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It was like watching Dragon Ball GT's last big fight.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.
>everyone's blue and looks retarded now
>garbage animation

this is so bad, holy shit.

What the fuck is this?
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Looks like a lion.
fucking fatfags

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Would you have gone for it /a/ ?
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I personally wouldnt have, because i cant stand asukas personality, and because she would wake up and bitch
Well, wouldn't kiss her, but I would hug her and let her sleep in my arms. She was showing obvious hints of attraction to Shinji but he was too passive
yeah, i agree 100 percent. i cant tell if she was showing signs of attraction though, because she was sleep walking.

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Thoughts on this anime?
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Has some plot holes
Not a single one.
Better than Koe no Katachi from Kyoto "We are new Ghibli" Animation

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please tell me she gets killed in a slurry of hellfire.
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Haru becomes everyone's third favourite girl eventually.
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What was the best HTT song?
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>mugi and nodoka
huh? mugixsensei makes better sense

It's official art.

and the correct ship is mugi x me
all of them are garbage

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You have the ability to choose one anime and make everyone feel awful about themselves for ever having even slightly enjoyed it.

Which anime do you pick?

I choose pic related. I think its pretty self explanatory.
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I don't see the point in this.
JoJo, because casual /v/ faggots cant realize how pretentious and shit it is. Literally the only good thing about JoJo was the OVA with Iso sakuga.

We yo friends Hokuto
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me on the left
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Me on the right.
>watching the Australian open semis
>korean musume is tiny and cute
>jap musume has long legs and keeps pulling her shirt up at the back.
Takkyuu daisuki!

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What does /a/ think of Maoyuu? I expected tits and stupid shit but got something else great.
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I expected something great but instead I got tits and potatoes.
>hero is a fucking manchild that can easily be swayed
>demon lord is not actally evil lol
>its the humans who are doing wrong things
The characters are bland and the political and economical understanding is leaves alot to be desired. It's a 5/10 in my book.
If you are tired of haremshit and wanted something refreshing fantasy, try it. But do not expect much
If Maoyuu isn't haremshit then it's a small step below it. If a dim memory serves

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Post characters that you can destroy in a fight.
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meiling is cute.jpg
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Why did they treat her like shit?
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She was Chinese
She was anime original.

Dat Yukana voice, doe.

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This is you and your girlfriend for tonight.
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Me on the other side of the earth wishing these two fuck
Yuri is the only true form of pure love.
season 2 was so bad

shame really should have ended with her coming to grips with her demons and throwing the eye patch in a lake or someone and growing up

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>Characters wear the same outfits through the entire series
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Besides the beach episode, of course.
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>characters has a closet of the same outfit
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>op makes another retarded greentext thread with a 3dpd reaction image

ITT: The exact moment you dropped an anime or manga.
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its just getting silly now.png
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It's a valid usage of the power, but kinda wasted on a lame villain who should've stayed dead.
otaku no musume san
you know the part

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Why is this show so shit?
shaft was a fucking mistake.
they literally can't do something that isn't gataritrash.
"waah waah i'm a depressed shogi cuck, give me a nipple to suck on, im such a sad boyy".
Literally who the fuck gives a shit.
Fuck shaft.
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The fuck youre blaming shaft? Blame the source nigger.
I like it
and it's all that matters
He does become a badass later on

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