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It should have been titled "The Boredom of Haruhi Suzumia"
"The melancholy" does not fit tonally at all
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It sounds cool though.
That is what one of the LN volumes is titled
Pretty sure there was an episode titled like that too.

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For what purpose.jpg
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Hand-drawn is dead.
As 3D gets cheaper and more accessible, expect all new animated shows to be fully 3D. Even shit like Simpsons has gone all-in with 3D backgrounds, vehicles etc. The same with anime (which was the last bastion of hand-drawn robots and the like. Now they're all 3D).
Studios care about timely results, not making a visual masterpiece that will stand the test of time. 3D ages like milk but who cares if it actually sells units?

Learning 2D animation takes decades to master. 3D is accessible to anyone with a laptop, and gives you automated shaders, hair physics, rigging etc. And it doesn't matter that it looks shitty because it's new, and to modern viewers new is objectively better than old shit and always will be.
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>3D is accessible to anyone with a laptop

Show me your anime skills OP

hard mode: no posers, models you made yourself
>Hand-drawn is dead.
Most anime is hand drawn.
I think that hand drawing still cant be replaced by cgi because it needs too much money thrown at it to look remotely good.

That's why most decent cgi in anime is only present in OVAs or films.

What are tomboys for?
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Princess carry.
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Playful teasing.
Falling in love with the self-insert harem MC and losing.

This is a proper modern outfit.
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This is outdated granny skirt.
Delete this
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This looks familiar

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ITT : your homOTP
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The first Kagewani thread I've seen in months and you have to make it some fujo-shit.

Thanks OP. You're a faggot.
we should talk about nagi-chan instead
she's cute af IMHO
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da bess.jpg
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What does /a/ think of Erin?
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Rly gud
It was good, but it got a bit too repetitive and reused certain scenes a little too much at parts.

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Why did she have to win?
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Because she was the only real option to be honest. She wasn't my favorite girl but she was the only one that was set up to win.
She was the most 'real' girl, perfect foil to Keima.
She was shit
The anime was shit
The protagonist was shit
It came together really

Who has the fluffiest hair?
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Watashi kinda looks like adult Papika
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OP why you ask if you got the answer

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>Girl is engaged by her family to a beta loser.
>Chad Mcbigdick breaks in and runs with the girl.
This is not like my chinese cartoons.
Shin seitokai no ichizon new chapter out.
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Oh hey someone made a thread. I'm in class right now and can't really dump the chapter, but if someone else wants to that would be great.
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>The best girl isn't even in the student council
She will joining Sugisaki's harem right? She's not just some irrelevant side character right?
When the old and new harem had a meetup they were most jealous of Kazami.

I don't think either of Ken or Kazami realize she's in his harem already.

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What the fuck is with the amount of dubbed anime these days?
>Monster Hunter Stories dubbed
>Yuri!!! On Ice dubbed
>Orange dubbed
>91 dubbed
>even fucking Keijo dubbed
I haven't actually tried any of these but holy shit this is fast.
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Anime started to be considered mainstream and no longer a niche appeal so companies started localisations by way of dubbing to make money

Speaking of dubs, check em
Tokyo 2020s just around the corner in business time, advertisements for some anime will be seen by a couple billion people, may as well have cheap dubs prepared for the ones that venture further down the rabbit hole.
Funimation has a business to run. What do you expect them to do?

This is fucking ridiculous.
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What am I looking at?
It's the butt fingering scene
It's a had grabbing at belly fat-rolls.

>[HorribleSubs] TO BE HERO - 05 [720p].mkv
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I wonder why nobody else is watching this chinese cartoon, might be the "lol so randumb! humor.
It could also be that people take issue with it being an actual chinese cartoon.
Thankfully it's not nearly as bad as Bloodivores is. All things considered this is probably one of the best chinese cartoon out there.

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Fate/Grand Order anime confirmed.
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>not gudako
Yup, prepare for franchise burning.

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tm girls.jpg
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Who is the best Nasuverse girl?
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They're all equally lovely. Personally, my favorite is Ciel, and the one I miss the most is Hisui.
patrician taste right there, senpai.
Sakura is the best. Kohaku and Ilya are up there too, though.

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How did you know when you found your waifu /a/?
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pic related
>being so mad that you look up each of their Steam accounts
Either you're autistic or this never happened. Anyway, here's your (You).

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