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You didn't get a job or a girlfriend and became gross.
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She didn't put out.
She is following the natural pattern of the female.

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I... I wrote a song for Chitose.

You are my Chitose
My only Chitose
You make me happy
When the skies are gray
You'll never know, dear
How much I love you
Please don't take my little Chitose away

I hope she'll like it.
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It's not exactly original
Why does she have a huge cum stain on her shirt?
Chitose hates otaku like you
It's a pretty nice song

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OP and ED are out. Why is OP B-side so best?

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Don't mind me, just posting best selecta.
I want a sleevejob from Hanna while Nanashi commentates

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Haibane Renmei thread?
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For what purpose?
It was about depression, right?
To talk about it I suppose. Say whatever you want.

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> [seiya] Soushin Shoujo Matoi - 04 [720p].mp4
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she's cute
What went wrong /a/? Why isn't fun more well received?
Too many good shows this season, so people are focused on them and not the fun.

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How does this make you feel?
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Lewd images are not permitted in November.

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why are bad girls always the sexiest ?

it's not fair
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Mugino is despicable but I love her. The anime only scratched the surface of her madness.
>not becoming evil for your waifu
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What went wrong?
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Mirage was robbed
in summary:
windies never making sense
nuns enemies never discovered
fate retardness
nothing remarkable music-wise
plot devices everywhere
story for 5yo and little girls
mirage being insulted/mistreated
messer dead for no reason
no character development
fanservice over fanservice, no substance
mikumo as the most nonsensical char of all time

delta is worthless and macross is dead
sage and hidden
No fire bomber/Jenius birthday party.

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You know the drill.
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I want to educate this very stupid girl.
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First you have to eat her chocolate.

But I'd die.
Then you are not worthy.

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The World is Mine
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It's the best manga ever anon, what's there to discuss?

I'm not even joking
Indeed...just proclaim his superiority

This is not a meme
All the other "seinen" manga are "shonen" compared to this one

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What comes to mind when you see this image
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Ironically, rice.
Kirino's ass

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Watari kun no xx chapter 19 Chinese version.

It's F-cup chan/Ishihara's chapter again. English version should be coming out soon.
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Watari kun no XX 16_004.jpg
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I'm bored, so I'm going to dump all of the translated paper blogs Kumeta Kouji put in the back of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei volumes. If you enjoy despair, please read along.
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Luckily, I was somehow picked up at Otawa (where the publisher Kodansha is located). Eight months have gone by. When you hear about the life of a battery, it all sounds good, but no matter how much you try to charge a worn-out battery, it doesn't do much good. My rickety cartoon robot battery doesn't have much power left in it. Eight months. I hardly have any memories of that time. Or rather, there's not much to remember that'd be worth talking about to others. Not one thing. There was a puzzling memo I found in a coat I was wearing over the winter, "[email protected]" I couldn't for the life of me figure out what that was. The next day I remembered. It was a memo to remind me where I put my car in the parking lot. I felt like dying. Then, from another jacket, was another memo. (It said "A 7-cm stick, by the third..."). I don't think I'll get myself to try to remember what that was.

For some reason, I feel that readers are disappointed that I'm not dead. A longer life means more disgrace. "Plan to die before the age of forty" is a well-known passage in an essay from Tsurezuregusa (essays in idleness), by the author Kenkou Yoshida. I'm saying that from this point on, my life history gets the final coating of humiliation. It's the beginning whereby the more I draw, the greater the series of humiliations I'll receive. Incidentally, the akasaka SM club (manga street) is looking for "S" people. The entrance fee is 410 yen (including tax). This club can close without notice on the orders of the authorities. Just wanted to let you know that in advance.

For eight months, I tried to make sure that I got outside, since it's not good to constantly stay at home. But, since I'm not used to going out, I could only do one thing a day. Today, I went to the bank, so that's it. Today, I went to Bic Camera, so I'm done. Today, I went out to throw out the garbage, so that's it. If I went to the convenience store, I'd never pick up my laundry on the way home. One day, when it was extremely hot, I stepped into three coffee shops on my way to Shinjuku station, which is a nine minute walk away. That was just to be charming. Come to think of it, my days were busy and fulfilled

So I heard I should watch Symphogear, but are we really giving a not-too-subtle nod to Miyazaki in the FIRST FUCKING THREE SECONDS?
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No, Japan. You're supposed to say something BEFORE that...
Well alright if you're such a fucking nerd that you read 8008 as BOOB, I guess that's suggestive enough, but it still doesn't fit a "that is what she says" joke.

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