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Your daily friendly reminder that K-On was the best anime ever produced.
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so whats the best anime ever produced now if it isnt K-On
it's up there
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Correct. And Kotobuki Tsumugi is the best character from the best anime ever produced.

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This is Elise Watoson. A proud, freedom loving girl from the deep south. Say something American about her
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See? She has a passport and everything
She's purdy.
>Urobuchi isn't a hack guys!
Fate/Zero was a mistake.

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Can someone help explain to me how Black Goku came about? Does Zamusa from the present also plan on switching bodies with Goku? And does black Goku want to permanently stay Goku. I got confused watching the events unfold.

Does Zamusa permanently stay as Goku or do they switch back?

Why does everyone want Goku's body from Ginyu to Zamusa?
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Fuck off and use the catalog next time, newfag.
There are no Zamusa/ Goku Black threads in the catalog.
As far as I know Zamusa in the alternate timeline is permanently Goku as he kill;ed goku in his body.

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Chitose is angry, what did you do?
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Sorry I stained your clothes with cum, Chitose-chan.
Not sub her anime
Angry girls make my ochinchin go dokidoki.

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>le no emotions girl
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Why is Umiko so shit? She ruined the whole episode.
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Because she's a psychopathic texan 12-year-old in the body of an old nigger hag with no facial expressions
Umiko is great. I mean, think about it. Without Umiko, Nene would have probably only gotten half as much screentime.

Have you ever watched a show you completely despise all the way through just because you basically felt obligated to do so?
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You do realize this is a?
I know Kuroneko should have won but it's been years already. Give it up.
yep it's the one in your pic sempai.

Ayase was cute and that kind of got me through it.

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Just finished this
What the fuck was that ending? That's it?
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Go watch End of Eva you ingrate
Yes that's it, don't watch End of Evangelion, it's just a recap of ep 25 and 26. Congratulations.
Double dubs wins

You lose.

Who is this and why is her name literally black cat?
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It's an alias

Her real name is something else
Tomoko's last name is literally "Black Tree".

I had a weird realization when I realized that. Since Kuroneko is just an online alias, but Tomoko's last name is her "real" last name, I was wondering if that naming style/convention is why Native Americans in the Americas have such weird, stereotypical last names.

For example, for names in Japanese, the person will give you their name, and then say the kanji that make up the name. IE Tomoko might say her name is Kuroki, kuro like the color and ki like an oak tree.

Now, native Americans have names like "Running Coyote" or whatever, and their ancestors are known to have crossed from Asia over to the Americas during the last ice age. Obviously they also have mongoloid features like wide, flat faces, but could the naming culture have carried on as well? I'm not sure about the state of language back during the last ice age, but maybe they brought proto-languages over with them as they migrated, and those languages evolved separately from the rest of mainland Asia, but in a similar manner.

I hope someone can answer me or expound on this more, I found it really cool and interesting though I'm not sure if it's true.
nigga i think that discussion doesnt belong here
but i see your point and its indeed interesting

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guess not
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Is this the thread to post cute lolis anon kun?

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Is there a worse character in anime history?
>Killed his father because he didn't want his people to suffer
>His people are regularly massacred and abused by the Britannians
>Still fights for them with his special snowflake robot that can instantly ruin Lelouch's plans despite almost being killed by them intentionally many times
>STILL defends his waifu after he saw her command the murder of innocent people
>Finds out it was Lelouch's fault due to utter bullshit
>Hailed as a hero yet doesn't try to improve the lives of regular people because Lelouch is the Antichrist
>Uses Lelouch's blind sister as bait many times and almost kills her but avoids responsibility because magic
>Get's even more bullshit power due to him being so great!
>Kills Lelouch(I don't care if it was his plan he didn't deserve it)
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tfw only finished the first season today and read these spoilers
He's not even the worst character on that show

This is your slut for tonight.
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Victor best slut.

I'm going to put a ring on it.
Victor a pure only looking for affection.
I thought we said we were only going to talk about best Thai in this thread.

ITT: Anal Princesses BESIDES Iori.
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Is it worth it to become an animator in Japan?

I have read a lot that the animators live under very bad conditions with terrible salaries.

But there are so many great animators there. And young animators like Miso, Norifumi Kugai and Bahi JD keep joining the industry.

I'm considering to move to Japan and start as an inbetweener. I'm half japanese so moving to Japan is the easy part. I'm just worried that it will not be a good future for me.
My parents are also totally against it.
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>in Japan
>he literally wants to be beggar abroad
just go beg for money on the street, in your home country or get a degree that will help your own country you fuck
If you get to work on Flip Flappers I would say it's worth it. Just make sure they flip their flaps in the second season. Try to whisper it into the director's ears.
>help your own country you fuck
Fuck that. Your own happiness comes first.

So, since Kyokai no Rinne is gonna start its third season this spring, how do you guys feel about the series? I personally love it, because it's a parody and at the same time a genuine celebration of all the common, overused tropes found in anime, and of 90s anime in general
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Rumiko mastered the art of creating compelling characters by the time she forgot how to make funny jokes and proper world building.

I like it.
This is great news. I wish more effort went into it sometimes, but I like the characters and short story a lot.
I've been buying the manga since it began and I love that the anime became popular in Japan and it keeps getting seasons, I feared there wasn't a place for Takahashi's style of comedy in this day and age.

I'm kind of amazed she went with those personalities for Rinne and Sakura, shows how self-aware about her previous main characters she is.

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Characters, who have seen dick
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All male characters except maybe really fat ones.
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