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>3 episodes in
>the whole show seems like random 2deep4u for the sake of it
what the fuck /a/ does this actually ever get good or have I been memed?
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what show is this
What, too deep4u?

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Don't shove things in peoples' faces, anons. It's not polite.
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My Objectively Superior Taste.png
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I'd shove my face in Cerea's things, if you get my meaning.

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>That period in the early 2000's when Anime was starting to get more mainstream exposure and every other faggot company was trying to copy the aesthetic in some way to get dumb kids to buy there shit

Boy am I glad that's over
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thanks for the suicide bait anon
this is why you never mix 3DPD with 2D, ever
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What was her fucking problem?
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she was a fucking slob that's what she was
She needed the D from underage boys
alcoholism, for example

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Emilia >>> Claire
Not a bitch
Silver hair
Cool multi-purpose Hundred
Houki bitch clone
Ugly twin drills

Right is superior.
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Emilia was the only reason to watch Hundred

Post girls who got pregnant by the MC. Also the girl in the pic is Kirishima Haruko from Monku no Tsukeyou ga Nai Love Comedy.
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Okay op, I'll bite. Is this a good mango?
>OP even gives the sauce
Just read it.
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>Not "having"

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Muh dick. Another semen demon joins the party. How long with our hero insist on holding back?
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"Our" hero refused to fuck the childhood sweetheart that loves him and he loves back, who he legally married, in a cozy inn in a fucking fantasy land with pegasus and dragons and shit, an act which one should remember would give him greater powers to save the world, because "the time and place wasn't right".

This fucker isn't herbivorous, he's a fucking vegetable. He is a sterile homosexual and I hope he dies alone after watching the demon king take over the world and marry his wives and have children with every last one of them.
New Ookami chapter when?
This purity meme has become too much.

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remind me again, why do we hate SAO?
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Land of the Fairies.
Confused framing devices.
You should be able to figure this out for yourself.
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The characters are bland and, aside from Kirito, have absolutely no agency on the plot. They're defined by their relation to Kirito and have no real character of their own to set them apart. If you were to try and describe one of the characters without saying what they look like, what they wear, or what their profession or role in the show was, you'd find you couldn't get very descriptive, if at all.

How was the government unable to figure out how to stop a helmet from microwaving people's brains 10 years in the future when we there are ways to accomplish this in the present day?

How did Kirito have the programming knowledge to program an entirely new item into the game when the only thing they ever list to attempt to explain this in any way is that his parents are programmers and that he built his own computer? This is supposed to take place 11 years in the future and building your own computer is common place today, why would this suddenly give him extensive programming knowledge? Not to mention he was able to program said item in seconds using a moderator terminal in the game and did absolutely no 3D rendering? How was this item saved to Kirito's helmet and still showed up to everyone in the game when it's essentially explained as a mod and then carried over as a completely different item in a different game?

How did Kirito beat the programming of a game with willpower? He prevents his avatar from dispersing, something that should have happened immediately, and caused an AI in the game to go rogue through the power of his and Asuna's love. All of these things are supposed to be working within the confines of real world programming unless otherwise stated. Despite how much this tries to be, it isn't a fantasy anime, it's Sci-Fi. They established rules and broke them, power of love may work with magic and that nonsense, but it doesn't work in a show taking itself way too seriously and based in programming.
Was "trapped in a mmo" genre a mistake?

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>open your trunk
>find this

Wat do?
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>implying I open the package
Have you never seen Transporter?
huh i knew there was something funny about my corolla, but i wonder why my key works for this car too....ey miss do you know where my car is?

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Anime is losing its way? what was the last thing that you unironically enjoyed since Kill la Kill?
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Yes it is, except for KyoAni
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Anime hasn't created a better girl since 2013
Flying Witch was good.
I also enjoyed New Game, but it's probably not that good objectively.
For winter season, Grimgar was good, and it was not the only one, I also enjoyed other anime at times, for example Erased and even Dimension W.

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>[HorribleSubs] Haikyuu!! S3 - 05 [720p].mkv

Get hype negroes
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The OP is shit
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4MB, 334x334px
It's definitely inferior to Fly High, but there are worse OPs out there this season.
Your taste is shit.

>[HorribleSubs] Bungou Stray Dogs - 18 [720p].mkv
Get in here.
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I'm actually getting sick of these irregular releases.
I hate having 0 prep time for discussion and having unexpected episodes to watch.
I can live with 2 Bungou eps per week
This episode was so edgy.

