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Latest chapter of Worlds End Harem out, looks like #3 is modeled after the typical 4chaner.
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keep telling yourself that, loser.
#1 is modeled after the alpha frog meme
#2 is the MC modeled after gary stu
#3 is modeled after that feel guy
This manga is really bad. This could of made a great hentai.

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I always assumed they were supposed to be white.
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this self hating must trigger nips
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Look at the names of the characters. That's your answer
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ITT: Awful trash people only defend out of nostalgia
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i'm slowly playing the first dot.hack game
I defend it for the yuri
>trapped in a MMO show
>no animation budget for fighting
>have long drawn out conversations instead with panning images of the characters and backgrounds
>if the characters are in a dungeon, lead by seeing them swing a sword once
>proceed with eight minute conversation as they stand in place

Nobody defends this.

Huh? What are you staring at, faggot?
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Rinne is such a fascinating character.
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your tricep
just mirin bruh

Macross Delta was AOTY
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Re:Zero was better.
Bananya is AOTY material.

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Assuming I watched both anime seasons of Kaiji, am I good going straight into Part 3 of the manga?
I heard the anime is a very faithful adaptation of the first two parts but I wanted to make sure.
Also Kaiji thread.
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>go to /a/
>be reminded that Kaiji S3 will never ever happen
The second movie bombed so the third movie never got made and the anime was riding on the free advertising of the movies since the anime itself was unprofitable and basically bombing hard.
Add to this the composer being busted for having pot and going to jail for 7 years minimum, we're fucked.

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I just want more FKMT anime in my life.

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What is her agenda?

Try to think of something more complex than her being an agent of the organization sent to observe the 'test cases' and keep Gamotan alive until he has served his purpose
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To gain Gamotan's trust and then rape him.
Then why did she curse him? With big bucks too?

What is a ryota? Why is her nickname ryotas?

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[HorribleSubs] Stella no Mahou - 05 [720p].mkv

New episode out. Oh wait.
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I still can't get use to it.
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She is your nurse for the night
>this entire episode


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Who was in the wrong /a/?
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This 5
uh, neither of them?

Atem wanted Yugi to beat him
Reminder that Atem would have won handily had he not put Osiris in his deck.

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was he gay?
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Yeah, but his boyfriend died.
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No, but his girlfriend is in a coma.
It's called having taste and better standards.

Do you want to get spooked in this wonderful day or do you want some comfort? It might be Halloween, but it's also Miuna Monday.
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Good morning, Miuna.
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How many of you are over 20 and like super?
I can't wrap my head around that someone who grew up with the original dragonball can possibly not only like but even tolerate this absolute garbage super is
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27 guy here. Never been so hyped in years.
21 here and i agree. Super is hot garbage and is only good for comedy. Toryama knows this and thats why the Manga is more comedy than action as it should be. Toei is just too retarded to realize it
Same desu. I'm 33, grew up with Dragonball (manga and anime), I watch Super because I'm curious but other than that it's pretty shit.

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Cowboy Bebop's objectively too good to be considered "anime"
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Here is your (You).
OP's objectively too shit to be considered "not a faggot"
really makes you think

Wow, is that really the best you guys could do?
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Don't look at me, I voted for Joshiraku.
Why do you blame us for /vip/'s decision?
4chan is a fucking joke, who cares.

>itt: shows with good dubs

ill start
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Dubs thread are love, dubs thread are life
So this is the power of Heart of Dubs, not bad.

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