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You hear it, you lose.
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Best OP ever made.
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Whenever i think of this op, I always hear it in swedish


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Are you gonna buy her anime, /a/?
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No. And not her game, either.
Sure. Aoba is so cute!
Hell yes.

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Why do we love kyoani
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They cremated Kumiko, my favorite anime girl.
They cremated Kumiko, my favorite anime girl.
I love Reina

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Chino and Yuno are getting married!
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Me on the middle
Me in the middle.

Find a better character than Captain Ginyu
>Strong warrior
>Always desires his fights to be fair
>Extremely loyal to Frieza
>Acts wacky with his men but still always makes sure to get the job done
>Genuinely upset by their deaths as he thought of them as friends more than squad mates
>Has a unique ability that could keep him relevant in terms of power
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You forgot
>will steal Bra's body tomorrow and become top 3 of the multiverse
Wait what?
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Pic related

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I'm Yohane's best friend!
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Your thoughts on Yukino Miyazawa
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the teeth girl
Why, of all things, did you pick this show?
/a/ doesn't have an opinion of a character from Kare Kano because they don't watch good anime.

Certain gems like Kare Kano fall off the radar. To be fair to /a/, it is a flawed show. It starts off god tier in its first half, but goes dramatically downhill in the later half due to Hideaki Anno's departure. Typically shows that don't have great endings fall off the radar. Another example of this is Fruits Baskets.

I'm still not sure what the issue was between the mangaka and the director. The way he was directing the show was pure genius. I guess she got mad that his adaption was superior to the source material.

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Let's have a nice thread for once.
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Good timing, I'm rewatching it again.
Hinata is still perfect as usual.
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Post more of poor Cocona
I wish someone released a good and consistent S2 BD rip.

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Reminder that Neon Genesis Evangelion is a rip-off of Space Runaway Ideon.
Reminder that Ideon has much more thematic depth that Evangelion.
Reminder that Evafags call Ideon shit because it is too deep for them.
Reminder that Evafags cannot comprehend anything other than waifu harem bullshit with middle school level philosophy.

Be Invoked is absolute kinography. Deal with it plebs.
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Reminder that nobody cares.
Everyone knows that Anno is the biggest Tominofag ever.
Reminder that Ideon is trash and EoE is still better than anything Ideon shit out.
Reminder that Anno doesn't even pretend he wasn't influenced by it, only retarded Tominofags bring this up because they need to justify caring about an irrelevant, mediocre director.
Reminder that Tominofags defend G-Reco.

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Which is the cutest Takagi?
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Leftmost one in the fourth row, when she tells Nishikata he's finally looked at her. Made my kokoro go doki-doki.
Biggest forehead one.
What is this?

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Why is she so best?
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Because she's Number Wan. Yukimura is better though.
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Every character Toyosaki Aki voices is automatically perfect and best.

How do I support shows that I like?
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Buy their BDs. Buy figurines. Be a buyfag.
Swallow cyanide.
really makes you think

>Watch anime
>Camera looks at a sunny sky
>SKREE SKREE SKREE noises everywhere
Why is Japan so obsessed with Cicadas?
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If I remember correctly, they have yearly cicadas in Japan. Guess it is just some added detail.
Because that is literally what you hear 24/7 if you are nearby fields.

Source: Atm in Japan until next year.
> Watch anime
> Camera looks at a sunny sky

Immersion lost. 90% of pictures tell me Japan is eternally cloudy.

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Childhood is when you idolize Kamina. Adulthood is when you realize that the Rossiu makes more sense.
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Rossui would not have survived without Kamina's assistance early on, and his death arguably had an enormous impact in shaping Rossiu's path.
Adulthood is when you realize this anime is shit.
Adulthood is realizing when something is good for what it is

Edgy teenhood is when you say everything you don't like or used to like is shit

Who was in the wrong here?
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Me for watching it.
All of them

Depressed MC for not being true to his feelings/trearing blue hair like shit
Blue hair for cucking MC, even though he treated her like shit
Haruka for chaing the guy she knew her friend was in love with (can't really blame her for that)
Akane for being a cunt to everyone, though she was quite upset

Don't know why everyone thinks the show is trash, I thoroughly enjoed it.
But it's good

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