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Everything would be better if it was drawn by RAITA.
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Every sex would be better if it were performed by your mother.
you forgot to sage, don't repeat this
don't see any doujins of Raita doing this, sadly.

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>[Before becoming mangaka]

- Togashi's parents managed a company which sold papers, painting tools, stationery and manga magazines. His father's hobby was drawing.

- When Togashi was around 6 years old, he used to draw many of his original heroes and monsters.
When he was around 8 years old, he was inspired by one of his friends whose hobby is drawing manga. They showed their mangas with each other.

- When Togashi was in junior high school, he was fully attracted by some Shoujo mangas whose essential was Shounen manga-ish such as Mineo Maya's manga.

- Since then, he started reading "Urusei Yatsura" and learned how to attract female audience.
Togashi thought he was suitable for Shoujo manga although his favorite manga genre was Shounen manga.

- Togashi was going to become a junior high school art teacher, but gave up right after he started his internship.
This was because he was afraid that his own words might influence students directly.

- The reason Togashi was going to become a teacher was that he thought he would not be able to work in the same way as normal adults did.
Shaving and wearing a business suit every day is what Togashi considered impossible for him. He was afraid of living a life outside school.
After he gave up working as a teacher, he had no choice but to work as mangaka.
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- In 1986, Togashi's hype was skyrocketing when he was selected as one of the finalists in a famous manga audition, Hop Step Award.

- When he was a college student, his editor said to him, "Even if you end up not being able to succeed as mangaka, you have an alternative choice to live as a teacher".
After this statement, Togashi got more serious in drawing manga and dropped out of a college. Then he moved to Tokyo aroud 1989.

- When moving, he suffered a trouble about his household goods not arriving his house for a week. Togashi had no choice but to sleep on the floor.

- He couldn't afford to buy a single desk, so he used a drawer as desk when drawing manga. Togashi said it was painful since his legs couldn't put under the drawer. lol

- Togashi was about to run out of his bank deposit. He felt really relieved to hear that Shueisha decied to make a serialization of his manga.
[After becoming professional mangaka]

- The first manga serialization for him was Ten de Showaru Cupid ("An Ill-tempered Cupid in Heaven"). It became pretty famous, but it finished earlier than expected (chapter 32).
Togashi now regrets that he should have prepared a rough plot till the finale before serialization.

- 2-3 months after finishing his first serialization, new ideas for next manga came to his mind one after another. Then He started Yu Yu Hakusho soon.

- Togashi dsecided to focus on the occult and battle in Yu Yu Hakusho since both of them were his favorite genres.

- Editor told him that Toagshi is good at creating a story. Togashi was glad to hear that, but at the same time,
he thought it wasn't enough in order to maintain great popularity for more than 30 chapters. That's why Yu Yu Hakusho turned into battle manga and made a great success.

- Editors in Shueisha consider it is one of the greatest role models to turn a manga which ends in each single story into battle manga.
The role model for Togashi was "Kinnikuman" ("Muscle Man"). It started as comedy manga and then turned into battle manga, which
Togashi believes can entertain shounen in terms of both surprise and excitement.
- One year after he finished Yu Yu Hakusho in 1994, Togashi suggested his editor that he would like to draw manga that would NOT become much popular.
This is because he wanted to show various aspects of his personality as mangaka to his audience.
Togashi believed he had already drawn traditonl Shounen manga to the best of his ability in Yu Yu Hakusho.

- Togashi also told his editor that he would start traditional manga again after he finished "Level E". Editor accepted it.

- In "Level E", Togashi was going to finish stories in each chapter, but Prince Baka (stupid prince) became popular as opposed to his expectations.
Thus, he decided to make Prince Baka the protagonist of Level E. The prince had complicated personality which always went beyond everyone's imagination, so Togashi had difficulty in creating a story.

- Having finished Level E, Togashi started Hunter Hunter. He keeps in mind that he should change his style in each arc so that his audience can be surprised.

- Togashi considers character's personality is sometimes important than story. The ending of Chimera Ant arc was not what he expected at first.
He makes a simulation about how his characters will talk with each other and take an action in specified situations, which allows his audience to feel as if his characters really exist.

- Togashi loves professional slang. For example, his characters call "turn over" when they visit websites.
Also, he shows detailed concept of Nen as if it exists as some kind of martial arts in real world.

Why is she so sexy even though she is only 14?
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it's a
She's sexy because she's 14.

12 is better, though.

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