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How are sales going for the S2?

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Akari is a very nice girl. Please say something to very softly bully her.
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Her sister is weird.
You're gay.

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>He says "seiyuu" instead of "voice actor"
>He says "manga" instead of "comic"

Why do weebs insist on throwing in random Japanese words? Is it autism? Irony?
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>smug looking anime girls
>not smug looking cartoon girls
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why do we say sushi, why don't we say raw fish rolled in rice?

why do we say kimono instead of silk robe?

OP you're fucking retard

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Was Shonen Juani Gumi a good battle manga?
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It's ok. The entire worth of it is being the prequel of GTO like you would expect.

I don't think so. I think Shonan Juani Gumi was better than GTO. Definitely not Shonen 14 Days or Ino Head Gorgoyle but still. In GTO, there;s no Abe-kun, no mafia and no spped queen, there's no real threat to the protagonist.
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But it's not about the threats in GTO. It's about the feels and Onizuka's life lessons

>post your favourite life lesson

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Iroha is just too cute
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I want to kill this fucking cunt.

I agree.
So, who won last thread?
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Iroha is really cute, just not as cute as Yukino.

Fuck off, kill one, marry one.
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>Fuck off
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I want to tell them to fuck off

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How about some Cross Over action.

Yeah this is pretty old but meh why not
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Really, I can't remember the girls names. The
only name that comes is "Rika-chan".

Meanwhile the original cast I remember most of the character names except the "Taihen desu" girl.

Also Maki, Nico and Kotori are the best girls!
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>The original was better
I'm pretty sure the majority of people will agree. Sunshine wasn't completely bad though, and You-chan a best..
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The spinoff was better.

Really, I can't remember the girls names. The only name that comes is "Lin-chan".

Meanwhile the spinoff cast I remember most of the character names except the "Zura" girl.

Also Yoshiko, Dia and You are the best girls!
I liked Sunshine more personally but I can agree that the original cast was generally more memorable. Kanan was practically non-existent.

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The main character from the last anime you watched is now a Saiyan. How does this affect the series?
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Umar turns super saiyan when shes at home for no reason
Goku's a Saiyan...oh wait...
Jotaro as a Saiyan... basically Vegeta mixed with Hit. That's scary.

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Just finished Love Hina. What a great manga. The female is really good, the comedy too, and the MC evolves from a beta guy to a alfa man.

What are some other good mangas like Love Hina?
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>The female is really good.
Stopped reading there.
Naru is shit though.

She gave birth to cancer like Houki.
Female cast*, sorry.

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What the.....?

I love Tenchi
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if you're going to use /tv/ memes, at least use them correctly
How would you know how to use them, eh comrade?
because dumb crossboarders use their homeboard's memes all the time outside of their own board.

just like the retards from /pol/ who say "praise kek" on boards other than /pol/.

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What should he have done to truly ensure his victory?
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Not have fucked up in the beginning on tv
Kill the writer to end the series after beating L.
Purposefully killing people with just heart attacks so the world noticed something was up.

Also not waiting until he was in a better position in life. He could have waited even a few years until he was well within the police agency. In fact i think the authors said had he never found the death note he would have gone on to be one of the greatest detectives in the world. Maybe becoming Ls heir.

How was it good despite being so forgettable?
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This show was awful. The cutie right fucking here was the reason I didn't drop it. I'm gonna assume the source was much better, because it had potential but felt pretty rushed and all over the place.

Everybody died.
Even the author.

>ITT: Canonical Jobbers
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>Not posting vegeta
>Lost to someone leagues stronger than her

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