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> http://www.aa.org/pages/en_US/find-aa-resources

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I'm so ready for it
This thread was created first >>149306331

>[HorribleSubs] Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Game Girls Galaxy - 05 [720p].mkv
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Where are my crane geimu bros?
No comment.

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search '/a/' to find the room
pw: rage

as always
Not anime or manga
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What's so special about Jeanne anyway?
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french whore
fuck off brit scum
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She was pretty hot

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A friend of mine says that the opening for Girlish Number reminds him of the openings from 2011 [email protected] in terms of visuals and the song itself. Not gonna lie, that pisses me off.
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The problem with this fanbase: Too many tripfag, namefag, and blogshit.

Cancer all of you. Why does Watari invite so many disease?
I love Chitose, I want to marry her and I'll make her many more songs once we get married.

How many graes
did you skip
for academic acceleshun?
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>senpai is useless
Dem engrish.
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>skipped nine years
So she's college level then?

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Praise be Eris!
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How come she can visit that world anytime?
How is aqua trapped while eris isn't? Can't she just get aqua out anyway?
I'll be honest. I thought Eris was boring and not worth thinking about until I learned she uses pads.

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Is there a scientific explanation for why the blonde girl is always the best girl in their respective anime?
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snail is superior to brat bat
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Scientifically speaking, your pants are on fire.

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>MC triggers flags with various girls
>thinking he's the protagonist of a harem plot now
>turns out MC is just a delusional faggot who mistook platonic niceness as romantic interest
>every single girl is ironically in love with another girl
>some are already in a relationship, some are only crushing and can't find the courage to confess for fear that their target of affection is straight
>MC grits his teeth and swallow his tears to help the poor lesbians get together with their crushes, because he's actually a nice guy
>MC is forever alone

>but he has so many friends now, who help him to get over the fear of talking to girls
>he never gives up the dream of finding a girlfriend, there's bound to be someone who isn't gay. There has to be!

Tl;dr: comedy anime in which the MC's super power is making friends with lesbians and help them get together.

Would you watch it, /a/?
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Yeah, sounds nice.
You need a large cast and color variety though.
this would be a great story line. Maybe he's at a exclusive all girls school or some virus killed off all the men and he's of the last men on earth or something.
We'll call it Rabu Derusion

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>New Mai Ball

Dyu is hotblooded as fuck.
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Sweat never looked sexier
Why doesn't the artist just draw porn already? No one reads this for the soccer anyway.

This is an 11 year old japanese fifth grader.
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I wonder what's in their food.
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This is a Candy Store.
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This is a best.

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Why are girls with blue hair always the best girl?
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Light blue or dark blue?
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I wish I knew the science behind it.

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What is your opinion on older women preying on younger girls, /a/?
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I hate competetion.
why does the yogurt make her cry?
>/a/ - anime and random

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It ends next week, R-right?
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You wish,
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it's not even my final form.jpg
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Kate's final form when?

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Lise suicide attempt.png
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What price are you willing to pay to save a smile?
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Marrying Lise and making her happy!
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axmann grip lise.png
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I bet that burning hate is only making Ax harder
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And digging his grave even deeper.

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