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We're getting a lot of Lupin shit.

>Discotek releasing collection 1 of Lupin III part II on DVD in December which is up for pre-order now
>collection 2-4 will be released in 2017
>Return the treasure DVD will be released the same time as the 1 Red Jacket collection (by discotek of course)
>Discotek is also releasing In memory of Walther P-38 on a Blu Ray + DVD combopack in 2017
>Discotek just announced they will be releasing Lupin III Part IV on DVD and Blu Ray in 2017
>It will have subs and the long awaited English dub which will feature the voices of the classic adult swim dub with the exception of Zenigata
Trailer here
>lets not forget the theatrical Goemon film that will be a sequel to the Fujiko Mine series and Jigen's Gravestone which will be released in theaters in February

Who's getting everything?
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Cover of the Red Jacket Set 1
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Goemon film poster
Stop shitposting. It's a Lupin thread so I'm kindly telling everyone about all the Lupin related things that are coming out.

Also please have sex and stop acting like a spastic child.

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power of henna.jpg
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I've been wondering, are there any anime/manga where the power of friendship failed to save the day?
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Count of Monte Cristo?

DRRR, shit gets fucked up because of powers of friendship
Didn't help Guts much 'till it was shoved down his throat.
endless eight

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Hopefully it won't be like the Sailor Moon reboot thing or something where they try to 'modernize' it with rotascoping etc.
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Guess we add it to list of skeptical upcoming projects that will come out in 2017 such as FLCL or Legend of the Galactic Heroes.
I have no hopes or expectations.
The manga had a sequel didn't it?

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how do you feel about people lewding your waifu, fapping to her, calling her a slut, etc?
how do you feel about gangbang/rape doujinshi of her?
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Them thoughts shouldn't even be on your mind OP.

Nice meme.

Sticks and stones.

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It's Sae's birthday today!

Say something nice to her.
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Something nice.
I started to find her very pretty.
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What did Sae mean by this?
Please respond Saellner.

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smug slut.jpg
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Any good doujins of Pacifica and her brothers having a threesome? This series is turning to be way better than I expected.
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Didnt she ended with the stupid knight and i think her brother ended with 3girls
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Very little good doujins of scrapped princess I'm afraid.

You are better just playing Brave Soul and pretending.
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Zefiris got the best ending from what I remember.

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Retired female animator of PA says she was collected 6k yen a month to use her desk
and her salary was 67k yen a month.
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She had to pay to use her desk?
thank you for letting us now

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/a/ what made him so iconic?
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He's like a fusion between Goku and Vegeta except that he gets the job fucking done unlike them.
green hair
Retards with shit taste

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>lithe, weak body with just enough curves to make you horny
>lewd dog collar and bandages that brings thoughts of bondage and ryona
>erotic thigh high that draws your eye to the naughty black panties under her very short skirt
>loose gown that could be pulled off in a single tug
>habit of being completely defenseless after an attack

Why is Megumin so molestable?
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>weak body

she's stronger than kazuma
that's what the legendary founder had in mind when he genetically engineered their clan
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There is little if any correlation between frailty and combat ability when it comes to animu shit.

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Is this the saddest moment in history of anime?

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No, watch more anime
Babbby's first sad moment
I don't remenber how I reacted the first time I watched this scene.
Now I really don't care about Nina.

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Episode 3 column translated by based Akatsukin:
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Mari Okada.jpg
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Best girl.
Is the anon that was adding the pictures from TT's site to the pastebin script still at it? It made it a lot easier to follow.
>opponent 2 Clothes
>ARC motherfucking AURA

>Baroque Defense

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doki doki.jpg
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>ywn play ping pong with her
why live
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Why are they so sweaty tho?
File: doki sweat.png (300KB, 700x396px)Image search: [Google]
doki sweat.png
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because doki doki make Koyori tired
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hoku hoku.jpg
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This show is fun

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Gonna dump the new chapter, we're in volume 3 now, which is the last volume.

Ichizon/Seizon thread.
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This was a lot better than I thought it was. Natsuki is best girl. S2 when?
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Himeragi a shit.
Threadly reminder.
Forgot to add the 2nd best girl.
probably after himeragi's va shits out her shame baby

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Thoughts on this shitty overused font?
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You can always pick a different one: http://prettyanonymo.us/index.php/scanlation-resources/
Anyone who uses WildWords and MouthBreather only are terrible editors.
overused =/= shitty
People trying to be """""creative"""""""" and putting random unreadable fonts just to be different are the worst.

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