choose to stay a girl and become her wife.

This is Kirin-chan. Quick say something nice to her while she's looking at you
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Stonking great tits.
The hell are you gawking at, weirdo?

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Why is she so sexy even though she looks like a kid?
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Because she looks like a kid
what is she from

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Overrated Shit.jpg
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Is 2016 THE year for Overrated Shit?
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It's not overrated when it actually delivers. Stop overexaggerating.
Is 2016 THE year for faggot OPs?
Even if you're right
You must be new to anime. Every year is the year for overrated shit.

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We're getting a lot of Lupin shit.

>Discotek releasing collection 1 of Lupin III part II on DVD in December which is up for pre-order now
>collection 2-4 will be released in 2017
>Discotek is also releasing In memory of Walther P-38 on a Blu Ray + DVD combopack in 2017
>Discotek just announced they will be releasing Lupin III Part IV on DVD and Blu Ray in 2017
>It will have subs and the long awaited English dub which will feature the voices of the classic adult swim dub with the exception of Zenigata
Trailer here

So much Lupin love, we owe Discotek a lot. Discuss Lupin.
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Should also mention Return the Treasure will be released only on DVD within the next few months or so.
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Wow. I forgot to mention a theatrical film starring Goemon will be out in theaters in February. It is a sequel to the Fujiko Mine Series and Jigen's Gravestone

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What does /a/ think of my wife Aoba?
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She┬┤s all-right.
She's cute.
OP's pic is literally my fetish fuel

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Overall is this a good read?
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yeah its alright, author kinda fucks it up in the middle for a while.
It's pretty good, I read it every winter since I already feel shitty during that time. Seasonal affective disorder sucks
its fucking great but /a/ will call you a pleb for liking it

retro or pre 2000s anime thread?
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how much longer must I wait until that's subbed?
We were abandoned.
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the oldest and best oldfag shows I've seen.

Why are girls who used to be boys always the best girls?
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Probably cause you're a faggot.
If you became a cute anime girl, who would you want to be your VA?
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Why are girls who used to be boys who also have twin tails always the best girls?


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What is the best time loop?
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Majora's mask.
The one where the time loop is created by the villain in a futile attempt to escape fate.
Where is The Stanley Parable?

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