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How much value do you put into visual direction?
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how much?
None. I'm a Shafturd.

Guts is sad.
Say something nice to him
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Put your grasses on.
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Thank you for opening your traveling kindergarden.
I hope they die and you can carry on alone.
nice arm you got there

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Why is this manga so unpopular?
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I want this massive edition
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Your sister brings her friend home. What do you do?
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Continue playing games.
Stay in my room for the rest of the day because I don't want anyone to see me.
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Be a naughty brother.

This girl slaps the cream box out of your hands and starts eating it. Your actions?
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Best girl. I hope she wins the Cocona.
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Get depressed.
Tell her how great she is.

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Can we talk about retarded subbers who think this is acceptable?
Anyone who does this should be hung.
San is just a polite form of address it does not mean Mr.
Anyone watching subs is a weaboo and can handle learning a a few Japanese terms you save this kind of garbage translation for dub scum.

If you're gonna go this far why not translate futon as bed or Sushi as rice fish snack?
It's pretty clear retards like this eg. GG have some sort of weird anti Japanese agenda they're trying to pull and I don't understand why.

Anyone outside America laughs at nonsense like this.
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You mean, "can we get a thread where everyone validates my opinion even though it's wholly irrelevant"? No thanks.
No, OP is right. I am sick of seeing memeshit in my subs when I am trying to understand the fucking language word for word, not because some translator thinks its funny to add in some western memeshit.
I agree with this sentiment.

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Let's watch how Jump mangaka draw.

Shun Saeki




So when are you going to make your magnum opus manga, huh?
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my drawing skills will get me a great wife
He draws at a very high angle , doesn't he get tired very quickly since he needs to constantly lift his arm instead of resting it by drawing at a low angle? And he needs to to this for hours.

What awful input lag. How can he even work with it?

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Miss Monochromas.jpg
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I will post this every day until Christmas!

50 days!

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Oh look, another thread without any new content.

What a surprise.
Dude, what the fuck, just yesterday was 100 days, what's going on?

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Why did the Zero Servants have such high rank Noble Phantasms if their powers were mostly unimpressive and the servants themselves were second stringers?

>Deermud: B and B. Same ranks as Gae Bolg, a 100% superior NP and far more well known spear, especially when these were his backup
NPs and he was meant to be a Saber. I'm also pretty damn sure dual wielding spears is gonna be inefficient even if have good enough strength and agility.

>Bara: A+ for Chariot. Same rank as Bellerophon, which is the same thing except much better, faster, and stronger. EX for Ionian Hetaroi I can give a pass to it since summoning other heroic spirits is supposedly undefinable, but in practicality it pales in comparison to Ea and Avalon.

>KUURU: A+. How does the guy who's explicitly shit at magic have an A+ magic tool? Endless mana source is nice but any half decent Caster wouldn't need to worry about that to begin with, the mooks it summons are garbage, and Cthulhu is powerful but a no-return final gambit that will draw everyone to you. It has just as many drawbacks as it does advantages

>Unrivaled: An A++, a C, and another A++. FSG and Arondight are fine (maybe take out 1 plus cause it really on the same level as Exacilbur?) but why in god's name is KoH that high? It's not worth much when you have a much better sword on hand to begin with and everything it makes is D rank. Not to mention it starts him out unarmed so he's fucked if there's nothing to use nearby.

>Conservation of Ninjutsu personified: B. Garbage ability since it fractures his power and mind.

All of them have at least B rank and 5/7 have A+ or higher, which was supposed to be a fairly big deal. I know the rankings mean jack shit in any application, but that just begs the question of why/how they were so high to begin with. Who wrote these parameters, Nasu or Urobutchi?
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Honestly trying to sift through supposed power level stuff in this franchise is impossible because they always seem to make every servants ultimate ability sound like the most overpowering thing ever and then it's defeated by some MacGuffin that the person they're fighting just so happens to have the answer too. It's actually one of the worst franchises I've seen at handling this sort of stuff for how often it's praised for it and it gets discussed like there's coherent parameters, limits or potential uses for these abilities.
It's because Urobuchi is like that 13 year old that always has to play on god mode.
Nasu comes up with all the powerlevels. Confirmed in the anime interviews. Urobuchi just wrote the story.

>that sweating
>that blushing
>all that sexual tension
>those yuri vibes
>orgasms during the match
>handholding afterward
>that friendship

Holy fuck. This is really good. Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume thread?
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>Why didn't /a/ tell me about this?
/a/ isn't your babysitter.
You forgot
>amazing soundtrack
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It all makes sense now

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Pic very related
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Gil is a jobber though
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How do you feel after Keijo?
Do you find yourself masturbating more to ass?
Have you become an assman?
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Man I love 2016.
Already was.
I haven't even got slightly hard while watching Keijo, it's way too gratuitous to be erotic.

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I'm going to post this everyday until you like it.
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Fuck you, you were so late yesterday
Shut the fuck up autist

This is just like my doujins.
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Oi nerds. What's a brevet and fleche?
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>ep 3 was delayed a whole week
>next week will be a recap ep
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How can one girl be so cute, sexy, and best?

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Disgusting pervert.
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>disgusting pervert
>shows her panties
Disgusting slut.
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this artist has a weird fetish

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