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What do you think of elves?
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Best race
they need to be wiped out
Fuck them all to death.

has got to be the most satisfying anime in a long time

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It wasn't anything special but I agree that it was satisfying to see the romance actually go somewhere.
Don't expect anyone else to agree though, there's a huge anti-Rakudai movement on this board for some reason. It's probably the best generic battle academy light novel adaptation there is but I guess people here would rather talk about Asterisk or Bahamut.
Out of the three shows you've watched?
>the most satisfying anime in a long time
I think you should watch more anime.

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What /a/ thinks about this anime ?
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*What does /a/ think about this anime?
*What does /a/ think I think about this anime?
I think Maya is the best girl. Actually I know that for a fact she's the best.

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So what do modern kids these days watch while growing up? Stuff like SAO and SnK? Back then we have DBZ, Big 3, Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailormoon, FMA, Kenshin etc. It's also unlikely that they'll find and download old stuff and will just just watch whatever hot and the newest. Must be suck being kids of this generation.
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it's more likely (readily available) than ever
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>90s kids
>anime experience limited to a handful of terrible dubs that you can only watch when they happen to come on TV

>10s kids
>can watch thousands of anime on demand with high speed internet in resolutions that didn't exist in the 90s

Sucks to be a '10s kid
>easy and free access to basically the entire catalog of anime in the original language

Even if Crunchy Roll was the only available resource it would still be a million times better than having to plan your schedule around network broadcasts of dubbed anime.

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>Strongest enemy of the akatsuki clan , capable of taking down a whole village on his own slathering hundreds of men with his bare hands.
>a 10 years old trained by a 15 years old one shots him and kills him instantly

This anime is garbage.
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but pain isnt the strongest enemy
Firstly Akatsuki isn't a clan
Second point good boy Tobi is the strongest enemy
Sakura defeated that puppet master dude by punching him really hard

What would you do if a cute girl did this to you?
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Probably fug the girl (male) into a cum-induced pleasure coma
Kaname a cute! A CUTE!

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This season is horrible. No noteworthy shows at all.
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I disagree, but you are welcome to leave and come back next season.
Every season is the worst season to people like you.
>No noteworthy shows at all.
You mean no meme shows that normalfags and crossboarders can flock to? There are plenty of decent shows this season.

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Because lunch-boxes on sale are serious business
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S2 never.
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Ume-sama, Kyo or Shaga? I can't decide.
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Who received the worst beating in Dragon Ball?
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The fans
Vegeta's ego.
Use the catalog dumbass

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Why does /a/ seem to think that some shounen/seinen shows are targetted at fujoshis? Logically speaking, wouldn't they be shoujo/josei if they really wanted to go for the fujoshi audience?

I mean, i've read some series that were obviously targetted at fujoshi, there's a manga about a group of men who get trapped in a castle as part of some selection process to become the emperor. That's josei and it has a massive amount of yaoi subtext in it (the fact that the characters are all incredibly handsome beautiful young men who get very close to each other kind of gives it away). But it's a josei series so that's not surprising.

When people say that series like Kuroshitsuji or Owari no Seraph are "fujoshi shows", that's kind of surprising because the art style, story and themes mostly focus on other things designed to appeal to their core audience (typically shounen). Not fujoshis. At best, whatever yaoi subtext is there is like yuri subtext in a het harem show (two girls fondling each other for one scene), its just there as minor fanservice.
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Lots of girls have abandoned yuri and are reading shonen manga instead.
Just because it's in a shonen magazine doesn't mean you can't try to appeal to girls' fetishes.

>Black Butler
>not going to lengths to appeal to fujoshi
You are delusional.
It's shit.
Kuroshitsuji is a thinly veiled shotacon fanservice manga, but nothing fujoshi here, right?

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Is she nikola tesla?
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>she's a descendant of tesla
nokia tulsa is haunting her bobbies

Deadest show in the whole wide world gets another episode. All 3 of us can talk about it.
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Why did this get 50 episodes again? Not even nips are watching this.
Loli died.
I unironically forgot this existed...

>[Asenshi] Lostorage incited WIXOSS - 04 [62654040].mkv

>Everyone constantly running out of time
>Bookmaker waits in a cafe with clocks everywhere

Pretty nice, actually. The direction isn't as amazing as before, but it's still pretty good.
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Noice, downloading.
So isn't this more discussed. we already have a big stabilished fanbase at least on /a/
The last thread just ended six hours ago, and lasted one and half day.


Best Girl in Ranama 1/2 was .....
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Female Ranma, duh.
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The redhead girl with the pigtails.

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What did he mean by this?
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I want to hug Shinji so bad
False display of bravado to mask the endless void of fear and hopelessness in his soul.
That's Asuka. Shinji's impressionable enough that he responds to her in like while she's around.

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