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Kill la kill was 3 years ago
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ur waifu a shit and so's ur thread
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ryuko best waifu
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>not Satsuki

>Almost 2017
>Still unsurpassed
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Yuri is shit.
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It's a good story. PA Works 2nd best original story but I gotta say when it comes to deep, thought stimulating masterpieces, it's no Hyouka.
Usurpassed in what? It was pretty good, but nothing remarkable

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Why is Mami so weak minded? If she would have kept sane she could have helped against Walpurgis.
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she died first once against walpurgis
That didn't end well in the first timeline.
Would you keep sane if you discovered your fate to become a witch? I don't think so.

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ITT: literally whos
If you get a you, you lose
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Nice tattoo.

Very rare on animu gurls...

>people will forget about Re:Zero after it airs they said

How does it feel to be completely wrong /a/?
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>a subsection of a subsection of /a/ is the entirety of /a/
How does it feel to be completely retarded OP?
>I'll post a thread to prove my nonsensical point
How does it feel to be a faggot, OP?
>it's now a cancerous general

Good job.

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>removing honorifics
>reversing the name order
>translating tsundere to hot and cold
>translating anime to cartoons

Why are 90% of subbers so incompetent?
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Hahaha, retarded EOP. I never understand this complaint because I always watch anime raw.
I wonder why the decisions we made to translate some things and not others.

Why did we get "as expected" instead of sasuga but we got "tsundere" instead of hot and cold.
I would raws, but I can't find anywhere to watch them that doesn't require me to download.

So I just finished watching Death Note for the first time ever. Yeah, I know I'm way late to the party. Can we get a comfy discussion thread going on?
>Why was it so bad post-L?
>Plot holes
>Why is Amane Misa so perfect?
>Should I just consider ep25 the cannon ending and forget the rest even happened?
>Are any of the movies or live action stuff worth watching at all?

I did like the overall drama of the final episode. My heart broke a little when Ryuk took Yagami's life.
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Well, for one, L was a lot more developed as a character. We saw his methods in more detail and also saw the results.

Mello and Near were supposed to be this awesome detective team but neither of them got time to develop. Near's plan was revealed in the final episode, which made him seem really smart, and I suppose it was necessary to conceal it from the viewers till then to make the wow factor more prominent, but it ended up in making him look mediocre for most of the time. Mello didn't have much screen time at all.
It was adressed in Bakuman or at least I think that's what's being referenced there. Reversi was death note. It should've ended earlier but they were forced to extend it.
Although I liked the second part. Light winning just like that would've been very anticlimatic.

If you want a plothole, it would've been Near's team checking the death note at the bank. It's a bank. And that was the very base for Near winning. Also, the third death note. Why would Ryuk steal it from that shinigammi?
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Post more Amane Misa desu.

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Let's read those masterpieces.
>inb4 Keit-Ai
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Rito from TLR and Touma from Raildex swap places for a day.
Imagine punching somebody so hard that they turn into a door.
Then you found out that's where ALL doors come from, and you got initiated into a murder club that makes doors. The stronger you punch, the better the door. So there are like super strong murderers who punch people into Venetian doors and shit.
>yuri schoolgirl anime
>has actual, undeniable yuri romance
>girls all pair up, confessions happen, dates occur, and they even kiss
>one day one of the girls is missing
>found out that she 'became straight' and got herself a boyfriend
>the girl's 'girlfriend' as devastated and the yuri group was outraged that she betrayed the purest form of love and confronted her
>ex-lesbian apologize for not saying anything and explained that she had grown out of the phase and then announced that she's officially leaving the group.
>eventually one by one the girls realized what the 1st leaver said was actually true
>many years later, the original yuri group reunited, married with husbands and have kids
>they reminisce the good old days and laughed at how yuri was silly and was just a phase in their teenage life

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where are we going, anon?
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Cucumber store.

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the dwarves did this.jpg
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What do demons even do with all that semen?
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It feels wrong that you used Marcille for this kind of thread.

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Mai Kawakami.jpg
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>Age: 16
>Height: 168cm
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Most 16 years olds are fully physically developed, especially girls.
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Looked it up and it turned out she have sister, if it was mentioned in show I missed it

>Age 12-13
>Mei is a young girl with long, wavy blonde which she has tied into long twintails tied with pink ribbons decorated with a skull. Just like her sister, she has violet eyes and a two beauty marks under her eye.
Even 12 year olds can already be as tall as adults.

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>writes and draws her own doujin
>knows programming
>flat butt and chest yet sexy as fuck
>two chou kawaii imouto
>plays console and PC games
>incredible personality
>can cosplay with class
>humble poorfag and class-conscious
>voiced by best voice actress in the anime adaptation
How can literal perfection be second best girl, /a/?
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because /a/ is incest
>voiced by best voice actress in the anime adaptation
Let's not get carried away here.
You genuinely prefer Ayana over Kana? I can't even imagine any of the other actresses being in competition for best. I'm a big Kana fan despite being a Kirinofag.

What? When did /a/ acquire good taste? Source?

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Yes, a masterpiece of shit.
Episode 15 and 18 are the best episodes in the last 5 years

Nothing you say can change this fact

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Episode 11, these are fantastically animated.
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What digimon is that?
But the VA is avtually pitiful
Shitty animation.

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I still cant get over her death
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Fuck. You. Put the title and the spoiler
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Kinda your fault if you don't know by now..
I'll never forget her. Kind of an asshole move to die alone.

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