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I'm rewatching Utena and can someone explain the semantics of the Black Rose Arc? I understand that only Akio/Anthy and Mikage remember it, but I'm confused on whether Mikage was "erased" by Akio or did nothing really happen and Mikage was just deluding himself, lead on by Anthy and Akio? If the latter, then why is Shiori back in the Apocalypse arc and how does Utena know about Kanae and Akio?
Or am I taking it too literally and Mikage's graduation or freedom from the memories of Mamiya is purely metaphorical?
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I don't think it's a good idea to take anything in Utena literally.
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>what the fuck do you mean
Have the idea that Mikage's appearance was who he imagined himself to be, in reality being much older. His interviews with the other characters happened except the last one.

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Was Mari a mistake?
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she makes parts of me very happy, so no.
>adding more fappable characters to a series whose only saving grace is fappable female characters

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what would happen to /a/ if she wins?

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Daily reminder that best girl won
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thats not tsugumi, kosaki, haru, marika, or yui though
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Yes. Chitoge is matchless.
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Daily reminder that Onodera's husband is older, taller, and is all around a much better man.

How did Hokuto become best girl in just a single episode?

And why is the ost during the matches bretty gud? The eurobeat that plays during a few matches is groovy as fuck
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cheap slut
Why does she cover her mouth?
she has no mouth

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Karen likes _________________
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pleasing old men for money
ruin the whole episode
being a pirate

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why does jun hate the DFC?
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His best friend got breasts and he has never been the same.
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hourly reminder.jpg
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tomos caveman hairstyle and snaggletooth are so ugly

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>nearly the year of the rooster
>still no episode 4
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>still no episode with Mokkun YOOOOOOOing all three of them

what am I supposed to do, insert as one of the boys?
2 > 3 = 1

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Ichigo Mashimaro 1.jpg
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What's your favorite type of loli character in anime or manga?
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The dead type.

The helpless kind. The ones that make me want to help them across the street.
>socks with swimsuit
What a huge slut.

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Hey /a/ I was a bit busy this week but I'm back with the DO IT FOR HER/HIM pics

Here's one I particularly liked from the last thread,

If you requested one last thread and didn't check back in fast enough to see if I did it, say so.

Once again, please give me the name, anime/manga, and a reference pic of the waifu/husbando
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ononoki ref.gif
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ononoki yotsugi from monogatari
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The >monogatari was an accident I'm not commenting on your taste :^)

What do you think of this pure lady?
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Nobody faps to this semen demon?
She's great.
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I always thought this was such a unique setup for a hentai series. IIRC the author took the idea of an existing sexual condition where the body isn't able to control its state of arousal and sort of ran with it, making a series about a main girl who has adulterous sex with many different people. It's pretty notable because its not often you see an author fixate so deeply on just a single female character, and for the general "niceness" of the sex. Unlike other cheating manga that emphasize the humiliation or taboo nature of adultery, Great Escape feels more like "Oh gosh, looks like the heroine got herself into another situation again!".

It's a weird beast in the land of hentai, and thats kind of why I think its so memorable.

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hime sama.png
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Was it autism?
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No it was Airspace Control: Babylon
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Also, who remember's Yuuhi's penis?

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Chapter 25: I Didn't Want You To Realize
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Why doesn't Piccolo just absorb/fuse with every Namekian in existence? If he did that he would become one of the most powerful characters in the franchise.
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Would you fuse with Trump just so he could become more powerful, dedicating your very life and future to his whims with no say over it?
hey look, a 12 year old still mad about the election

quit projecting you dumb nerd, it's an anime discussion board
Yes. And it's not true you have no say. Your very consciousness is mixed.

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I want to steal Megumin's pantsu
The show wasn't that good.
But it's not Megumin monday yet

I never asked for this.

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Nishioka for bro of the season.
I feel like this show is too pure-hearted. Everyone's too nice, especially Nishioka.
I feel like the tone and setting don't really match up; despite everyone being an adult I don't get the feeling that this series is about adults nor intended for an adult audience.

It's still leagues better than it would be if it arbitrarily featured a high-school age cast, but I just feel like it could be doing a lot more if it acted more like its target demographic. It's like a seinen series that also wants the shounen audience.

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