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What was your first anime /a/? Mine was Slam Dunk
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The House of Mouse.
first movie: princess mononoke
first series: ghost in the shell standalone complex

both on the recommendation of a friend's dad.
Skul ramble.

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I do, got no memes tho
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>tfw they don't sell those in my country
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>>149669543 i cri

Which do you guys think is worse, bullshit defense or bullshit regeneration?

Both make for boring fights, but I think bullshit defense is the lesser evil.
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Both of them together, seriously, fuck you Kubo.
I don't fucking know, man. Let's just go upgrade the Tessaiga again and see if that works.
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Plot armor

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>worst shows you've watched that you have not heard anything but praise for
I can't even begin to think why people bring this up in their "nostalgia gems".
It's a fucking trainwreck from episode 1.
I've never actually laughed this much at how cramped and cliched the melodrama can be in a single show.
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>Bait circlejerk thread

I don't like these threads but Konosuba
Not even baiting.
It's actually that bad, just try watching the first episode with a straight face.
I double dare you.

Konosuba I can get, it's a very basic comedy.
Cheap laughs and that's about it, but I still liked it.
It was okay, like one of those ecchi highschool shows from back in the mid 00's but with isekai and everyone loved it for some reason.
My pick would be this I'm not even sure why I hated it so much main girl seemed like a bitch but the MC was even worse.

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Hamburg steak!
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>egg on everything

Why is jap cuisine so bland
>No bread

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Couldn't go past the 5th episode. The ost is pretty good tho

Literal cuck.

It gets much better in the second half, mostly because the villain is so dislikeable that you want to see him crushed.
Deserves all the cucking.

Nothing has ever made me more envious of another life than this manga.
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One of my favs
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I still don't know if I should read this

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Utapri Thread
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Broccoli's doing another release of the parkas. You can preorder until December 7th, they ship next year in May.
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Aw yeah, he's back

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Chapters 52-54 are out. Time for football.

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Fucking love hotblooded girl's soccer manga with delicious thighs
female kuroko best legballer
I want to pat her forehead.

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I've been hearing a lot of talk about Caeser Clown possibly joining the Straw Hats. I just finished the Doflamingo arc, so I'm a little behind. Does he redeem himself or something? I remember thinking there was no way Franky could be forgiven after kicking the shit out of Ussop so who knows.
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There's absolutely NO comparison between Ceasar and Franky.

All Strawhats are likeable people inside that strayed on the wrong path. There's no implication whatsoever that Ceasar might be a good person, he's completely immoral and without remorse.
He could still do "the right thing".

Might even be only get into the crew post-mortem as a honorary member due to his sacrifice.
There has been nothing that implies Cesar deserves sympathy. The trouble he's in now is due to being a shameless con artist, none of it is undeserved. Dude kidnapped children and turned them into drug addicts, he's never gonna be a strawhat.

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the rage has died down since then. you aren't going to get as many hostile replies.
Orihime is still a shit.
aichihime best ship.

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>forced humour
>shitty artwork
>slow pacing
>aimless story

Berserk is absolutely garbage. Fair enough if you liked the Golden Age Arc but reading it now is no excuse. The author doesn't even care about the manga anymore and just makes chapters when he's running out of money. The story is literally going no where as there is so much unanswered questions that we will never get answers to since the author will either die or rush the ending.

Just let this once good manga die and stop supporting such garbage.
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I know this is bait, so I'll try to derail the discussion into something more useful:

What are the main unresolved questions or plot holes you care about?
I never really got hooked on Berserk. The golden age arc is a great story with interesting themes, but after that the story got in way over its head and now combined with its slow plot progression there is no proper ending in sight.
You are only right on the forced humor.

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Itsuki is for ______.
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Why was she so useless?
Protecting, nurturing into a fine singer and headpats.
Armpit licking.

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New chapter soon. Here is the new volume cover while we wait for it.
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left or right?
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Neither, both deserve to burn in a fire.
Right is cuter.

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