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You can wait for Commie though
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How are the current subs? Might wait for commie
Made by the LN fantranslator, they're good.
Looks fine for me. It's Nisio so subs will never be good enough

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You mean female hyena are futas and its even larger.

So does that mean that the concept of futanari is based on hyenas?
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Stop Lanka bullying!
when will Lanka stop shrinking?
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It's not vegemite that makes Australians strong.

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So, just how strong is Gilgamesh and why?
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Weaker than Saitama.
He's not really that strong at all. He is just really powerful
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Melvin fucking dies.jpg
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Galaxy Buster

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Say something nice about Naruto.
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At least its not One Piece
His eye's are alright I guess.
He's optimistic. Perhaps too much for his own good sake.

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What did /a/ think about the ending to the anime Pokémon XY&Z?

Was it what you expected?
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Serena: Ash, you are my goal. And next time we meet I'll become a more attractive woman.

What did she mean by this?
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too bad ash becomes retarded in the next region

Is the fighting in Grappler Baki practical?
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Yes and no.
It's practical for people made of tightly strung-together steel cables, not actual human beings. A lot of the things they do would ruin your body trying to pull off, but they're not even really human so it works.

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The last volume will be leaked and scanned soon.

What do you guys think we'll see in the extra pages?
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Previous thread.
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It cant get any better, so it'll just get worse.
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I disagree. We can find out what happened to some of the characters left out of the final two chapters. We might even get some information on the kids.

I have high hopes for the volume.

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Literally only making a thread to post this webm.
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need dragon ball sound
Dem butt gatling.

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How much do you love WataMote?

Yoshida best girl.
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>Yoshida best girl.
Good taste
>best watamote girl
>not Komi-something
Well, it can't be helped.
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I was not previously informed of how cute she is.
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get hit by a train you mong
that's rude!
Get the fuck out of here Mayuri I'm sick to fucking death of your braindead antics. By the way I ate your chicken, it didn't even enjoy it that much.

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katia lise release.jpg
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Martyrs is finally here. Celebrate and post if you got any!
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Does she find happiness?
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kiirke and anette release.jpg
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Are you just going to stand there with your mouth gaping like a dumb fish, or are you going to return the LT's salute?

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I'm a shapeshifter
Chained down to my core
Please don't take off my /ai/ - Idle Activities
My place to hide
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Is this the thread where we pay our respects to both Koharu and Rola?
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How is your coloring going, /ai/? We still have A2 open if any anon who missed their chance to claim a square still wants to join in on the fun!

Zip with each individual square: https://mega.nz/#!2B9g1aaL!2WgvvhgCZDXh2j6HurgDFiYAkgJQt1FWYfjqqBR1TvI
Previous coloring projects: http://imgur.com/a/aDhUk
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lukewarm idle.png
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>Nep thread right before I'm off tp bed
Where's justice in this nepless world?
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>Where's justice in this nepless world
Fucking dead

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ear blushings.jpg
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Why doesn't Japan do ear blushing more often?

Its either some lines on the cheeks, or they fill everything from the neck up with red.

A girl turning red on the ears is so much more expressive.
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faggot mc
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Kekkon Yubiwa Monogatari.jpg
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This, he's had the opportunity to fuck all those girls multiple times. I hope he gets NTR'd and forced to suck the cum out of each girl's snatch.
Not many authors bother with such fine details.

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