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Help me decide /a/
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You're probably one of those posers who started with season 2 and never saw season 1. ANYONE WHO HASN'T BEEN A HIBIKE FAN SINCE APRIL 2015 NEEDS TO GTFO
Simply trash.
Episode 5 reconfirms it as garbage.
>Things of what not to do in a competition yet going for Nationals.

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>the Cowboy Bebop English dub is better than the original

Has there ever been a bigger meme in all of anime?
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only Beau Billingslea was on par with Ishizuka's performance

Blum butchered Spike's character desu, way too cocky
Yes, it's " Evangelion is good."
Why didn't Jet and Spike rape her?
Are they gay?

Why are there so many waiters and so few chefs?
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That's how it always is.
So who cooks when souma and satou are out? Inami can only (barely) make a parfait
season 1 ep 1 showed a lot of cooks
maybe saving for animation budget/irrelevant

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>new anime installment
They are finally going to kill it. I can only hope and pray we don't have another sailor moon crystal on our hands.
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Someone needs to kill toei
CLAMP already sodomized Sakura's corpse with TRC. (not to mention all their other IPs)
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Unless it looks like this, I'm not interested.

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>hating on the proud arab
so GAINAX supports ISIS now?

Allah u lakbar the anime.

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>Doesn't impregnate his sister
It's fucking trash
Did I just see balls?

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Because 4koma things had to happen eventually.
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Post navel warfare.
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Once upon a time, in 4koma Adventures, the burger ship arrived.


本日 ついにアイオワさんが正式に配属されることになりました
Iowa-san is finally going to officially join us today.
駆逐艦 舞風
Destroyer Maikaze
練習巡洋艦 香取
Training Cruiser Katori
I wonder if they'll be alright...

Hi! I'm Iowa, the nameship of the Iowa class of battleships! I was in the last class of battleships made by the USA, and I'll do my best in this fleet, too! Nice to meet you!
駆逐艦 吹雪
Destroyer Fubuki

まだ ふたりとも心の準備が…
But they're not ready ye-...

They're calmly greeting her!?
戦艦 アイオワ
Battleship Iowa
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About Nighttime Training with Substitute Iowa-san

C-...could this be...the result of training with the...substitute Iowa-san...?
いえ 訓練中に舞風さんが…
No, in the middle of it, Maikaze-san said...

So this suddenly came to me.
(Welcoming Heart)

About what we think of Iowa-san as...
It might be similar to what she also thinks of our sisters and comrades...
I see...

So staying afraid isn't something we should be doing, then. (Just my thoughts)

...You certainly have a point.

This is closer to how Iowa-san's like, anyway!
Kya...come now!

...Is what happened.
I see...
駆逐艦 初雪
Destroyer Hatsuyuki

Tell me more about this Katori variant substitute Iowa-san nightmare training...!
That's what you're interested in!?

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>that chopstick stop
>that cliche heroine cheer failing
>that vomit coming out of MC after getting punched so hard

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senpai did nothing wrong
Last episode of MoMH

>MC getting her ass kicked
>power of friendship doesn't work, just gets mad and wins
>wasn't the real final boss
>real final boss is MC's best friends
>her mom comes in and snaps all of their necks, the end
I was so disappointed when then the delinquent was the protagonist and the kung fu kid constantly got shit on despite being a good guy and solid fighter. Does the manga get any better?

Dear Japan,

We need more sluts. Anon can have his pure waifus but the rest of us need more sluts.


The Management.
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Just go outside and meet real women.
>human interactions
Nice meme.
I agree. But if you want sluts, that's how you find them.

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. . .
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Why do people think Illya is so hot? Between Illya, Kuro, and Miyu, Illya is by far the most masculine in personality. Manly girls don't do it for me.
/a/ I need your help! I'm contemplating cheating on my wife, Chino for Illya and I need to stop myself before I actually do it! How do I stay loyal to my wife Chino when Illya is so sexy!
Her mom's dead, and now the person she loves most is going to betray her? That's a lot for a 10 year old, you monster.

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has anyone noticed how much better Asuka looks than all the other characters?
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Yeah, she's probably the cutest boy in the show
Cause she's superior European red devil
Fuck rebuilds and fuck Anno for ruining old mentally unstable characters
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I don't know why I'm doing this

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China dresses are the sexiest clothing imaginable.
Nice hips.

>[HorribleSubs] Nazotokine - 05 [720p]
You should be able to solve this.
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Last week and this week swole characters look weird as fuck.
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Look at the movers' nametags. You'll get your fucking answer.

[HorribleSubs] Cheating Craft - 05 [720p].mkv
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That escalated quickly.
Who the fuck even makes this kind of shit up.
Cheating Craft? More like Chinese Crap.

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Hi, I'm very bad at nihongo.
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baka ka, teme

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