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> illustrated by redjuice

Will this be another Guilty Crown?

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Is it gonna be glorious like GC?

I hope so.

Only if it gets adapted by a high profile anime studio and music is done by ryo/EGOIST.

Redjuice has already illustrated for plenty of light novels.
If you wanna see animated redjuice designs, just wait for Genocidal Organ. The production is back on track and is slated to come out early next year.

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this is not awoo.png
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>ruining a perfectly fine tomboy
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This is still acceptable.

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buy her geemu
Imma ask her why the FUCK she so small
Keep hitting her ugly hamster face.

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Leo.
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>Oh, hey, he's actually calming down after listening to the girls
>Do it! hurry up and drain their life!
>Oh, crap, he's attacking me again!

This dude is a wanker!
Leo is a waste of Namikawa's talent
Rage is a waste of Hosoyan's hosoyan

who the fuck's the rival in this series, again?

What is Cocoa looking at?
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the size of your winnings after this years Melbourne Cup!
Not your penis.
S3 when?

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We list actually smart protagonists here.
Shit is pretty rare so let's round them all up here.

I'll start with the dude form Kaiji series. Fucking amazing.
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Re:monster protag is defently a smartie.

Please don't say Death Note. I think we can all agree that MC there is dumb as a brick.
>gets power which can allow you to kill criminals without getting caught
>gets caught
He is very witty when its life or death, but he has a gambling addiction. It makes for an interesting story.
Kaiji is completely retarded compared with Akagi fampai

3x3 waifu edition
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>3x3 waifu
>9 waifus
Well, no one will care your shit anyway, so this was your reply.
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not him but check my many waifu
fug it's kinda late here


Why do girls wear thongs?
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it's a learned behaviour
how do I find sauce with webm?
So they don't get panty lines when wearing tight pants/dresses.

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I just finished this and now I feel like I want to kill myself.
I read that some people interpret the ending as happy. But it just left me disturbed and upset really. I understand why someone might view it as happy, but I just didn't see it that way.
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Go ahead and kill yourself, evashit.
Asuka finally found happiness. And it only took the destruction of the whole world. I'm glad for her, she deserves to be happy.

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How much value do you put into character whoring and sexualization during ED and sometimes OP themes?
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you make it sound impure
I love it.

Who is the cutest anime girl of all time?
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anon's wife chino can be 2nd
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who yo love live bitch? mine is "is this a dude, i dont care id still fuck"
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um..... nico
mine is "this girl look like she needs to be in oni chichi"

Replying to your own thread to try to drive interest is just sad. In case you didn't know 4chan shows how many unique posters have been in a thread.

How do you guys feel about the new spines?
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Jesus Christ, how horrifying.
Why do some of them not match?
I'd rather pay the 2 hundred bucks for the few hard to find originals.

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Fusion edition
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I find it weird that Male - Female fusion hasn't come up yet
there are no girls that fight
Get pan in the ring, she's probably stronger than yamcha at least
>Fb meme
Seriously kill yourself

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ITT: Perfect/Outstanding dubs. Other languages other than English are welcomed.
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There is literally NOTHING wrong with Schemmel's and Sabat's Vegeta. Horikawa is better than Sabat but Sabat was solid. This is excluding dialogue changes of course
DBZ having a good English dub isnt disputed though.
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The only bad VAs were Masuda's

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